Practice with mates

The art of distance casting is a complex one. Chat here with others also interested in distance casting, with a focus on Tournament Casting

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Practice with mates

Post by Jeremy Schrader » Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:53 pm

Today we had a very enjoyable session going through some casting tuition and practice with a few of the new members as well as some of the regular guys. After a good fishing session on the saturday evening I had agreed to meet the guys down at South Barwon. Getting there just before 11.00 am Ken , Adrian and I kicked of the session with some general talk and a relaxed cupper before having a few warm up cast.

We were shortly joined by Dennis and headed down to the southern end of the field to start casting with a bit more intent as well as taking advantage of the wind direction. Stopping the cross court wind made for an easier and more pleasant session.

Adrian was using his Zziplex HSM match up with his ABU and was working well with his balance and foot placement .

After getting things underway it was then time for Ken to get more used to his own rod and reel which will be used to get into a few fish down at Golden Beach. One of the keys that we discussed with Ken was that as his rod had a light tip and soft mid section it was important not to overload the rod with a sinker that would actually be too heavy for the rod and thereby reduce his effective distance. It was pleasing to see Ken hitting upwards of 70 meters even casting the small 2 oz lead.

(Ken putting a nice cast with the 2 oz )

It was a little while into the section that Mick came up as well which was a pleasant supprise as he had originally planned for a session of Yakking. Mick was casting his Century Excalibur E1000 as well as his original shortened Standard E1000.

Here is one of the Slow motion shots of Mick .

It was also good that Dennis was able to come down and cast as he has had a bit of trouble with his various injuries. I will post up Dennis's video footage shortly as I need a b it more time to upload the raw footage. As we discussed the casts were a being hit too early and cutting across his shoulders,
Sad to say that my own casts weren't as well as I would have liked and I was hitting them a bit to ealry myself . I did get a few better ones down field with the 150 gram later in the afternoon though.

All in all a great way of unwinding with mates and like minded peopel wanting to improve. :D :D

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