Pre-Christmas practice

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Pre-Christmas practice

Post by Jeremy Schrader » Mon Dec 23, 2013 8:55 am

Well with Friday being the last day of work for the next two weeks, I decided to head down to South Barwon for a session with Ronnie and Ryan who have also been wanting to do a bit of work on their cast. I was to focus on two items; one was having a cast of the Excalibur TT that Ronnie had picked up and also to try out one of the reels that I have gotten from my good friend Andreaous. The reel in question is a little Zetta twin mag 5500 which was loaded with 0.28 mm distance and I was throwing 125 gram leads today. The reel is nice and light and matches well with the Excalibur “C” curve.
Andreas is moving over here in the near future and I look forward to casting with him. He has sent over a few of his reels for sale and I will put these up for those interested in getting a nice bit of kit, though I may be tempted to get another little red beauty that is in the collection myself.
Ronnie and Ryan where both focusing on their OTG styles and after a bit of help with body weight transfer practice were both hitting the rod with a bit more ease, though as they watch the video they will see that they need to focus on getting the arms away from the body and the left out in front and higher to give a better hit with more left arm pull effect.
Weather conditions weren’t kind to us with a high humidity and variable wind making for very sticky casting conditions when coupled with the hot temperature of close to 30 degrees. Still all in all it was a good session and both the guys left feeling better with their casting. Look forward to doing a bit more practice in lead up to the January championships at Lancefield.

As usual all questions and comments welcome. :D

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