Testing times - Tip Tornado : - )

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Testing times - Tip Tornado : - )

Post by Jeremy Schrader » Thu Aug 13, 2009 6:18 pm

Well I had the pleasure of trying out one of these rods and must say that it has impressed me to the point were I have placed a firm order for one. Hopefully it will be finished for me to take back next week.
I was casting the rod on the Tyne in a very strong cross wind and was amazed at the way it launched the 150 gram lead across the river.
The rod is slimmmer than that of my E1000 and is capable of casting up to 225 gram lead ( Lee You should love this one )
I also tested out the TT- Lite and feel that this will make an excellent all round rod for Australian conditions. the casting range is from 85 to 150 grams and test with it showed that even in a strong cross wind it was capable of putting the lead out a long way. The tip is softer than that of the sport and will register bites from Salmon, Tailor and Mullet very well but still has the power in the mid section and butt to handle the likes of Gummies and Mulloway with plenty of authority. the rod is shorter than that of the sport and is a pleasure to use. I did some simple OTG cast with it and was impressed the way it was able to get the leads away.

I have taken some video footage of it as well as a few other rods and will be posting them up in the near future.

People here in the UK have no idea how lucky they are to have these top quality products available at such reasonable prices. There is nothing like them over in OZ at the moment.

Looking forward to playing around with a few more prior to having to go back and will report on them accordingly to enable people to get a better understanding of what is on offer.


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