Century Tip Tornado Match & Super Match : - )

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Century Tip Tornado Match & Super Match : - )

Post by Jeremy Schrader » Wed Aug 19, 2009 6:26 am

Well I had my first cast with these two rod in very still conditions casting 150 gram lead on the 6500CT and 0.31 line and am really impressed with the way the rods perform.
The softer tip of the supermatch made it a delight to cast with , loading extremely well with a very slow medium hight swing and no stepping the lead sailed out without a problem.
The tip gave good feedback in the tidal run as I was casting to the other side of the river Tyne near the British Airways buildings.
This rod is ideal for fishing in Australia and other locations where you want good bite detection. the ratings on the rod are well set and the power on the butt can send the leads out with ease.

The Match rod has a stiffer tip section and pushes the lead out with a fair degree of authority. Via the stiffer tip & mid section I would be happy to see this rod used for the majority of the Australian snapper fishing from the rocks where people are casting further out to the sand patches and outer reef areas that we normally target.

On the beach this rod would be starting to get used where the surf has built up and you are wanting to use the 6 oz + grip leads and using squid or Salmon fillets as bait for our Gummy sharks ( smoothhounds ).

I will post up the video footage later next week showing the ease at which these two rods put the leads out.

I would feel happy to take the match out onto the casting field and feel confident that it would be competitive for those casters wanting to get a better power to weight ratio going for them.

After seeing casters like Andy Green hitting very impressive distances with his older Zziplex rod it further confirmed in my mind that with the correctly matched rod more casters would hit bigger distances on the field .

Once more I wish I had more time to play with the range of products that are available here in the UK.

Both Century and Zziplex are doing the English fishing public a fantastic service and I only wish they were easier to source in my home .

Regards Very Happy

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