BREAM Payout Comparisons 2010/2011

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Simon Goldsmith
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BREAM Payout Comparisons 2010/2011

Post by Simon Goldsmith » Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:03 pm


Here's a knocked up comparison between this year (2010) and what we have planed for next year.

Let's look at 2010, here is a standard payout for a 50 boat model. Obviously this is tinkered with for the writing of cheques to make numbers even and to get Big Bream to $500. Note the standard theory to try and pay double the entry fee for the last cheque. Also remember the numbers will change according to the number of nonboaters that fish the event.

Finally, this doesn't include sponsor bonus cash.

Standard Qualifier
1st $2,509
2nd $1,359
3rd $941
4th $732
5th $627
6th $523
7th $418
8th $314
9th $314
10th $209
Big Bream $418

Super Series
1st $3,927
2nd $2,127
3rd $1,473
4th $1,145
5th $982
6th $818
7th $655
8th $491
9th $491
10th $327
Big Bream $655

Here's how the payouts using the 2011 entry fees would look.
Standard Qualifier
1st $3,273
2nd $1,636
3rd $1,227
4th $955
5th $818
6th $682
7th $545
8th $409
9th $409
10th $409
Big Bream $545

Super Series
1st $5,682
2nd $2,727
3rd $2,273
4th $2,045
5th $1,818
6th $1,591
7th $1,136
8th $909
9th $909
10th $909
Big Bream $455

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Re: BREAM Payout Comparisons 2010/2011

Post by scott19 » Mon Dec 20, 2010 3:38 pm

Depending on entrys I myself would like to see the pay outs to go further down the list to 15th , In a super series you pay $400 entry fee , If you come 11th you get nothing and you get 10th place you get $900 there is a ver large gap there. I think there would be more people wanting to get invold and more happy Anglers walking away with some kind of reward in there pocket for doing well in a tournament . Even if its $100 for coming 15th its something .

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Re: BREAM Payout Comparisons 2010/2011

Post by dazzas4x4 » Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:50 pm

maybe a comparison on 2009 to 2011 would be good when $330 entry for super series paid first place 10k
$400 = $5600 ?
maybe i have it wrong ??

Steve Morgan
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Re: BREAM Payout Comparisons 2010/2011

Post by Steve Morgan » Fri Dec 24, 2010 4:41 pm


Haven't done a $10K first place since 2008. And yes, the entry fee then was $330.

Back then we had sponsors who underwrote the 125% paybacks of Super Series events. We also had the funds to do TV advertising in the local areas for it.

Subsequently, we dropped the entry fee and changed the allocation - paying more further down the line than first.

Have a look at: ... le&sid=359

to see how quick it could drop off in smaller fields.

We know that not everyone will be happy either way. I've heard a Super Series winner complain that they got $10K for one win and $3K for the next - it's just a function of number of entries, sponsorship levels and the way it's spread amongst the winners.


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Re: BREAM Payout Comparisons 2010/2011

Post by Gillie » Fri Dec 24, 2010 9:05 pm

I'm happy to see how this system pans out, i'm unsure about the comparison used for 2010 and 2011 as i'm pretty certain numbers will drop off with the price hike, but hopefully i'm wrong. I think we can all see that the only way to increase the payouts is to increase the entry fee's? If these comps become too expensive for any particular individual to fish then so be it, there are plenty of other ways to go fishing that are much cheaper. Everything in life is becoming more expensive, it's part of what some call "progress", who knows? I'm still keen as to fish this coming season, bring it on, and if i happen to scratch up a top ten and take home a few bucks then all the better, but as we all know it's not really the money you get for a win that puts you on cloud nine for a week or so, it is the achievement.
p.s and as for paying down to 15th, nah, top ten is plenty, either you make the ten or you don't, there has to be a limit and i think ten is it, just my few penny's worth, have a great xmas, cheers Gillie

Tea Bag
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Re: BREAM Payout Comparisons 2010/2011

Post by Tea Bag » Thu Dec 30, 2010 6:03 pm

Hi Steve,
Just a wonder how many 50 plus fields there were in 2010??

Secret Squirrel
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Re: BREAM Payout Comparisons 2010/2011

Post by Secret Squirrel » Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:53 pm

I agree with Gillie, plus there are now plenty of other team events if the entry fee is a concern.

At the end of the day I believe the price hikes are simply progress and i guess to a point "nothing ventured is nothing gained"- At least there's extra prizemoney for top 10 anglers to justify the's not like the banks independent increase in interest rates above the RBA...If a lot of punters out there think they can run a better tournament model than ABT, then why not step up?!'

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