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Attention ABT Anglers

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:33 am
by chris byrnes
Attention ABT Anglers

Given the large number of enquiries and entry/membership forms currently being received, ABT wish to clarify a number of issues;

Membership packages (new and renewing) have not yet left the ABT offices. The delay is due to the packages including the latest AFC series DVD which is currently being mastered. When the DVD’s arrive in our office (late Feb – early Mar) the packages will be sent in their entirety. Till this time, and as long as you have sent through your membership form with payment, you will be a current ABT member with the opportunity to compete in ABT and affiliated events. Your membership number, for renewing members, will remain the same as previously issued on your membership card. We apologise for this delay.

Tournament entries and membership forms need to be sent through to the ABT office via the following means; mail, fax or in person. There is no system for online payments nor do ABT accept scanned documents sent via emails (unless by prior consent at ABT’s discretion). ABT does not accept responsibility for forms sent via means other than mail, fax or in person. Failing to send through a completed entry form and then contacting ABT with payment details is not an accepted practice and is highly discouraged. Following the processes in place ensures that the entry is received and processed in the most efficient manner.

All forms need to include payment in full. It is the responsibility of the entrant to clearly write the tournament nominated for, the required credit card details and ensure that there are adequate funds to process the entry. If the credit card details are not accepted, then the entry is not accepted. Until such time as alternate payment is received the entry will not be accepted. Whilst ABT make efforts to contact anglers whose payments have been rejected, it is ultimately the angler’s responsibility to check the online entry lists for their details. Whilst ABT make every effort to update entry lists, there may be delays if staff are running tournaments or if there are public holidays. If an entrant faxes through an entry form please allow 24-48 hours for ABT to process the entry.

Entry to events closes the Friday the week prior to an event. Entries after this time are subject to late penalties (20%) and/or acceptance at ABT’s discretion. Non-boater entries are received on a first come-first served basis. If you have entered as a non-boater and it appears that ABT will not be able to accommodate the entry, then we will endeavour to contact the non-boaters in question. ABT reserves the right to run with spare boats to accommodate potential mechanical issues. A guaranteed entry ensures a non-boater the greatest opportunity of competing. A guaranteed entry is where a boater and non-boater enter on the same form and include all payments. If a boater enters a tournament then later chooses to accommodate a non-boater by guaranteeing his entry, the boater will relinquish his existing starting position and enter at the tail of the field.

It is the responsibility of all anglers to abide by and carry all required licences for the waterway they are competing on. ABT does not, and will not keep lists of licence or SIP details. All documentation needs to be current and presented at the event briefing. Failure to do so prior to competition will result in the angler being unable to compete until such documentation is provided.

It is the responsibility of all anglers to be familiar with ABT rules which are published online. The ABT rules outline and clarify the majority of situations that arise during ABT tournaments. Being familiar with the rules can potentially save you from penalty or disqualification.

Thank you and ABT looks forward to seeing you on the tournament trail in 2013.