St Georges Basin Hobie Kayak Qualifier - results

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St Georges Basin Hobie Kayak Qualifier - results

Post by Steve Fields » Sat Jan 23, 2010 3:34 pm

The St Georges Basin Hobie Kayak BREAM Qualifier turned up the heat with some superb bags brought to the scales. Peter Woods in his maiden victory braved the southerly change to fill his limit for an outstanding 3/3, 2.30kg bag, including the Boss Hog bream at an even 1kg.

Heading towards the weedbeds near the navigation markers not far from the start line, Brian adopted a searching topwater approach for the first half hour with no luck. Switching to a Berkley Gulp Minnow in mouldy cheese colour rigged on a 1/16 TT jighead soon saw a bream in the well. However, it was until the gusty southerly change came through in the last half hour of the session that he scored his last two fish.

“I would use the wind for long casts and try to keep the plastic hopping in the 3-4ft above the weed,” explained Wood. “It was on the lift that the fish hooked up on the lure,” he continued.

Using a 6’6” Starlo Stella Spin rod matched to a Shimano Twin Power reel spooled with 3lb fluourocarbon, the fight was made more difficult with Wood loosing the drag knob on his reel in the prevailing conditions. Landing the big bream and getting back to the weigh in meant his super bag won him 1st place and the $100 Boss Hog cheque.

Putting together a string of consistent results including a second at this event was Jason Meech (3/3, 2.18kg) setting the mark early with a 2kg plus bag and a big bream weighing 920grams.

Heading to a bay near the mouth, Meech fished a seagrass area in 1-6ft of water scoring 4 fish on his NW Pencil surface lure early in the morning.

“I used a constant retrieve and when a bream followed I sped it up to entice the strike,” he explained. “I never really had to pause the lure,” Meech continued.

Once the sun had risen and the heat had kicked in, Meech continued fishing the same area but looked deeper with a black Camion crankbait. Using a high rod tip, slow wind retrieve with long pauses for the floating lure to reach the surface before commencing the wind again, Meech found most bream would hit on the following wind. This technique yielding him a further 5-6 valuable upgrades.

His tackle that brought the fish to the kayak livewell included a Vamp Samaki 6-10 dropshot rod and Daiwa Luvias 1500 spooled with 4lb TD Sensor braid and 4lb Black Magic leader.

The cool change coming at approximately 12.15pm was a welcome relief to the heat but caused a few problems for those kayaks battling conditions. All anglers made it back safely and many with good size fish from the abundant Shoalhaven area. All anglers were thankful for the efforts from David O’Toole and crew from Outdoors and Beyond for the lunch packs and sausage sizzle to appease their hunger.

With 6 anglers backing themselves and ‘optioning up’ the first cheque of $210 went to Scott Baker in 5th place whilst Greg Lewis made $90 all the way down in 11th. With plenty of random prize draws for those that didn’t weigh a fish, everyone went home looking forward to the next round on Australia Day, Tuesday 26th at Bemm River.

Place Angler Status/PRO F1 W1 Payout$ Prizes
1 Peter Woods K 3 2.3 $350 + $100 Boss Hog Daiwa Advantage 703 MLFS 3 piece, Daiwa shirt, Prize Pack

2 Jason Meech K 3 2.18 $150 Team Daiwa Sensor Braid and Flourocarbon, reel cover, Prize Pack

3 Jason Price K 3 1.9 $100 Berkley Fireline, Prize Pack

4 Craig Coughlan K 3 1.9 $50 Berkley Gulp tub, Prize Pack

5 Gary Cooke K 3 1.84 $25 Prize Pack

5 Scott Baker K/PRO 3 1.84 $25 + $210 1st Pro Prize Pack

7 Derek Steele K 3 1.6 Prize Pack

8 Jason Reid K 2 1.14

9 Stewart Dunn K 2 0.92

10 Kevin Winchester K 2 0.8

11 Greg Lewis K/PRO 1 0.68 $90 2nd Pro

12 Carl Dubois K 1 0.66

13 Matt Tay K 1 0.46

14 Steve Mastrosimini K 1 0.42

15 David Hedge K 1 0.4

16 Matt Petrie K/PRO 1 0.38

17 Tameika Purnell K/PRO 1 0.36

17 Bill Woods K Random Prize Pak

17 Brian Rutledge K Random Prize Pak

17 Daniel Holder K Random Prize Pak

17 Jason Childs K Random Prize Pak

17 Neil Carstairs K/PRO Random Prize Pak

17 Steve Fields K/PRO DSQ Random Prize Pak

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