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Ally Bass Boat Info

Post by Moonman » Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:51 pm

Hi All,

I live in the Darwin up here in the NT so don't often see too many bass during my time fishing. However I do target the ever present Barramundi. I am in the market for a new boat and am looking for some info regarding alluminium bass style boats. I have done many a search on the internet with few results, but at present the best ive seen are the Bluefin 5.4m Hellcat and the Stessco 540 Mirage. Does anyone have any experience with either of these boats or have any other suggestions?

I am looking for something that is fast to cover the large distances we face up here (up to 150km to a spot) though stable and able to handle a bit of rough stuff as there is a lot of coastline between some of the best fishing locations. Also to have enough freeboard to be able to fish in and offshore reefs on occasion without being swamped but a small wave.

The other issue I face up here is that these boats are not readily available to view let alone test drive. The popularity of this style boat has not taken off up here yet but im sure it will. I only know of one locally owned Stessco and there are none of the Bluefin's that im aware of.

I am looking at alloy boats, as in my opinion a fibreglass hull would not cope well with the rough conditions we see on the dirt roads that lead to most fishing spots.

Anyway thanks in advance for your replies!


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