Freshwater Fever
  |  First Published: November 2010

At the moment the water and the land seem to have reached some sort of crescendo where everything from the smallest insects to the largest fish is on the go, in full bloom, on display, being chased and getting eaten.

With good water levels in all the rivers and streams the trout fishing will be sensational.

Flyfishing with a small dry to rising trout will be hard to beat; or polarising golden perch in the margins of our dams will be viable; or chasing a bass on surface lures in Lake Lyell or Lake Wallace will find you success.

There are so many possibilities available that November just does not have enough weekends.


For some great fishing action with plenty of options Ben Chifley Dam near Bathurst is a great spot.

Increased native fish stocking has really given this dam a boost and golden perch are now readily caught throughout the dam.

Casting and trolling the weed edges with lures in the early morning or late afternoon has produced plenty of fish, small redfin can be a hassle, but the odd bigger redfin is also a possibility.

The big redfin and golden perch prey on the smaller redfin so keep this in mind when selecting lure colour and size.

Trout are also an option in Ben Chifley with some great fish being caught every season they may not be in the numbers of previous years but there are some real crackers amongst them.


Brown trout will take full advantage of the increased water levels in our dams.

Low light levels are the key, use this time to stalk the shallows and scan the water ahead looking for any disturbances.

Remember the size of the disturbance does not always indicate the size of the fish; they rarely give themselves away easily and are very spooky in such shallow water.

Casting lightly weighted soft plastics is a good way to catch these fish; curly tailed grubs are a standout.

Flyfishing small nymphs and dry flies to fish you have spotted is also a great way to catch them.

Lake Lyell is possibly the best option but I’m sure I would get plenty of arguments from those who fish Thompsons Creek Dam and Oberon Dam.

Bass in Lake Lyell are also a distinct possibility while fishing this method.


Windamere Dam sees plenty of action during the month of October and November with regular competitions putting pressure on the fish. What with sounders pinging and motors revving it’s little wonder the fish become shy.

You are going to have to think a little outside the square to keep catch rates up.

Finesse techniques, and generally taking care with movements around the water is the key. Drop down a couple of line sizes, use smaller lures and pull the boat up well short of your intended destination.

Murray cod are about the only thing off the radar this month with the opening of the season not until December 1.

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