Pre-spawn madness ramps up
Wayne Dubois

A beautiful trout landed on one of the new Insanity Tackle Bling Spins. The Tumut River is a great place to fish at this time of the year and it doesn’t have the massive crowds associated with the spawn run rivers.

The weather might be cooling right off but the freshwater fishing in the greater Batlow area is just getting hotter. There are so many fishing options this month it is hard to choose where to fish or what species to target. Big Murray cod are starting to feed hard before the long winter ahead, trout are starting their spawn runs and redfin will be starting to form massive pre-spawn schools.

Redfin and Murray cod

There isn’t a great deal of tucker around at this time of the year, so Murray cod in our impoundments like Blowering and Burrinjuck will often hang around redfin schools, picking off any slow moving, sick or injured fish. Quite often when you are onto a hot redfin bite, you find it’s not just the redfin that get into a frenzy. The cod often fire right up and are at times a common catch. We have caught good-sized Murray cod on ice jigs, small plastics and blades while targeting the redfin, so it pays to keep an eye on the sounder and if you do notice a big arch sitting below the school, you will often find they are Murray cod.

Although we have caught many cod on the above mentioned lures, if a big arch is noticed it pays to have a heavier rod rigged and ready to go with any large sinking lure that somewhat resembles redfin like a lipless crankbait, blade, soft plastic, chatterbait, spinnerbait or Angel Bait.

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