Warm water hanging around
Stuart Hindson

Andy Marshall with the type of bream that can be caught in the Tuross River system.

This part of the coast is experiencing some crazy currents for this time of year with 22°C water off Narooma. That’s warm, but even better still, there are marlin in it, which is nuts!

I know of several fish caught and a few others lost over recent weeks, with the best at 90kg. These fish have been wide and caught while trolling skirted pushers. I don’t expect this marlin action to last too much longer, and this warmer pocket of water will move on and be replaced with cooler water around 17-18°C.

At this temperature, it’s tuna time and I think this season will last a fare bit longer and may even last the rest of winter. There’s already been some cracking yellowfin caught with most fish averaging 40kg, and the odd better fish top. Cubing has been very productive, though some crews trolling larger bibbed minnows and smaller pushers have fared better. We quite often troll first to locate the fish, then revert to cubing once we’ve found them. This method works very well on school fish, around 30-40kg, with albacore a possibility too.

I’d expect to see a few SBT in coming weeks when that water cools down, as the longliners have been getting them, so it’s only a matter of time before the recreational fishers get amongst them too. Most of this action will happen along the shelf and second drop-off, but a lot will depend on prevailing currents, bait activity and water temperatures.

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