Trout and redfin numbers improve
Neil Slater

Michael says to work the weed edges in July for big redfin.

The last month has seen an increase of trout and larger redfin activity out west while the salmon appear to be moving into the white water down the Surf Coast with a little more frequency.

The Barwon River in Geelong has had its seasonal discolouration and turned a coffee colour due to the rainfall run-off, which pretty much negates lure fishing. The best bet if you have to fish it is to use big scrub worms and hope that a carp or redfin gets it before an eel!

Wurdiboluc Reservoir near Moriac is starting to produce some big redfin to 44cm with a little more consistency since the cooler weather has set in.

Michael Evans has been casting and retrieving lures out at Wurdi Buloc Reservoir near Moriac and catching a few big redfin. Michael says that it has been hard work with lots of casts. If you put in the hours, your patience will be rewarded. Dawn and dusk have been best, while overcast and light winds are ideal conditions to hit them up during daylight hours.

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