Carl Jocumsen Makes the Bassmaster Elite Field!

Carl Jocumsen - Basmaster Elite

After 4 years of learning, living and breathing American bass, Toowoomba's Carl Jocumsen has finally cracked qualification for the Bassmaster Elite Series in 2015. This is fantastic news for Carl and all of his thousands of followers, both in Australia and abroad.

Steve Morgan caught up with Carl via phone and recorded this interview. Listen if you want to re-live the drama of Carl's final day in his third Central division qualifying event...

Dismal trout scene
Bryan Pratt

Golden perch have been good fun on bait and lure amongst the trees in the Murrumbidgee Arm of Burrinjuck Reservoir.

As we move from summer to autumn there is still a great deal of gloom amongst Canberra-Monaro trout fishers. As we reported earlier, something is terribly wrong in our lake and stream fisheries.

Rainbows have been virtually non-existent since the great flood wiped out the spawning run in late 2013, and the few browns we are catching and keeping for the table look to be the mostly larger and older stock – the fish we would normally depend for restocking the fisheries in future years. We are selling the farm, in effect.

Equally worrying, too, is the lack of small fish. Normally at this time of the year streams and lakes are bubbling with small browns and rainbows. They frolic in the shallows, snatching vainly at flies, nibbling at scrub worms and PowerBait and generally providing a sense of life and movement to the waterway. This year though, they are simply not there.

Other age classes are missing, too. Normally if you sat on the banks of Eucumbene or Jindabyne for a couple of hours, drowning a scrub worm or soaking PowerBait or a bardi grub you could expect to land a few 1-2 year old fish for the table. At present you would be lucky to land one or two fish of any age in a 24-hour session. Indeed, many anglers have returned home this season with stories of getting zero or one fish for a two or three-day trip. And these are good anglers fishing in our premier mainland trout fisheries.

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