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Fishing fires as tourists leave
David Solano

A nice trevally taken on the Tweed River at night.

February is a strange time to fish on the Tweed. The pressure is off the river and hopefully all those visitors that passed through have fattened up the fish, as I saw a lot of undersized fish caught and released over the Christmas period.

The bite is on out front off the walls with the incoming tide, right up until the clear water arrives. The bream are there in numbers with tailor and trevs moving through every now and then.

What excites me is news that little mac tuna have been running through the headlands. Their favourite spot to harass bait is Jack Evans Boat Harbour. They don’t stay for long but they are a lot of fun if you run into them! They tend to like a very quick moving metal slug lure, and the quicker the retrieve the better.

I’ve paid attention to what people use to fish the walls and as you can imagine, it varies greatly. I’ve seen fancy paternoster rigs, and gang hooks, but I found for bait fishing a jighead on its own does the job, just make sure you beef your leader up a fair bit. The bait I saw ranged from lives, prawns, pillies and green prawns, but unnatural baits like tenderloin chicken works too.

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