Many fish on the move
Danny Sands

The Great Northern Brewing Co. Flathead Classic run by the Gold Coast Sport Fishing Club is done and dusted, with 240 teams fishing and over 4000 fish caught in the three day competition. Conditions were not the best – 25 knots and northwesterlies made fishing very tough.

Team Wilson fished well in these conditions. Congratulations to them and all teams that competed in the tournament. Good flathead numbers should continue throughout this month with most of the action happening around the full moon. Big female flathead will still be around too. Tea bagging big soft plastics like 5” ZMan paddlers around the Seaway and Tweed Bar will encounter some big girls. This technique is fantastic with mulloway as well.

Whiting should be biting well this month, especially in the Nerang River between the Southport School and Sorrento. Bloodworms, baby soldier crabs, shrimp and canal wrigglers are the best baits. As the days start to lengthen and the weather starts to warm, this should fire up the mangrove jacks. The waterways around the Gold Coast provide a wide range of both natural and man-made structure that mangrove jacks love to call home, including extensive canal systems, rock walls, pontoons, retaining walls, bridges and lay down timber. Early morning and late afternoon are the key to snaring these red devils.

There’s so many ways to catch mangrove jacks. I like to get out early around 3am and throw surface poppers around rocks and retaining walls that feed out of canals and rivers. When the sun starts to get high, try slow rolling 4” ZMan DieZels just millimetres from the shaded side of jetties when chasing jacks. Bait fishing is a very popular way to chase mangrove jacks at night.

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