Blue Rock is still in business
Steve Haughton

Luke Vandeligt with an impressive winter river blackfish, caught on a little hardbody lure. River blackfish, like eels, are generally targeted over the winter months using worms fished in the dark, so you can imagine the surprise when this river blackfish

The stream trout season is now closed and will re-open on the first weekend of September, leaving local anglers with few stream options.

River blackfish and eels can be a lot of fun on light gear and are a good alternative when the stream trout season has closed. Blue Rock is still fair game for anglers looking to chase trout in the region with many fish trolled up in recent months on lures on a flat line.

Amongst the typical pan-sized brown trout some surprisingly healthy rainbows have been caught, which is very exciting. Bass are still active and plenty are caught on lures and bait presented deep amongst structure. We should also see some good-sized redfin being caught over the coming months using the same techniques for winter bass.

Targeting river blackfish and eels over winter is only for the game, as they are best targeted on dusk and well into the night. You’ll need to rug up, as once that sun sets it can get very chilly and damp, but the hunt and sense of adventure can be a lot of fun.

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