Consider your options for a final boat fit out
Wayne Kampe

That’s a decent live well. Optioning for one that large would be great.

So you’ve got your own boat. As it’s coming from the factory, there are options aplenty. Customisation of features is something that a lot of makers are putting across the table these days. The options can be highly attractive too, with factory spec sheets showing such goodies as live wells for bait and catch (plumbed or otherwise), extra seats with accompanying spigots, drink holders, berley buckets, custom wraps, a bimini, storage bins, rod lockers, rod holders, rod racks, cleats and rails, cockpit lighting, deck wash and side pockets.

Even extra compartments within cast decks are negotiable these days. Mandatory of course, are transducer brackets and a pod up front on which to mount an electric motor. In boats likely to be ranging far and wide, a radio is a smart investment in safety. Fish finders and other nav aids are pretty much standard these days and as even small tinnies are seen sporting high end sounder/plotters, somewhere to mount a unit is essential. There’s lot of money tied up in that list of options, so where does it start and end? Starting is easy: ending is the problem in my view.

Sorting it out: glass first

The size of the boat and its construction will have a major bearing on features. While it might seem easier to add extras to an alloy craft than a glass one, a lot of quality glass-makers are incorporating useful options as well, to maintain sales in today’s very competitive market.

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