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Cool and clear canal action
Josh Dunn

Angler Josh Reid with a solid 90cm mulloway caught on a soft vibe whilst fishing an incoming tide in The Seaway.

While the winter fishing is good with plenty of tailor, mulloway, bream, and juvenile snapper being caught in the Gold Coast canals and the Seaway, the season is still short of being red-hot and in full swing.

Flicking heavy weighted plastics will be your best bet, letting your lure hit the bottom as often as possible where most of the winter species will be awaiting a feed. A few lures to have in your tackle box include deep diving hard bodies in most colours, but without doubt pink, blue and white producing most fish. Z-Man 4” StreakZ Curly TailZ in natural, baby bass and mood ring are just a few of my favourite colours, and are best rigged on a 1/4-3/8oz jighead. Big bream are firing throughout most canal systems in the southeast, including Logan River, Coomera River, Nerang River, and around the north and south wall and the pipeline of the Gold Coast Seaway.

Plenty of mulloway have been caught in the past couple of weeks. A few good spots producing these powerful fish include The Seaway, and the deep holes throughout the Broadwater and at the mouth of the canals. Large vibes, heavy weighted plastics and deep diving hard bodies fished close to the bottom will give you the best chance. While bigger lures will catch bigger fish they’re always the best approach to go with. I have caught decent mulloway on bream plastics (2 1/2” plastic a 1/8oz jighead), so if the fish are finicky don’t be afraid to downsize lure size and weight. A run out tide, including the very bottom of the tide, as well as early mornings, seem to be the best times to fish.

Trolling large hard body lures in the early morning around Sovereign Island, The Seaway walls, Nerang River, Coomera River and locations where there is a lot of flow and bait should see some quality tailor caught.

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