Try something new
Gary Brown

Are you at a loss as to where to go to chuck a line in? Have you gone to all your usual spots and turned up nothing? Maybe you now need to think out of the square and try something different from what you have always done. Ever thought about chasing luderick? No? Maybe you should think about it!

Many anglers think that chasing luderick is for older people, but anyone can enjoy it. I have been chasing luderick in the estuaries off the shore and out of a boat, off the rocks and even out of a boat fishing back into the washes off the coast.

Luderick are a year-round proposition, but tend to be around in bigger numbers and sizes during the cooler months of the year.

In last month’s Botany Bay report I stated that the luderick had started to move about in the Cooks, Georges and Woronora rivers.

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