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Basics of overnight reef fishing
Kim Bain

Spaniards are best targeted in the grey light of dusk and dawn

So your mates have invited you out on a reef fishing overnighter; but you’ve never been offshore shore before. No problems, here’s a down and dirty on the basics so that you can at least understand what they are talking about.

First time anglers might get confused with all the equipment and the many options that seasoned crews will talk about using on a fishing trip; in this article with the south-east Queensland reef fishing season upon us, let’s look at the equipment basics for anglers to consider.

There are a number of scenarios where I like to reef fish at anchor on an overnighter.

Out in Moreton Bay or Hervey Bay there are plenty of islands to fish around, most of these would fall into the category of a shallow water fishery (if not very shallow). As well there are the main islands of Moreton Island and Fraser Island respectively. Along the inside of these islands there are quite a few likely spots for reef fishing that also make great overnight anchorages, the inside ledge of Moreton Island from Cowan Point up to Comboyuro Point including the area out the front of Bulwer is an example of such. Other spots are the close in offshore reefs; Shallow Tempest on the eastern side of Moreton Island is one that springs to mind. These spots can either be the focus of a specific trip, or they are great as an overnighter on a Saturday night when you are out for the entire weekend.

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