The barra are still going strong
Rob Howell

Warm northerly winds will mean fish like this are still on offer at Monduran in winter.

May and June have turned up the heat on barra in the 50-75cm size range. With a milder winter than usual so far, these feisty barra have shown no signs of slowing down.

The wind has typically been from the southwest in the very early mornings, and then has been switching to the southeast during the mid-mornings. These conditions have pushed feeding fish to the usual windward areas.

The points and bays from White Rock, Insane Bay, Bust-up Bay, Heart Bay and Two Mile Creek have been fishing best, just be sure to follow the wind as it changes throughout the morning. Feeding fish will move with the wind as well.

Shads in the 5” and 7” sizes have been a must-have plastic rigged up with weedless hooks. These soft plastics are perfect for targeting barra in the broken weed areas that have been covered in the recent water rise. Suspending hardbodies have dominated at Monduran for six years now.

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