Beaut new lures and locations
Dave Hodge

The ceiling fans are spinning faster than last time and fish are playing the game much better. From all reports mackerel have been around in numbers, but there are plenty of missed strikes but lots are being landed. No one can really explain the reason for winding back half wolfies and gar, but there are plenty of people having troubles out wide.

Hardbody lures on the other hand have been staying connected much better, and are probably the best option. The 190mm Halco Laser Pro is again a gun lure for these speedy attackers, and the shallower model 2m diver can be trolled at a higher speed that its deep diving brother, and this seems to be the key to making that hook stick.

There are still some long tails getting around, but they’re thinning out considerably. Don’t stress, as these have been replaced by cobia in decent numbers. For big fish chasers there are still plenty of options. Live baits are the best tactical approach to catching cobes, but there have been developments in the lure side of things for those with big fish on their mind.

Halco recently released their new 7” version of the Paddle Prawn, and for anyone focussed on big fish, these things are a winner. I’ve only had one chance to give them a work out, but they work. Good mate Ryan Tully and myself went up to Lucinda for a quick fish before doing demos for the Lions Club Family Fishing Competition. We had no sounder or electric motor and still managed to tag nice fish amongst the pylons of the loading jetty. As one of us would cast into the danger zone, the other would control and manoeuvre the boat into an appropriate angle to tackle a hooked-up fish.

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