River Heads
Phil James

In many of my recent reports I have mentioned River Heads and its prospects for the coming months. This month I have some advice for visiting anglers and what they might expect.

The map included is a point of reference for this article. It’s not intended to give any navigational advice or minute geographical detail. When I’m visiting somewhere new, my first port of call is Google Earth, and I encourage readers to try it. For some navigational information, Maritime Safety’s Beacon to Beacon Guide is helpful. This indicates that lateral marks and leads extend up the Mary River as far as Maryborough. In the Susan River, limited lateral marks extend from the mouth into the boat moorings off the eastern end of Kangaroo Island.

As well as referring to the narrow entrance that forms the mouth of both the Mary and Susan rivers, River Heads is a township in its own right and almost an outer suburb of the city of Hervey Bay. At some time in the distant past, the Mary River cut its way through the sandstone ledges between what are now River Heads and South Head. Today we see massive movements of water through this narrow gap. With a tidal range exceeding 4m, flood and ebb tides account for much of this movement. During floods, this is much more pronounced.

As well as providing access to boat and shore anglers, River Heads is a departure point for vehicle and passenger barges serving Kingfisher Bay Resort and Woongoolba Creek on Fraser Island. Apart from the barge landing, there are two boat launching ramps at River Heads. On the western side of the point, a two-lane ramp can be used comfortably in most conditions. A single lane ramp on the eastern side is a handy option particularly during strong westerly winds. Unfortunately, vehicle and trailer parking spaces are very limited. At busy times, it is often necessary to park along the approach road. Attempts have been made to provide additional safe parking.

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