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You autumn be out cod fishing!
Tony Bennett

Matthew Turner with his 98.5cm cod from off the top.

Without wanting to give the impression there’s only one lake in the land to chase cod, you’d have to have a screw loose to pencil in any other destination when it comes to targeting cod than Lake Mulwala. The reason we’ve heard so many reports recently is a result of numerous factors including great weather, super water quality, new refined techniques and switched-on anglers but the most overwhelming factor I believe these days is social media.

In days gone by it was only hearsay that ‘an old mate’s cousin’s friend’ got a good fish, and the only place you would be lucky enough to see a photo would either be in the pub or local tackle shop. Nowadays Facebook, Instagram and Twitter go into meltdown when anything decent gets caught, but that’s a good thing. Those anglers who have limited time and resources only need to do a bit of searching and they are onto the fish in an instant... and isn’t Lake Mulwala benefiting from it!

Since December 1 we’ve seen a record number of 1m fish reported, with in excess of 50+ brought to our attention. In line with the great reports received, the most common theme has been the amount of fish taken on either surface or sub-surface lures. On any given evening or early morning in Lake Mulwala, there will be some pockets that will be sheltered from the wind and offer prime fishing opportunities. If you are not that familiar with Mulwala, your best bet is get out and do a bit of reconnaissance work during the day in relation to where the wind (if any) will come from in relation to where the shallower timber is located. If we are getting a southerly wind it’s better to fish the south side of the lake, and vice versa. It’s also important to have all your night gear up to speed and also know where you are heading if you need to get off the lake in a hurry. Numerous times I have seen the lake dead flat one minute and 1m high waves the next. The prime times of late have been 7.30-9.30pm and 5-7.30am.

Other fishing methods are still accounting for plenty of cod. The lure fishers have been getting better results in the 1-3m depth range while the baitfishers have been faring better in the 4m+ water.

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