Go all in for marlin
Lynton Heffer


There’s a general feel around the traps that we might be in for a more traditional build up to the wet season this time around. Some indicators are already in place. The days are definitely warm and muggy, we’ve already seen a bit of good rainfall around the place and water temperatures are high.

This time of year, it’s all about marlin fishing. There is a strong contingency of boats from all over Australia working the waters from Cairns to Lizard Island. By the start of October, we started to see a shift in momentum with a few black marlin turning up, although there have been miles between fish. Many have been around the 100-200lb range with a few tags put into 500lb models.

Some crews have resorted to fishing wider of the shelf and have managed some blue marlin as well. No doubt, catch rates will improve considerably. With the Lizard Island tournament just completed, there’s an indicator of how the season is fairing so far. We also have the Port Douglas Marlin Challenge running from 10-13 November with some good tides at hand.

A lot of vessels will leave the top of the Ribbon Reefs and venture down to the Opal Ridge and Linden Bank grounds, which have a reputation for big bites in November. Being the 50th anniversary since the first 1000lb was caught off Cairns, it would be fitting to see a host of big girls tagged and released this season.

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