Extreme 645 Game King
Mark Saxon

Looking from the rear you can see the Lectro Tabs, the walkthrough with grab rail and fold down boarding ladder

I couldn’t help but feel a little bit excited when I first laid eyes on the Extreme 645 Game King. It happened when I was standing on the main ramp in Port Macquarie, about to get a firsthand look and test run on the boat with Jason Herbert from Hastings Marine.

The first thing that caught my eye as it reversed down the ramp was how good it looked with the black sides and white hard top. Its tread plate deck looked very impressive, and when it was eased off the Tinka Classic trailer and put alongside the jetty I realised how spacious the deck area was. It was clear that this boat had some serious fishing potential.

The test day was a perfect Port Macquarie day, with only light winds – not that great for a boat test. Still, with a little swell still hanging around from previous days, Jason believed we could give it a good hit out on the back of North Beach and its prevailing swell. The test boat’s power plant was a 150 Mercury EFI 4-stroke, which is the recommended maximum horsepower, so I knew we were in for some fun.


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