Freshwater continues to impress
Jason Ehrlich

It may be closed barra season this month in the salt, but that doesn’t stop us chasing the big girls in the freshwater impoundments. Barra activity should peak this month across most of the dams and with powerful fish over 120cm long on offer, you’d be mad to miss it.

On the bass scene, things will slow a bit in some of the dams, but you can still expect good numbers on a range of techniques. Those lakes well known for their surface fishing will start to produce more fish too. You can’t beat watching fish eat your lures.

Golden perch will fire right up. A few lakes may be dirty due to heavy rain over the last couple of months, but most will be clear enough for luring heaps of goldens. The Murray cod season is still closed but there are a few lakes where you can successfully target them. Leslie and Glenlyon will be two of the best in Queensland. Check out closed seasons for the cod on the Qld Fisheries website to ensure you don’t break the rules and risk a fine.

I’ve only touched on a few species so far and with others like sooty grunter and saratoga also firing up, it’s the right time to try your luck on the freshwater scene. Until next month, buckled rods from The Colonel!

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