A fresh year freshwater experience
Adam Mears

Handcrafted Aussie lures are irresistible to cod, as Hayley MacDonald found out.

The silly season is over, but the school holidays are in full swing. There’s no better time than now to take the kids outdoors to experience all things fishy. Apart from actually catching fish, kids and adults alike can have just as much fun collecting bait.

Yabbies, also known as craw bobs or ‘crawchies’, are great fun to catch. A simple rig consisting of some nylon fishing line tied to a stick at one end and a piece of raw meat on the other can be enough. I prefer bloody meat like liver or heart that I pick up from the local butcher shop for less than it would cost for a cup of coffee.

To know if you’re getting bites from a yabby on the line, you’ll see the line pull tight and then it’s a matter of very slowly and steadily bringing it close to the bank. Yabbies close to the bank need a small net to slide in behind them to catch. Do this slowly, as they’re easy to spook. There is a possession limit of 200 per person, but please limit your catch not catch your limit. Only take what you need for your fishing trip.

Murray cod

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