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A golden spot of cod
Luke Griffiths

Renegade’s clients excited with their dinner of goldspot cod and largemouth nannygai.

We are well into spring now and as the weather heats up, so does our typical run of goldspot cod through September, October and November. Cod to 20kg have been a regular catch and a welcomed addition to the icebox.

I can hear a lot of you screaming at the magazine, “Lukey! Are you mad? What are you talking about? Cod aren’t a very sought after catch!” Well, I may be slightly affected by too much salt air, however, the fact is they are quite nice on the plate. Despite the belief by many that they are slimy and ugly. They have a soft, white flesh, which cooks well. Just try it next time you catch one. Like always, preparation of the fish from the water to the plate is the key to a delicious dinner.

Delicious dinners have been regularity over the past month, with our highly prized reef fish coming more and more on the bite The reef has been fishing quite well lately, with an abundance of species being caught. The usual suspects of coral trout, red-throat emperor and spangled emperor have been in terrific numbers around the reef edges and coral bommies.

Some brutal fighting green jobfish have been amongst the catches too, which are great fun to catch, and worthy for the table if you intend on boosting your protein and omega 3 intake.

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