Another day, another barra
Scott Hillier | July 2007

Just one of the 96 barra that the boys caught over four days of fishing in Weipa.

Give any angler an opportunity to rattle off his wish list of fishing destinations in Queensland and I’d be amazed if Weipa wasn’t in the top couple.
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Fisherman’s Friend
Scott Hillier | May 2007

It’s not hard to see why John Palermo is a legendary charter operator – fish with him and you’ll definitely enjoy yourself.

I reckon one angler can spot another a mile off. That explains why I was instantly drawn (in a very manly way of course) to Ashley Bradnam at a recent Channel Seven function.
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Tag | November 2006

A recent Creek to Coast trip saw Gary Howard and I fish some relatively unchartered waters, for us, near Bundaberg. It was supposed to be a comprehensive study of the beach, estuary and offshore fishing potential of this part of Queensland, but after spending four days wetting a line there, we both agree that we haven’t come close to experiencing it all. Bundaberg is a dream come true for anglers.
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