The Pirate’s life for me!
Tony Zann | February 2013

The crew of the Pirate loads up on pearlies on another drop wide of Evans Head.

“OK, let ’em go, guys,” Mick McGillivray calls through the wheelhouse window and seven paternoster rigs are free-spooled to the bottom nearly 100m below.
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Meet me at Merimbula
Toby Grundy | December 2012

Rock fishing near Merimbula Point can be very worthwhile when conditions are safe.

Three large tailor were already on ice as the tide started to run in. The wind was brutal and the drizzle was coming in waves. They were tough conditions but a hot bite is a hot bite.
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Nice place, shame about the name
Alex Hickson | May 2005

The old saying ‘a fish is a bonus when fishing in such surrounds’ could not be more true than when you are talking about Dunns Swamp.
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Heading out off Norah
John Grant | February 2005

Norah Head, guarded by the near-century-old lighthouse, juts from the scenic Central Coast and provides excellent facilities for the travelling and the local.
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With Sydney now undeniably spreading its metropolis over the Blue Mountains, its growing number of anglers are starting to look towards the many western freshwater impoundments to cure their ever-growing thirst for fish. For many the first stop is Lake Lyell.
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The electric rainbows of Lake Wallace
Alex Hickson | July 2004

I HAVE written about this relatively small impoundment a number of times over the past 15 years and I have certainly seen the ebb and flow of good times and bad there.
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Boutique bass at Bakers Creek
Tony Zann | June 2003

Nestled into the head of a valley in the foothills of the Great Divide inland of Macksville, Bakers Creek Station could best be described as a ‘boutique’ bass fishery – but what a boutique.
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Tempting Thommo’s trout
Alex Hickson | May 2003

It's always exciting when a relatively new dam continues to show growth potential in its annual yield and average size of fish.
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Miraculous Minnie Water
Richard Barnsley | April 2003

A few times each year head down the mountains from my New England home to get some sand between my toes.
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