Marabou Deceiver Jig
Gordon Macdonald | July 2017


This month I am going to show you a variation of one of the most popular old school lures ever made. The marabou jig is an extremely popular and productive lure that has been used to target a host of species for more than half a century. The marabou Deceiver jig is a variation of this classic and combines the traditional marabou jig and Lefty’s Deceiver fly pattern. Both of these have been extremely popular on a host of fresh and saltwater species over the years and will still work extremely well in the modern era.
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Seasoned technique for salting pilchards
Gordon Macdonald | June 2017

For making great baits you will need some pilchards, newspaper or absorbent kitchen paper, a container with a sealable, preferably airtight lid or a large tray and some swimming pool salt. If you have some damaged pilchards, you will also require a knife

Bait is rather expensive these days and can take up a decent portion of your fishing trip budget. Pilchards are an extremely popular bait and are nearly always acquired in a frozen state. IQF (individual quick frozen) baits are handy, as you can just defrost the pilchards a few at a time as required, which helps to minimise waste.
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A better float for luderick
Gordon Macdonald | May 2017

You will need a drill, an extra-long 3mm bit, a long-nose pair of pliers, some 140lb piano (hi-tensile) wire, a small nail, 40cm of 3mm carbon rod, 10cm of a round 19mm balsa dowel, some thread, epoxy or super glue, a hacksaw, light and medium grade sandp

With the cooler weather upon us, it shouldn’t be long before the luderick turn up. With last year being one of the best seasons for many years, anglers will be keen to get out the long rods, centre pin reels and floats in their quest for a luderick bounty.
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You will need a quality bilge pump of at least 250GPH (the author opted for 500GPH pump with 19mm outlet for faster drainage), two stainless steel hose clamps, around 1.5m of 3/4” spiral bilge hose, some fly screen (enough to cover the pump), a 19mm 90° s

We all know that boats float, unless they are full of water, that is. Water can enter your boat in many different ways. Obviously if you forget to put your bungs in or they’re not tight enough water will pour or trickle in. During rough conditions, spray and even waves can splash over the side, especially in small tinnies that don’t have much freeboard.
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Sliding snell rig preparation
Gordon Macdonald | March 2017

To make your sliding snell rig you will need some leader material of your desired size, some 30-80lb braided line or waxed thread, your chosen hooks (preferably patterns with turned out eyes), a pair of scissors and a swivel for the top of your leader. Th

Although lure fishing is extremely popular and productive these days, there is no denying the effectiveness of bait for a variety of saltwater piscators. Quality fresh baits are one of the major factors in quality captures and presentation of this bait is just as important. If the bait is fresh and looks natural then there is a heightened chance that a quality fish will find it appealing enough to eat. Good hook placement and bait coverage will almost guarantee a hook-up when all factors are combined.
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DIY outboard lock
Gordon Macdonald | February 2017

You’ll need an angle grinder with a cutting disk, safety glasses, a drill with a couple of drill bits (the largest would be 13mm), a G-clamp or two, ruler, marker pen, a file and a piece of aluminium or stainless tube or box around 25-30cm long, depending

These days theft is very common. Fishing gear, crab pots and even entire boats and trailers regularly go missing. While some thieves go to lengths to secure what they want, most only take something if it is quick and easy to take off with. Although battery-powered angle grinders and other cutting devices can sever even the toughest locks, they’ll generally attract some attention. It’s the quick grab and getaway that needs nipping in the bud. Putting hitch locks on your trailer, keyed locks on your boat hatches and not leaving anything to chance will generally be enough to stop most dishonest individuals.
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Bluewater bait rigging
Gordon Macdonald | December 2016

The basic rig for deploying a live-bait generally consists of a leader (60lb-100lb) around a metre long, with a no. 5 to no. 7 ball sinker secured about 30cm up from the hook with a crimp. A small loop is crimped in the other end to allow easy attachment

The warmer months see a noticeable increase in the number and variety of pelagic species in our bluewater environment. Numerous billfish species including black, blue and striped marlin, as well as sailfish are caught – with the occasional spearfish as well. Additionally, desirable pelagics such as wahoo, mackerel (Spanish, spotted, shark and school), mahimahi, yellowtail kingfish, cobia and tuna (yellowfin, longtail, mack and striped) are all also on the agenda. These as well as many demer...
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Sandy Claws is coming to town
Gordon Macdonald | December 2016


The warmer months are prime times for scoring a feed of crabs throughout Southern Queensland. Many anglers will set crab pots in hope of scoring succulent crabs to add to their seafood feast. Moreton Bay and the mouths of the estuaries offer the chance to secure some quality sand and blue swimmer crabs. Further into the estuaries numbers of large mud crabs can be found. Whilst both can be taken with the same crab pots and pickup dillies they each have different size and bag limits. Having the correct apparatus and approach for each species will obviously heighten results. It is extremely important to have your crabbing apparatus legal and correctly labelled otherwise you are open to receiving stiff fines from fisheries for any breaches.
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Sussing out snapper rigs
Luke McCredden | November 2016

Dan Lee loves lightly weighted rigs in his home waters of Port Phillip Bay.

In fishing, there is a fine line between landing a trophy fish, and not even getting a bite.
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