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Fishers benefit from Fisheries Patrol Survelliance.
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FFSAQ has developed a Freshwater Recreational Fishing Position Statement as part of a process to enlist support from government to enhance the future of freshwater recreational fishing in Queensland.
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2011 SIP Allocations Released
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One of the biggest problems facing Murray cod is the deteriorating condition of their natural habitat.

Recreational freshwater fishing is a major beneficiary of the Murray Darling Basin Authority’s Native Fish Strategy. A rejuvenated fishery provides recreational freshwater fishers with enhanced opportunities to pursue their passions.
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Fisheries Survey at BP Dam
Les Kowitz | December 2010

Greg Mitchell and Les Kowitz, BP Dam members, with a sample catch of golden perch and Australian bass.

Unfortunately for researchers, a recent fish stock monitoring survey occurred simultaneously with rising water levels in Bjelke-Petersen Dam.
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Freshwater at Sunfish Conference
Les Kowitz | December 2009

In November 2009, Sunfish Queensland held a special conference: Setting the Direction of Recreational Fishing in Queensland.
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A year in retrospect
Les Kowitz | November 2009

The following summary of freshwater fishery issues as seen by FFSAQ was presented to the Annual General Meeting of Sunfish Queensland on 13 November 2009.
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Even though the State election is now done and dusted, it is still important to continue to negotiate and consult with the government to address the issues that hopefully will ensure a better future for freshwater fishing in Queensland.
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Fish Stocking Boosted by SIP Allocation
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