Overhanging foliage contains plenty of cod.

I haven’t written a lot about my hometown of Canberra and the fishing options right in the heart of the city until now. This column has, for the most part, centred on kayak locations in NSW, which are difficult to get to and sometimes hard to fish, but worth a visit.
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Kitting up for cracker kayak fishing
Justin Willmer | July 2017

A trolley (A) makes it easy to transport your kayak to and from the water, especially when the kayak is rigged with gear.

This issue I thought I would walk you through one of my kayak setups from tail to tip, outlining the kit that I carry on my kayak, what I use it for and any tips associated with that piece of equipment. Your kit may vary depending on your kayak and the fishing adventure that you’re undertaking, so I have opted to describe my larger pedal kayak kit, allowing you to trim back the gear to suit your requirements.
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Back to school in the yak
Corey Gallagher | July 2017

Many of us, myself included, who live in our larger coastal cities often travel far and wide to remote and exotic locations in search of that ultimate fishing spot, often ignoring what is right under our noses. The metropolitan cities of Melbourne and Geelong are littered with many excellent kayak fishing opportunities, all within a short distance from the centre of town. This month’s kayak hot spot is a perfect example, located less than 10km as the crow flies from downtown Geelong, providing safe, protected water with easy access. It’s a kayak angler’s dream location!
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Seafood basket from a kayak
Justin Willmer | June 2017

The first crab from the smaller crab pots. Unfortunately, it was a female that had to go back.

With the chill of winter in the air some anglers opt to put their kayaks away in the garage or shed until the weather warms again. Others make the most of stable weather patterns and glassy days, the influx of bait into the rivers and estuaries and the cool weather species coming on the chew.
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Plan B on the Betka
Corey Gallagher | June 2017

Dale Baxter with an excellent example of a Betka River bream taken on a Daiwa Slippery Dog. Photo courtesy of Darren Weda.

Several years ago, while holidaying in Mallacoota, I was faced with a dilemma. Our trip coincided with the week leading up to a Hobie Kayak BREAM Series event, which I was competing in and with the pre fish ban in full swing, I was unable to fish the inlet.
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Grinning at Glenbawn Dam
Toby Grundy | June 2017

The dam becomes crowded during school holidays.

I’d always wanted to fish Glenbawn Dam. There is just something about a big bass dam that has always excited me, even way back when I was a young fisho living in Canberra where there are no bass within a hundred kilometres.
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Deep Bite Man and Edge Bite Kid
Justin Willmer | May 2017

Snapper become more common as you start fishing deeper.

You might be wondering who Deep Bite Man and the Edge Bite Kid are.
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Warm water Warrnambool is worth the wait
Corey Gallagher | May 2017

Corey with an excellent example of what the Hopkins has to offer, a 1.4kg beast taken from a rocky point on a Cranka Crab.

In last year’s September issue, the Kayak Hotspot featured Warrnambool’s Hopkins River and specifically focused on the downstream sections of the river and in particular the ski run – definitely one of the better places to fish along the river during the cooler months.
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Tackling the Queanbeyan River
Toby Grundy | May 2017

Codey Flack with a sweet reddie caught while fishing vibes for yellas.

The Queanbeyan River is the most frustrating fishery that I have encountered for a long time. There are plenty of big fish in the river and it is a really pretty spot to paddle, but the fish are so fickle and I am yet to work out their feeding patterns. That said, here is everything I know about this river. Despite being very annoying, it’s a really interesting river to fish.
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