The Moreton Bay fishery is seriously at risk. If it’s left for much longer without help, it may be too late to save our Moreton Bay Fishery.

The recent issues in Moreton Bay have had me thinking I was in some sort of bad dream.
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Commercial netters spotting along the shallows.

I just spent a week on Moreton Island with my extended family. What we saw never ceases to amaze me. Commercial netters worked the beach from Tangalooma to North Point and did their best to not leave a single whiting. They cruised the shallows in the crystal clear water and targeted every last one they saw. There is no resource sharing and the long-term irreversible impacts they are having on the natural ecosystems are completely unknown.
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The prawns just ain’t prawns
Judy Lynne | February 2017

The prawns with white spot syndrome virus have white spots on the inside of their shells. This is an excised cuticular epithelium with calcified white spot lesions on cuticle.

This month will be the start of the banana prawn season for 2017. Since just before Christmas we have had a continuing stream of advice notices from DAF (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries) regarding white spot syndrome virus. They have ranged from downright scary to boring. Some of them have come from Fisheries QLD and some from Biosecurity Queensland.
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Has your High School got what it takes to win this year’s Queensland Junior Anglers Fishing Competition at Moreton Island on 8 October?
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Kid’s fishing days a huge success
Judy Lynne | September 2016

Many kids turned out on the hotter than average April day in Burketown.

This month I would like to highlight some of the Kid’s fishing days that have been run throughout the state for 2015-16. They are funded by Fisheries Queensland from the Recreational Use Fee.
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