Hobie Mirage Outback
Corey Gallagher | May 2017

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Hobie have a long tradition of quality and innovation. Their products have dominated kayak angling markets worldwide since the introduction of the first purpose designed, pedal propelled fishing kayak, the Mirage Outback in 2001.
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Torqeedo Ultralight revolutionises kayaking
Peter Jung | December 2016

Hinze Dam was the perfect location to take the Torqeedo Ultralight 403 and Aquayak Scout combo for a run.

Earlier in the year, Fishing Monthly Magazines attended the launch of three of Torqeedo’s electric outboard motors by their Australian distributer, Power Equipment. German manufactured Torqeedo is recognised as a leader in the field of electric motor technology. In particular for their attention to detail when comes to minimizing battery use, while maximizing output. At the time we were impressed by what we saw and looked forward to getting our hands on them to put them through their paces.
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Deeper Pro+ Fish Finder review
Robbie Alexander | August 2016

Not since Jesus played full back for Jerusalem has the fishing industry seen such an exciting new piece of gadgetry as the Deeper Fish Finder, or the Deeper smart sonar.
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Tested: Lowrance Structure Scan 3D
Nabeel Issa | July 2016

A typical Side Scan image showing the left and right hand side of our boat. In this image we can see a boat wreck on the left hand side.

It seems that almost yearly there are new advances in sonar technology. For long periods, small changes were the norm with nothing out of the ordinary coming out, that is to say, nothing mind-blowing. Now we are lucky enough to get to see exciting new products almost yearly!
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The Power-Pole Micro Anchor has landed in Australia and it’s a great way to set your boat or kayak up in one location allowing you to fish without the worry of your rig moving while you’re concentrating on the fishing.
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Steve Morgan | June 2014

The Ecogearaqua Bream Prawn

Fishing Monthly is proud of the fact that these “Testing Booth” articles are only completed after the author had had a thorough test of the product. I can definitely say that I’ve put my time in using Ecogearaqua and feel confident that I can give you some tips on how to get the best from it when you put some on.
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TechniIce portable car fridge/freezer
Travis Davies | October 2013

The TechniIce 45L Portable Fridge Freezer fits comfortably in the back of the average wagon.

These days fishing, camping or just a family picnic can be a lot easier, with the new portable fridge/freezer range.
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Hot Box offers the lot
Greg Livingstone | September 2013

A new product that stood out at the Tinnie and Tackle show earlier this year was the Hot Box. The Hot Box is a portable outdoor stove, much like an old Billy stove of yester year but with some pretty fancy modifications allowing it to be portable and travel friendly.
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Jensen MS30 Boat Stereo
Neil Grose | June 2013

The Jensen MS30 was very easy to fit up – it looks messy, but the wiring was very straightforward.

If there is one thing I love as much as fishing and boating, it is music. And when you combine fishing, boating and music, well you have a match made in heaven.
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