Taking your tide this storm season
Josh Dunn | November 2017

Finally, we have some hot weather setting in. We’ll be seeing hot evenings – prime jack fishing time! Anglers have been getting into multiple jacks per session, showing the rest of us that hard work pays off. Last year I checked the radar and weather before school to find a hot day with an afternoon storm. They’re the days I look forward to.
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Monduran barra feeding up
Kelly Howell | November 2017

Shane Adams from the Sunshine Coast had a great October long weekend boating his first ever barra, which measured 104cm.

The previous month at Monduran brought along some unseasonal wind directions. Normally at this time of year we expect good and constant winds from the north or southeast, but so far we have had to work around two or three different wind directions per day. These type of conditions make fishing difficult, and can send an angler into a spin when looking for a starting point to target impoundment barra.
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The prime time at the metro rivers
Andy Smith | July 2017

Nathan Wright with a lovely 95cm metro mulloway.

Cold weather is here and that’s no reason to pack away the gear. If you want to target a trophy-sized fish locally, the next few months are prime time!
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Looking good for trout and salmon
Rod Shepherd | July 2017

A better than average Purrumbete reddy taken jigging a Fish Arrow Flash J Huddle.

We are now in the grip of winter and the temperature is decidedly chilly. The salmonoid fishing is now in full swing. Just pick a day where the wind isn’t blowing a dog off its chain and the rain has held off. Believe it or not there have been plenty of benign days lately. It’s simply a matter of rugging up and getting out there on the water.
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More land-based opportunities
Luke McCredden | July 2017

Squidding has been very consistent over the last few weeks.

The cold has set in and there has been an emergence of land-based anglers along the peninsula. The beauty of land-based fishing opportunities along the Mornington Peninsula, in the cold weather, is that we can still catch good numbers and, as soon as it gets too cold or wet, we can hop straight back in the car and go find a warm fireplace and hot coffee!
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Big trout on the move
Andy McCarthy | July 2017

Check out this 16lb brown from the Pondage!

I wasn’t wrong when I said last month that the trout season was going to be a cracker, with reports coming in thick and fast and punters taking advantage of the sheer numbers that are up and about and on the chew.
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Bruiser bream on the move
Shane Lowery | July 2017

Big winter bream are common in the South West.

July sees the cold of winter keeping some anglers off the water, but for those who are keen enough to get out and brave that cold weather, the rewards can be fantastic.
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Blue Rock is still in business
Steve Haughton | July 2017

Luke Vandeligt with an impressive winter river blackfish, caught on a little hardbody lure. River blackfish, like eels, are generally targeted over the winter months using worms fished in the dark, so you can imagine the surprise when this river blackfish

The stream trout season is now closed and will re-open on the first weekend of September, leaving local anglers with few stream options.
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You can’t catch fish on the couch
Dylan Brennan | July 2017

Eden Barlow with one of many nice redfin she has caught recently.

The gritty days of winter are upon us, with sideways rain and wind that seems like it will never pass. While this is what we can expect in Melbourne, for the short while ahead, the common phrase “you can’t catch fish on the couch” could not ring truer.
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