Stanage Bay is a stand up fishing place
Liam Jones | March 2017

Les Jones with a solid golden snapper from Shoalwater Bay. This fish was taken on a slow fall micro-jig worked over some deeper structure in Keiver Creek.

With more and more people coming into the shop to ask about Stanage Bay, I thought it was time for an in depth look.
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Some tender loving care for big barra
Wayne Kampe | March 2017

The sling has two strong straps and ample room inside for a really large barra. The clips are holding the cradle at full extension and at the ready.

The chance of catching a big barra in one of our stocked impoundments has never been better. All of the major barra lakes are exciting anglers this summer, and some mighty big fish are pulling like tractors and taking to the air.
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The barra are back!
Wayne Kampe | February 2017

Not the world’s largest barra, but the author was pretty happy with this fish from the Kolan River.

Big barra are on the top of many anglers’ bucket lists. Everyone wants to catch a metre long barra, but in the briny those big girls are hard to come by. If you ask anglers who regularly fish for barra in coastal rivers and estuaries, they’ll tell you that even live baiters can do it pretty tough at times, which means that lure and fly anglers will also be behind the eight ball. With experience it’s easy enough to work out where barra should be, but sometimes it’s a lot harder to find them wanting to be caught! And for a really big fish – the magic metre – things get just that bit more difficult.
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Spot on in Moreton Bay
Spero Kartanos | February 2017

A lovely mixed bag of spotted and school mackerel.

Spotty mackerel fishing in Moreton Bay is probably the most fun you can have in SEQ when the weather gods are on your side. I started fishing for them 40 years ago when the only thing most of us knew was to throw a pillie at whatever was splashing on top of the water. We used 40lb+ wire trace and just waited to get hit. There weren’t too many hits, although when one did decide to grab, all hell would break loose, especially with the old 12ft fibreglass rod and Alvey reel.
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Throwing a spanner in the works
Michael Fox | December 2016

The traps used for spanner crabs are very simple, this one was homemade, but they can be purchased very cheaply.

Spanner crabs are one crustacean that you don’t hear a lot about unless you’re sitting at a seafood restaurant table reading the menu. This is probably because you can’t just wander down to your local creek, throw a trap in from the bank and catch a feed of them. You need to venture offshore in a sea worthy vessel and put a bit of time into the preparation, and on a recent fishing trip to Wooli on the Northern New South Wales coast, I did just that.
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Racing stripes
Kaspar Lenigas | December 2016

Large Spanish mackerel like this one are excellent to eat and love attacking large dead and live baits.

Spanish mackerel and wahoo are by far one of the most targeted and sought-after pelagic species offshore during our summer pelagic season. Not only do they taste great, they’re also excellent sportfish that fight hard and fast.
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Getting jacked in the South East
Simon Goldsmith | December 2016

Few species garner the respect and adoration of mangrove jack. Highly-strung, aggressive and with a reputation for a crash-and-grab approach to living, mangrove jack are a fish that all light tackle anglers, both experienced and inexperienced, dream of catching. Found and caught throughout Queensland, it’s perhaps in the southeast of the state where they are most revered. Here they occupy the mantle as the premier sportfish of the estuary. A species that has benefited from urban ...
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Jack tactics from the far north
Angus James | December 2016

Mangrove jacks are aggressive, territorial and whole heap of heart-racing fun!

Red devils, dogtooth bream, or red dogs – these are a few of the names given to one of Australia’s favourites. Of course I’m talking about the mighty mangrove jack. They’re brilliant to look at with their deep reddish-bronze appearance and vibrant markings and they’re a fish with real character and aggression. Experts in the art of ambush, jacks are true hunters armed with razor sharp teeth like canines, to pin and devour their prey with speed and explosive power. It’s easy to become addicted to targeting this iconic brute of a sportfish.  
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On Wednesdays we wear ink
Bob Thornton | October 2016

Investing in quality jigs like this Kraken Egi is well worth it.

Ask anyone in Sydney or Melbourne for the nearest squidding spot, and they’ll usually point you toward a local pier or harbour, where you’ll find other squidders trying their luck. Ask anyone the same question anywhere along the Queensland coast however, and you’ll get weird looks.
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