Plan your SEQ salt assault
Wayne Kampe | February 2016

Tuna take flies readily. The trick is to get close enough for a shot at them.

It’s time to dust off the fly tackle and look at some of the great summer options available to fly anglers!
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Summer fun in the fresh
Wayne Kampe | January 2016

Denise Kampe with a decent fly caught barra from Lake Proserpine. (“You can lift it! That fish is only 17kg!”)

In the freshwater there are fish that require finesse, some that require brawn, and others that demand both mastery of technique in casting and fly presentation. Last but not least there’s an iconic fish that is easiest to catch if you are prepared to put in a bit of effort to reap the rewards. They’re all specialities of summer!
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Score big bass on fly
Wayne Kampe | August 2015

That’s 54cm of bass taken by Denise Kampe on a bony bream style fly.

Bass on fly tackle are a no brainer these days. When things are tough on the bass championship circuit, anglers often resort to the fly to take out line honours, proving that it’s indeed an effective method. Still, we anglers are always keen to catch a bigger fish rather than just average ones, and that’s what this article is about. If it works for the competition angler it can work for you.
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Is fly fishing for you?
Wayne Kampe | July 2015

This selection of fly rods shows a four weight uppermost, ten weight lowest with an eight weight in between. Note the difference in thickness of these rods.

In this article I’m heading back to basics to answer a few email enquiries I have received from anglers thinking of taking up flyfishing.
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Finesse fly fishing: bream on fly
Wayne Kampe | June 2015

Every rule has an exception. The author picked up this bream under a school of working tailer on 8wt tackle but a lighter fly rod and smaller flies will be far more productive.

Bream are a fish so common, so widespread, that they are a bread and butter species for many anglers. And they are a fish that are all so easy to catch on bait, especially a bait that can withstand a bit of ragging before it passes the many molars in a bream’s mouth.
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Go for native gold
Wayne Kampe | May 2015

The author with a mixed bag of natives, a golden perch and a bass taken from a shallow bank in Somerset Dam.

When anglers look closely at the fishing in most of southern Queensland’s impoundments, all the attention seems to centre on bass, saratoga and barra.
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Autumn fun – the mighty mac tuna
Wayne Kampe | March 2015

Denise Kampe with a fair mac tuna, which was great sport on her 9wt fly outfit.

As regular summer and autumn visitors to most offshore and bay waters long the Queensland coast, mac tuna are perfect for enjoying sport with the fly rod. Offshore and bay waters means that a boat is a necessity to tangle with these fish.
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Freshwater fly rod fun for cod
Wayne Kampe | February 2015

This cod, while by no means a large one, hit particularly hard and put up a solid fight on a stormy afternoon

I caught my first Murray cod on fly tackle back in 1987 in a New England stream. Since then I have taken them in various waters around Canberra out to Bonshaw in New South Wales, as well as around Stanthorpe in good old Queensland.
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A closer look at Impoundment barra
Wayne Kampe | December 2014

That big horse of a fish fell for one of the author’s rough and ready red and purple wet flies when night fishing

In last month’s issue I discussed the need to use a 10wt fly outfit with both a floating and intermediate sink rate line to maximise chances of catching a big impoundment barramundi on fly tackle.
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