A Few Beers with Glenn Seton
  |  First Published: November 2007

Name, age, partner, Kids and where’s home?

Glenn Seton, 42, married to J and we have two kids, Courtney (12) and Aaron (9). We live at River Downs on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Your first fishing memory or first fish?

I was on holidays with my sister when I was 10 years old at Greenwell Point south of Sydney. Somehow I managed to catch this weird looking fish which I later found out was a flathead. At 10 years old it was one of the strangest fish I’d seen!

You recently moved to the Gold Coast has this given you more time to go on the water?

Moving to the Gold Coast has given me more time on the water, but not as much as I’d like as the V8 circuit is very demanding. I love spending time on the Broadwater and relaxing in my boat with the family, it’s a mile away from the pressure of the Supercars.

How many days a year would you go boating or fishing?

I only get to be on the water about 10 days a year, but I really enjoy every minute of it.

Your dream fishing destination in Australian and abroad?

Anywhere in the far north of Queensland. I love being up in the tropical waters and the fishing is just so special.

What is the biggest and meanest fish you’ve ever tangled with?

Believe it or not it was a shovelnosed shark. It really gave me a solid work out.

You have been racing cars for your entire life how do you keep the passion to keep going round the track?

I enjoy driving cars at high speed right on the edge of disaster. It’s a thrill getting the maximum out of the car without crashing it. It’s one of the most thrilling and enjoyable things when you can achieve that delicate balance and it usually ends in a podium finish whenever you get it right.

You had some stellar years in the 90’s with a couple of championship wins and a lot of top 10’s were these the best moments of your life?

Yes, 1993 and 197 were some of the best moments in my career. Winning the V8 Supercar crowns in both years rates as lifetime highlights and I’d love to do it again.

Your biography is an unbelievable read. There is only one piece of the puzzle remaining and that’s a first place at Bathurst (Glen just finished 11th is the 07’ race), how long will you chase this dream?

I would like to continue to compete at Bathurst for the next five years at least to try and achieve my ultimate goal of winning Bathurst. It’s a tough race where everything has to go right in every aspect of the race. It’s something I really want to add to my list of achievements.

You made a massive career move in ’07 moving from Ford to Holden. How was this transition and can I ask which is better?

The transition has been great from Ford to Holden. The Holden Racing Team is one of the most professional teams in the V8 Supercar paddock and really strive for perfection every minute they are on the job. The team have been fantastic to work with and the Holden fans have been very welcoming to the red side of the fence. I hope I can continue with them for years to come and help Holden attain more podium finishes.

Favourite destination for your car racing Australia and abroad?

Without doubt Bathurst – easily!

Who are the most influential people in regards to your car racing? 

This is simple as my father Barry is head and shoulders above everyone. He built me my first go-kart at the age of four and helped me get into go-kart racing at the age of 14. A massive big influence and I could not have done what I did without his help.

I know your son Aaron is well up in his age group in Kart racing, is his plan at this early age to follow in his Dad’s footsteps?

I think Aaron will follow in Dad’s footsteps and become the third generation of Seton to race. He is showing all the skills needed to make it and I think he will be better than my father and I were. I reckon other drivers better be on the lookout for Aaron in 10 years time!

Anyone you would like to thank that have helped you get where you are today?

I would love to thank my family most of all, they’ve been the best support I could hope for. I’d especially like to thank my dad Barry, and my wife Jayne who has been with me since 1987, right at the start of my professional racing career.

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