Rug up and get out there
Peter Le Blang | July 2017

Kings like this 87cm model are still about and feeding.

This last month has seen great weather once again, although a little cold in the morning. The cold hasn’t been stopping a lot of people and there has been some great fishing for those that are willing to rug up and brave the chilly conditions.
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Winter fishing in snowy Jindabyne
Steve Williamson | July 2017

Matt Peterson with a rainbow trout caught trolling.

Welcome to July and a very wintery Jindabyne. By now snow on the top of the mountains is attracting plenty of people to come to the Snowy Mountains area and this makes getting accommodation in town difficult. There is plenty of accommodation nearby in Cooma if you want to come up for a trout fish.
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Middle of winter, middle of the road
Stephen Worley | July 2017

Sam Gilchrist gets the big cod and sunrise pic covered in one image.

For the most part the fishing in our area hasn’t been particularly hot or cold. All the usual winter suspects have been active, but not going ballistic. It’s the middle of the year, the middle of winter and the middle of the road.
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Prime time to target bigger fish
Darren Thomas | July 2017

Armen Kouch with a harbour mulloway.

The bluewater scene is picking up out off Sydney, with reports of tuna on the rise. Trolling small skirts and cubing pilchards is proving successful out wide. Providing we get the right weather and seas over the next month, a flotilla of anglers will be in the thick of it offshore.
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Alec Byrne had a nice surprise when snapper fishing.

Right now we’re all hoping the bluefin are parked off our coastline, and that we’ll have a season blessed with big fish and good weather. The month of May was a little disappointing in regards to yellowfin, and the Canberra Game Fishing Tournament held at Bermagui didn’t see one caught.
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Winter surprises abound
Dave Seaman | July 2017

Two big silver trevally and a blanket of mullet in the water are typical of the leases in the lower section of the lake.

The waters of the Wallis Lake system and surrounding areas never cease to amaze me. The seasonal visitation of transient species reads like a bucket list of angling achievements throughout the year: small hammerheads in November, giant herring in summer, kingfish in autumn, bonito and small tuna until winter and big slabs of silver trevally during winter – that’s just to name a few.
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The author recently captured his PB mulloway on a lure. This impressive fish measured 134cm and was caught on 10lb tackle. It was carefully returned to the water after a quick pic.

Water temperatures remained quite stable over the last two months, but will drop right off this month with a good frost or two, reaching lows of 14°C around Broken Bay and as low as 10°C up at Windsor and Penrith.
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Fishing in July is worth the effort
Mark Saxon | July 2017

Dave Marler with a rock wall bream caught on a plastic.

It’s easy to turn off the alarm and pull the doona up on a fresh July morning, but be warned – you could be missing out on some top fishing this month if you don’t get out of bed and switch the kettle on!
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No need to rough it this winter
Jason Scerri | July 2017

The author’s daughter Bella with her PB bream, caught on a Damiki DTSCO hardbody. She was over the moon with this 38cm fish.

Winter is a lovely time of year here on Lake Macquarie. All you need to do is dress to the conditions, and then get out there and make the most of it. These days there are so many fantastic clothing options available that there’s really no excuse for not fishing, even during the dead of winter. Things like a set of thermals, neck warmers, head socks and so on can all make a big difference, and really do change how you think about fishing in winter. If you really want luxury, there are even pie warmers, Makita battery-powered coffee makers and other nifty gadgets so you don’t even have to rough it during these cooler months.
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