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Following the baitfish
Darren Redman | February 2016

Wallaga Lake is a popular spot for the whole family – including the dog!

As most anglers know, wherever you fish there will be a bite window – that special time of the day or night when fish feed in a frenzy. These bite windows can happen very regularly at this time of year along our part of the coast. As vast schools of baitfish congregate, predators follow and incredible angling action ensues.
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Is this our last marlin season?
Anthony Stokman | February 2016

Josh Baddock does it again with a quality Clyde mulloway.

The marlin are on and another good season is unfolding. The only problem we have is a bigger predator preying on our bait. The floating factory named the Geelong Star is cleaning up the baitfish from our waters. The government says it’s all cool and it’s just another business deal. But the anglers out there witnessing its operation are seeing massive schools of bait being hauled away. When you see the Geelong Star, you know no marlin will be tagged in the area that day.
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Finding gold in the estuaries
Stuart Hindson | January 2016

Josh Hollis with a nice estuary mulloway caught on a plastic and released shortly after this photo in super condition.

The summer holiday crowd is with us for the next month or so, but don’t let this deter you, as there will still be some terrific angling on offer.
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Happy days while the sun’s up
Darren Redman | January 2016

Five different species in as many minutes, expect this with a handful of nippers in the shallows.

This season the water temperatures are already high. What can we expect because of this – when, where and how?
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The royal visit continues
Anthony Stokman | January 2016

Summer is on and it’s crazy times. For most people it’s travelling, work parties, family, New Year, sales and, hopefully, fitting in some fishing and bbqs with mates. If you do head out for a fish and you are thinking offshore then there is a lot of bait out wide and where there is bait, there is marlin!
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There’s Narooma for everyone these holidays!
Stuart Hindson | December 2015

Darren 'Cookie' Cook with a nice mulloway that was tagged for future fisheries research. Hopefully it will be caught again and the information can be put to good use.

Narooma and the surrounding waterways are firing up nicely on the fishing front just in time for the Christmas rush. Narooma's population will triple in size, but that won't bother the fishing fanatics with a smorgasbord of species on offer.
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Anglers ecstatic for estuary captures
Darren Redman | December 2015

Solid bream are a favourite summer species.

Last season saw unseasonably hot water temperatures from the ocean to the estuaries, and hopefully we are going to see this warm water backing up for some of the same exciting angling we had last year.
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Yule love the Christmas fishing!
Anthony Stokman | December 2015

Rod Stockman with a 95cm Batemans Bay flathead.

The season has started with guns blazing! We’ve had a very warm spring, and a push of warm water saw the fishing kick into top gear, and it’s the estuary that’s the place to be. But we will start with offshore.
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Furious fights on the flats!
Stuart Hindson | November 2015

The local estuaries around the Narooma region have well and truly fired up over recent weeks – partly due to increased water temperature from offshore currents hitting the coastline. More importantly longer warmer days means more heat on the water with temperatures rising quickly especially in the shallows. This has been evident by the increased action on the flats with bream and whiting starting to play the summer game.
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