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Is it the beginning or the end?
Darren Redman | November 2015

It looks like another good season for bream in our area.

We may be coming to the end of spring, however it is the beginning of summer and better fishing ahead, bring it on. This is one of my favourite times of year as most forms of fishing are beginning to flourish.
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It’s getting hot in here…
Anthony Stokman | November 2015

Good gracious, bass is bodacious… Photo courtesy of Robert Thornton.

So grab your surface lures! I am getting so hot I want to go bass fishing! Conditions are definitely hotting up. This year Mother Nature has apparently decided to forget spring and just go straight to summer.
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Narooma knows good fishing
Stuart Hindson | October 2015

The coming months will see some happy anglers catching croc sized flatties like this 92cm model which was released in great condition.

The Narooma region has received buckets of rain over the last week with an excess of 200mm falling in some areas. This has left the estuary anglers a little light on options in the meantime, but the journey ahead looks nothing short of sensational.
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Bass bust out in Bermagui
Darren Redman | October 2015

What the FSCBSA is all about - releasing more bass for future angling

As we move on into spring fishing options are opening up to anglers and one of these options are bass fisheries. The best in the area is Brogo Dam warming up ready to get hot!
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Snap into action!
Anthony Stokman | October 2015

Don't write tuna off. Matt Walton and Craig Rushby will still be chasing them.

After a bit of a slow tuna run we are looking at targeting inshore snapper and deep dropping for blue eye trevalla. Hands up who is sick of wintery conditions! The colder months aren’t so bad if the fish are biting and the tuna are running, because it’s not long after a hook-up that the layers come off and you’re in a T-shirt and loving life. Especially if it’s also a sunny day, then it’s magic! Winter is very bearable when you get days like that. This past winter was a bit slow though, and it’s only now that we’re seeing some good water returning, giving us hope for some yellowfin and albacore.
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Shake off the winter doldrums
Stuart Hindson | September 2015

Tom and Kenno got amongst the bream with 33 fish caught for the day, great fun in the shallows and all fish released.

With spring on our doorstep it’s all systems go on the fishing front with most species getting out of their winter slumber and ready to feed. The estuaries in particular will be hotting up as each week passes, water temperatures will start to increase and in turn summer techniques will return.
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Snapper are lingering
Darren Redman | September 2015

Winter can see some southern imports visit our estuaries like this King George whiting

Offshore reef fishing is very good with morwong dominating most bags. Mixed in are tiger flathead that are starting to make an appearance and should increase in numbers as we advance into spring.
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Tuna out of this station?
Anthony Stokman | September 2015

The author and Rush on the bluefin. At this stage most of the fish are out very, very wide.

I repeat: tuna out. We tried to tuna in but it’s been a bit of a letdown this year. The currents and water didn’t quite go our way and it looks as though the best of the bluefin run was late June to early July for recreational boats.
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Raise the bluefin alarm!
Anthony Stokman | August 2015

The author finally got out of the shop and into the bluefin.

Bluefin fever has hit the south coast. Now I know I made the call of the 10th of July, and I was like a week late and I’m never late! (Well, except when it comes to this fishing report...) We worked hard and got fish on the 29th of June, but it’s still the 10th when things should really kick into gear.
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