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Snapper are lingering
Darren Redman | September 2015

Winter can see some southern imports visit our estuaries like this King George whiting

Offshore reef fishing is very good with morwong dominating most bags. Mixed in are tiger flathead that are starting to make an appearance and should increase in numbers as we advance into spring.
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Tuna out of this station?
Anthony Stokman | September 2015

The author and Rush on the bluefin. At this stage most of the fish are out very, very wide.

I repeat: tuna out. We tried to tuna in but it’s been a bit of a letdown this year. The currents and water didn’t quite go our way and it looks as though the best of the bluefin run was late June to early July for recreational boats.
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Raise the bluefin alarm!
Anthony Stokman | August 2015

The author finally got out of the shop and into the bluefin.

Bluefin fever has hit the south coast. Now I know I made the call of the 10th of July, and I was like a week late and I’m never late! (Well, except when it comes to this fishing report...) We worked hard and got fish on the 29th of June, but it’s still the 10th when things should really kick into gear.
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Water temperatures still high
Darren Redman | August 2015

Salmon are in good numbers along the coast at present.

This year has seen very high water temperatures, which in turn have resulted in some special fishing that’s not about to stop any time soon. The estuaries are unseasonably fishing better than they should, with Wallaga Lake being the pick and having the most species on offer.
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Game fishing 12 months a year
Stuart Hindson | August 2015

Narooma has a deserved reputation as a game fishing Mecca, with a smorgasbord of pelagic species on offer. The game season would typically run from November to May, with a sprinkling of fish — especially yellowfin tuna — in June, but a lot depended on prevailing conditions like water temperature and current.
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Tuning in for tuna
Stuart Hindson | July 2015

‘Young Claude’ with his first mulloway, tagged and about to be sent on its way.

Offshore anglers are getting a tad excited as the tuna season is well and truly here, with reports just coming to hand of multiple hookups on yellowfin tuna. The fish are averaging 25-30kg, so not huge, but still a stack of fun on the right tackle. It seems the fish are quite widespread, with patches anywhere from the shelf to the 1000 fathom line, though I have heard of a few bigger models coming from the Kink region.
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Jigging still popular
Darren Redman | July 2015

The author’s wife left, her brother on the right, celebrating dad’s (in the centre) 91st birthday the best way possible.

It has been some years now since the jigging craze became popular, whether it be offshore or inshore, and whether it be soft plastics, metal lures or vibes. So, is it still popular? Well you betcha! And it doesn’t seem like stopping any time soon.
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Tuna into this station!
Anthony Stokman | July 2015

Daniel Dowley with a nice 16kg Clyde mulloway.

Righto! Last issue I made the call. July 10, hooked up by 2.40pm to a nice southern bluefin tuna. Well the time has come; let’s see how accurate I am. The commercial boats have been doing very well, but as I type the rec’ boats are still only catching the odd tuna. As you read, let’s hope by this stage a few good yellowfin have put some smiles on anglers’ dials.
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Josh Hollis with the sort of winter black bream that can be expected over the next 4 months.

The last few weeks’ weather has been nothing short of abominable, with rain, wind and huge seas meaning fishing’s been non-existent except a few brave souls chancing it in the estuaries. The ocean has been messy, with a huge swell making it impossible to fish offshore, and for those that fish the beaches you may have to wait a little while yet.
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