Ride it out this month
Darren Redman | August 2014

Wallaga Lake still hosts some great bream in the shallows over winter

What do anglers do during the worst month of the year to fish? Easy – they go fishing! It’s reassuring to know that if you can ride this month out, spring and better fishing is just around the corner.
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Put your thermals to good use
Anthony Stokman | August 2014

Coen Davis with a very healthy mulloway.

I hope everybody has bought their thermals by now and are putting them to good use. If you haven’t fished a winter’s morning with thermals on, you don’t know what you’re missing! Clothing layers have nothing on a full body thermal, and you can get them at department stores or even at fishing shops like Compleat Angler Batemans Bay. Once you realise how warm they keep you, you’ll never miss an early morning snapper bite!
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Fish chewing big time
Stuart Hindson | July 2014

Even the cold, dismal weather couldn’t dampen the boys’ spirits as they got amongst the bream.

The Narooma region has experienced the best few weeks of weather l can remember for a very long time. The water temperature is still hovering at around 19ºC with flat seas, little swell and, best of all, the fish are chewing big time.
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Making the most of it
Darren Redman | July 2014

Squid can be targeted while fishing the reefs this winter.

One of the advantages of living in Bermagui is the warmth of our winter days. Mornings will dawn clear, crisp and fresh and burn off to a warm 20ºC day, allowing anglers to enjoy the best of Bermagui’s winter fishing.
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Land-based guys having a ball
Anthony Stokman | July 2014

The boys with the spoils of a night’s fishing – a good catch of snapper and a mulloway to boot.

We have seen a quite a few small yellowfin tuna around 6-8kg being caught along the shelf and very few larger yellowfin at this stage. However, by the time you read this we should have seen some more of the big boys come to town.
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Waterways wake up
Stuart Hindson | June 2014

Peter Steward with a couple of solid black bream caught on plastics. In all, 21 bream were caught and released that morning.

Narooma has experienced some interesting weather of late, much like the rest of the South Coast, but thankfully it has stabilised now so anglers can get out there and enjoy.
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Our last hope
Darren Redman | June 2014

Kingfish make their presence felt in winter.

With the start of winter June usually heralds the last hope of securing a big gamefish. As past seasons have shown, when warm water lingers it is quite possible for summer species to keep patrolling our waters, providing the food source is there.
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What’s hiding in the Clyde
Anthony Stokman | June 2014

Joel Taylor’s 25kg mulloway caught recently with Wade Eaton.

The following report was compiled by Rodney Stokman in Anthony’s absence.
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Fishing after the fresh
Stuart Hindson | May 2014

Andy Kolber and the boys with Andy’s 13kg mulloway taken on a softie. The fish was released in great condition to fight another day.

Finally the Narooma region has received some much-needed rain. With so much fresh about a lot of anglers will give the fishing a miss, especially in the estuaries. Do this at your own peril! Some of my best days have been when the water looked more like chocolate than clear saltwater.
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