The fish arrive with the visitors
Darren Redman | December 2014

There are many fishing options for families visiting the Bermagui area these holidays, and not just for the boaties either; there are also plenty of shore-based alternatives, with excellent results to be had.
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What time is it? It’s mulloway o’clock!
Anthony Stokman | December 2014

That’s right, it’s time to get out there and into some mulloway action before the holiday season begins and brings the crowds that make for a very busy estuary. Good fish were still being caught into the first 2 weeks of December last year, and I expect no different this year. November was good, and we talked about the tackle required in last month’s column. For daytime mulloway on lures, snapper style sticks, 4000 size reels, 20-30lb braid with 20-30lb leader and soft and hard lures from 15-30g and 70-100mm in length usually does the trick.
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Seafood delights
Darren Redman | November 2014

Oysters are a true seafood delight. There’s plenty to be found around Bermagui this time of year!

Spring is nearly finished! That means fishing is only going to get better as we blast into the summer months.
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Kingfish this year?
Anthony Stokman | November 2014

This snapper was caught by Naite Turner. He’s a little champion and out-fishes adults most days.

We got the most rain ever, now the most sun ever. I don’t care as long as it’s the most fish ever! And at this stage it is looking pretty good.
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Wagonga warming and fish swarming
Stuart Hindson | November 2014

Josh Hollis with his kids Jack and Clare with some salmon from Wagonga

It's a cracking time of year to fish our local estuaries with most species on the fang. It really depends on what species you want to target and how, but anglers are catching plenty on both bait and lures.
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Oodles of Options in October
Stuart Hindson | October 2014

Small running deep hardbodied lures are great for flatties and a fun way to target them.

Montague Island and its kingfish population should come out of hibernation this month with anglers targeting them on jigs and live bait.
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Fire up the estuaries
Darren Redman | October 2014

We can expect a lot of flathead of this quality in Wallaga Lake this season.

Heat and rain, the perfect remedy for late spring or summer, have resulted in conditions prime for an excellent fishing season.
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Spring has sprung a leak
Anthony Stokman | October 2014

A nice early morning red caught on a trip with Topcat Charters.

Spring started with some great weather but winter didn’t want us to forget her so she threw together some big swells and rainfall to rain on our spring parade. Durras Lake has opened, the whales are migrating back south and the bait should start coming in. It’s a beautiful time of the year when everything comes out of hibernation – the animals, the flowers, the fish and fishermen.
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Tackle up for tuna
Stuart Hindson | September 2014

Linda with the type of black bream that we all want to catch regulary. This beast was part of a dozen caught with her 5 fish bag going 6.30kg.

Tuna, tuna and more tuna, that’s the word around this neck of the woods with game fishos licking their chops with some of the best SBT action seen for years. It’s been a fantastic month for these speedsters with the average fish around 45-50kg. These are small compared to some of the stories of monster barrels being lost after many hours hooked up.
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