The best of the south
Darren Redman | March 2014

All season there have been good dusky flathead around Bermagui like this 65cm fish.

The beginning of autumn is undoubtedly the best month of the year to fish the south coast, especially at Bermagui. Estuaries are firing, bass are on the chew in Brogo, Reefs are good, so are the beaches and rocks plus the game scene is fantastic.
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Solid fish on the prowl
Stuart Hindson | February 2014

Young Jake had some great fishing at Tuross. He managed these whiting, plus bream and flathead all taken on surface walkers. He released everything he caught.

Narooma and its surrounds have copped their fare share of boat traffic lately, but with quite a few visitors finishing their holiday it just may be the time to get out there and wet a line.
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Billfish on the bucket list
Darren Redman | February 2014

There is an influx of bream along the coast at present, which are easy to catch from the beaches and the estuaries.

If marlin fever has ever taken hold of you and you just ‘gotta’ have one, well this February is primed! Now is the heart of the season, so let’s go get some. Stripes, blues and blacks are all there following the many schools of baitfish.
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Consistent action offshore
Dean Dawson | January 2014

Rohan Rivett with a pair of solid metre-plus kingfish. Make sure your gear is up to the challenge as kingies are masters at finding flaws in tackle and techniques.

Holiday time is upon us and the waterways are congested with hopeful anglers trying to find a piece of action on the water.
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Super surface luring
Stuart Hindson | January 2014

Your best chance of catching a mulloway in the estuaries is an evening session with live bait or fresh strip bait.

With the water temperature around 22-24°C it's a great time of year to wet a line, in spite of the crowds that the holiday period brings.
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Party time on the water
Darren Redman | January 2014

No matter what type of fishing you enjoy or what species you wish to pursue, it’s all good this month!

Water temperatures have increased dramatically offshore, in the estuaries and the freshwater sections. Now, with the heat being on, combined with school holidays, it’s party time and fish are at the top of the guest list.
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Great results before the rush
Dean Dawson | December 2013

This little yellowfin engulfed a stickbait on the first cast, a top way to start the gamefish season. The big fish should be on the cards too this month.

This is a fantastic time to get out on the water and chase a few fish. Even though we’re about to start the crazy holiday season and be inundated with the inevitable congestion as tourists descending upon the coast, early December can be one of the quieter crowd-free times to wet a line. With many families tightening the pre-Christmas budget the waterways will be receiving less than normal angling pressure.
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Fish smarter not harder
Stuart Hindson | December 2013

A typical sized school mulloway of 78cm. There should be plenty of these fellas around over coming weeks but you’ll need to put in the hard yards.

Over the next few weeks Narooma's population will swell to 25,000+ people making it extremely busy in town and out on the water.
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Are you ready for the festivities?
Darren Redman | December 2013

Finally we have pushed into summer with some very hot weather around. This is good news for anglers with the warm weather and water having already fired up the fish stocks, so are you ready for it? So where should you be concentrating your efforts and what should you be looking for?
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