Jigging still popular
Darren Redman | July 2015

The author’s wife left, her brother on the right, celebrating dad’s (in the centre) 91st birthday the best way possible.

It has been some years now since the jigging craze became popular, whether it be offshore or inshore, and whether it be soft plastics, metal lures or vibes. So, is it still popular? Well you betcha! And it doesn’t seem like stopping any time soon.
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Tuna into this station!
Anthony Stokman | July 2015

Daniel Dowley with a nice 16kg Clyde mulloway.

Righto! Last issue I made the call. July 10, hooked up by 2.40pm to a nice southern bluefin tuna. Well the time has come; let’s see how accurate I am. The commercial boats have been doing very well, but as I type the rec’ boats are still only catching the odd tuna. As you read, let’s hope by this stage a few good yellowfin have put some smiles on anglers’ dials.
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Josh Hollis with the sort of winter black bream that can be expected over the next 4 months.

The last few weeks’ weather has been nothing short of abominable, with rain, wind and huge seas meaning fishing’s been non-existent except a few brave souls chancing it in the estuaries. The ocean has been messy, with a huge swell making it impossible to fish offshore, and for those that fish the beaches you may have to wait a little while yet.
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Mission, tuna!
Darren Redman | June 2015

Fishing the shallow water of Wallaga Lake will produce most species, including lovely luderick.

The looming Queens Birthday holiday in June is noted around the country as an excuse to go fishing. Whether it is just recreational or competing in 1 of the many fishing comps held on this weekend, Bermagui is no exception as many an angler descends on the town with a mission to catch the powerful yellowfin tuna.
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Here comes the sushi train
Anthony Stokman | June 2015

No, not a yellowfin, but it’s a very big fish. Geoff Alford with a metre-long lure-caught flattie from the Clyde.

That’s right! It’s tuna migration time and the yellowfin are on our doorstep. The weather is going from hot to cold and the fishing can be a bit like that at this time of the year. You can have a really good day or completely luck out, but that’s why they call it fishing and not catching. I swore I would never ever write that. But I swore I would never eat Australian salmon too!
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Wow! Can there be any more marlin caught?
Anthony Stokman | May 2015

Some snapper are about with some nice specimens like this one coming in.

This has probably been 1 of the best marlin seasons in 10-15 years and it’s still going strong. At the moment, tagging 2-3 fish a day is a bad day. If you are not tagging 10 or more then you are not really marlin fishing.
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Can the awesome bite continue?
Darren Redman | May 2015

The estuaries around Bermagui are still chockers with fish.

It has definitely been one of the best marlin seasons in many a decade, but will it continue with the tuna? The hot currents along the east coast this season have brought these fish to us, and now we await to see if the tuna season can be as good.
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Wagonga continues to impress
Stuart Hindson | May 2015

Leon and his 88cm mulloway from Wagonga. There's been a lot of around the last few weeks.

It's no secret that Narooma's Wagonga Inlet is a favourite estuary haunt of mine. It has an abundance of different species that are catchable using a variety of techniques, but even after fishing this pristine estuary for 30 plus years, it still amazes me how well it fishes at times.
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April — it’s a prime time to fish
Darren Redman | April 2015

Calm seas, plenty of fish and mild weather are the order for the middle of autumn. Just about all forms of fishing are at their prime, and this is my favourite time of year to fish.
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