Finding the famous tuna
Darren Redman | May 2014

The last month of autumn usually heralds the start of the yellowfin tuna season and Bermagui is famous for it, although after several poor seasons will they turn up?
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Snapper off the rocks
Anthony Stokman | May 2014

Stewart Ward caught this 4kg snapper off the rocks north of Batemans Bay.

The following report was compiled by Rodney Stokman while Anthony was on holidays. Anthony will be resuming his reports next month.
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Top species on the doorstep
Stuart Hindson | April 2014

Tom Williams from Melbourne landed these two 60cm soapies at Tuross within minutes of each other. He also got another and dropped two more so there are a few there, all fish released in super condition.

Offshore anglers around the Narooma region are in for a good time over the coming weeks with 22-24ºC water straight out the front of Narooma. You can expect all marlin species, yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi and a host of shark species to be chewing.
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Mixing of the seasons
Darren Redman | April 2014

All sorts of game fish will mix in at this time of year, like this big-eye tuna.

It is that time of year when warm weather species start to mix with cool water ones and for anglers in our part of the world this becomes an interesting time.
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A new perspective
Anthony Stokman | April 2014

Tim Stewart and Charlie Jabbour with a nice dollie caught on Topcat Charters. We can expect to see more of these this autumn.

What a difference a few weeks can make! The water temperatures recently rose again and the cold upwelling dissipated. More importantly, the current offshore decreased significantly.
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Tide change the key
Stuart Hindson | March 2014

This is the sort of kingfish available at Montague Island at the minute.

The Narooma region has returned to some sort of normality after the school holidays. With the decrease in boat traffic the estuaries have really fired up with Wagonga Inlet and Tuross fishing excellently of late. Both systems are producing bream, mulloway, whiting and blackfish.
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The best of the south
Darren Redman | March 2014

All season there have been good dusky flathead around Bermagui like this 65cm fish.

The beginning of autumn is undoubtedly the best month of the year to fish the south coast, especially at Bermagui. Estuaries are firing, bass are on the chew in Brogo, Reefs are good, so are the beaches and rocks plus the game scene is fantastic.
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Solid fish on the prowl
Stuart Hindson | February 2014

Young Jake had some great fishing at Tuross. He managed these whiting, plus bream and flathead all taken on surface walkers. He released everything he caught.

Narooma and its surrounds have copped their fare share of boat traffic lately, but with quite a few visitors finishing their holiday it just may be the time to get out there and wet a line.
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Billfish on the bucket list
Darren Redman | February 2014

There is an influx of bream along the coast at present, which are easy to catch from the beaches and the estuaries.

If marlin fever has ever taken hold of you and you just ‘gotta’ have one, well this February is primed! Now is the heart of the season, so let’s go get some. Stripes, blues and blacks are all there following the many schools of baitfish.
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