Montague still worth a look
Darren Redman | June 2016

Morwong are just one species you can find around Montague Island.

I remember a long time ago reading a comic strip in a fishing magazine of a police officer pulling up a guy towing a boat for speeding. When questioned the fisher told the officer that there was a hot run of kings up at Montague Island – the response, ‘well I better give you an escort!’ Things haven’t changed, and Montague Island is still worth a look.
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Chris Hilton with his first black marlin, it measured 2.7m long and was caught on a live slimy mackerel.

The last few weeks has seen some exceptional fishing around the Narooma region with local and visiting anglers having a ball. Most angling techniques are working a treat, it’s just a matter of what you want to target and how.
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Wallaga bream firing in the shallows
Darren Redman | May 2016

Light spin gear and a well-placed bait resulted in this good bag.

Since Wallaga Lake reopened to the ocean back in 2009, fish stocks have thrived, especially the bream. The reason for this? It’s the food that’s available there. All sorts of shellfish can be found like cockles, oysters, pipis or mussels around the shores of the lake or over the tidal flats. Along with these are the many species of worms, nippers, crabs, prawns and shrimp making up a smorgasbord for not only the bream but most other estuary species like mullet, luderick, whiting and those tasty garfish, along with a host of other species.
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Plenty of fish in the sea
Anthony Stokman | May 2016

A great autumn marlin taken aboard Topcat Charters!

Last article we were a little concerned about the drop in the marlin bite as autumn hit with calls of “It’s over for the season” or “they have all gone”, with the constant northeasterly wind turning the water over. Then, a lack of bait got us a little worried, but since then we have seen some southerlies blow and a return of bait to see the marlin season kicking along.
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Get ready to rumble with a big mulloway
Stuart Hindson | April 2016

The sort of bream that can be targeted on surface lures around the Narooma region.

The offshore scene continues to fire for game fishers, with marlin, marlin, and more marlin on everyone’s agendas. It’s been a cracking month, with almost all crews getting fish. If the bait and water conditions remain the same, I can’t see this changing any time soon. You know it’s red-hot when switched on game crews, recreational and charter boat operators are getting five or six shots a day.
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Follow the rising tide
Darren Redman | April 2016

Blackfish and bream can be caught side by side over the flats on nippers and worms.

As winter approaches, estuarine fish will look to condition and fatten for the cooler months ahead. This is a time for anglers to cash in on these feeding events here. Often it’s easy to catch lots of fish in a short period of time.
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Topwater fishing works a treat in the lakes
Stuart Hindson | March 2016

This is what can be expected in Tuross at present when casting surface presentations, quality bream and whiting. These fish were released after the photo.

March is a great month to wet a line around the Narooma region and most forms of fishing have recently achieved results. Wagonga Inlet has been a little slow, mainly due to the amount of rain we’ve experienced over recent weeks but that will soon change. With a decrease in boat traffic and angling pressure plus better water conditions, Narooma is about to fire right up.
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With bream like this around, it’s hard not to get excited!

Most anglers want the most from their fishing options, so a little homework on the best locations and especially the best time to visit them is important. You can have the greatest area in the world, but if you are there at the wrong time it can be a very disappointing experience! For Bermagui, March is arguably the best month of the lot.
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The fishing is still sizzling hot!
Anthony Stokman | March 2016

Marlin rounding bait up to the surface.

The summer fishing, even with its wet patches, has been on fire. I was fortunate enough to get dragged away from my hectic schedule by some mates from Sydney and out into a crazy marlin bite. We got out there, and to our surprise we discovered acres of bait with marlin swimming all over the place.
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