Just get out there!
Darren Redman | January 2015

Flatties bring a smile to your face, no matter what your age.

This is the best time of year to fish around Bermagui, with all forms of fishing on offer, so do whatever it takes to get out there!
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Can the fishing be any more on fire?
Anthony Stokman | January 2015

Josh Baddock’s mulloway took the crown in 2014!

Okay, we’ll start from the back and work to the front. Bass! Oh my wordy, yes. The bass are well and truly on and it doesn’t matter where you’re at, it’s a bass-fest and plenty of PBs are being broken.
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Fish about for everyone
Darren Redman | January 2015

It’s just that time of year; the holidays are on, the weather is warm, and wherever you want to try there is a fish waiting.
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Batemans area on song for summer
Anthony Stokman | January 2015

Marlin, mahimahi, mulloway, whiting, flathead and tailor are the headline acts this summer. With Christmas behind us and family commitments having been met, maybe we are off the chain and now free to do some serious fishing!
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Wagonga on fire with huge lizards
Stuart Hindson | January 2015

Wagonga Inlet is fishing like its former glory days, with this month the best l have seen it in many a year. I know that's a big statement, especially when you fish it as regularly as l do, but truly, it's red hot at present. It really doesn't matter what species you want to target, you will catch them with the right methods at the right times, and lure and bait fishos are getting plenty.
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Great fishing from creek to coast
Stuart Hindson | December 2014

The game fishing fraternity is getting excited, as yellowfin tuna numbers continue to increase as the weeks pass. The fish are widespread, from the 60f line to the second dropoff, and the water is hovering around the 21° mark. Most are schoolies, with the average around 30kg, although a few bigger models have been encountered.
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The fish arrive with the visitors
Darren Redman | December 2014

There are many fishing options for families visiting the Bermagui area these holidays, and not just for the boaties either; there are also plenty of shore-based alternatives, with excellent results to be had.
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What time is it? It’s mulloway o’clock!
Anthony Stokman | December 2014

That’s right, it’s time to get out there and into some mulloway action before the holiday season begins and brings the crowds that make for a very busy estuary. Good fish were still being caught into the first 2 weeks of December last year, and I expect no different this year. November was good, and we talked about the tackle required in last month’s column. For daytime mulloway on lures, snapper style sticks, 4000 size reels, 20-30lb braid with 20-30lb leader and soft and hard lures from 15-30g and 70-100mm in length usually does the trick.
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Seafood delights
Darren Redman | November 2014

Oysters are a true seafood delight. There’s plenty to be found around Bermagui this time of year!

Spring is nearly finished! That means fishing is only going to get better as we blast into the summer months.
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