Stick to your guns
Gary Brown | October 2014

Whiting, bream and the odd salmon and tailor are being caught off the beaches at Cronulla.

It can be very hard to decide what species to chase in October. Maybe whiting off the beaches or the sand flats? Bream on surface lures or bait fishing in the channels? Maybe snapper on the close offshore reefs and rock platforms? Squid could be in with a chance over the kelp and weed beds or maybe the artificial reefs, and what about mulloway with soft plastics or baits in the deep water. Decisions, decisions, what to do?
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Thank goodness for spring
Peter Le Blang | October 2014

This 72cm salmon was found while fishing 70m of water.

With all of the bad weather we’ve had over the last part of winter I hope the next few months sees calm seas and light winds. There are fish to be caught along the coast and in the rivers, it really depends on where you want to go to wet a line.
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Find the warmer water
Craig Mcgill | October 2014

A double hook-up on flatties. They are thick at the moment.

The days are starting to warm up but don’t be fooled – there’s always that lag between water and air temps, and sometimes we don’t see the water warm up until November or even December. However, despite the cool water anglers get fired up by longer, warmer days and their expectations go up with the temperature.
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The art of success
Gabe Quercigrosse | October 2014

A good haul of bream and whiting.

Breaming in Botany Bay, unlike other areas, is a year-round proposition. For that reason it must be the most consistent spot on the NSW coast. However, many anglers miss out because they aren’t fishing correctly.
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Anticipation running high
Dan Selby | October 2014

Australian salmon will be present in Broken Bay this month. Once you work out what lure is working best, results like this can be commonplace.

With anticipation levels high for the season ahead, this month really is the build-up period to set the benchmark for the rest of the season. High on angler lists in the Hawkesbury would have to be the Aussie bass and their surface smashing antics.
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Twice as many species to target
Darren Thomas | October 2014

Mike Bonnici and Mike Bamforth with a pair of Sydney yellowfin.

October is a month that mainly goes two ways – it’s either a beautiful start to spring and the encroaching summer season or it’s an absolute last ditch effort from winter to linger as long as possible. I think this year we may just get a bit of both, so I recommend you avoid jumping into the summer species too early. At the moment you have twice as many species to target so don’t put away the trevally and salmon gear just yet, particularly as we’re still getting some great reports here on the Northern Peninsula.
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Big blues from the headlands
Alex Bellissimo | September 2014

It doesn’t get much better than this! Chris Fox’s first groper off the rocks was a fraction under 10kg.

September is usually the slowest month for a lot of species, although that can vary from year to year. Off the ocean rocks the kings can make a surprise showing this month, but you can’t be sure if it will happen. Groper, silver drummer, rock blackfish, trevally and salmon are the safest bets, so they’re what I chase in September.
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The unluckiest prawn
Gary Brown | September 2014

You don’t need a heavy outfit to catch squid. The author was using a Pflueger 2-4kg outfit with a 2.5 squid jig.

In the Sutherland Shire, September is one of those months that I call a ‘crossover’ month. It can be a month when the weather can’t make up its mind on what it’s doing from day to day, and the water temperature can vary from cold to warm depending on whether you are fish in Botany Bay, the Georges, Cooks or Woronora Rivers and the Port Hacking.
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A tricky time of year
Peter Le Blang | September 2014

Flathead are still being caught along Broken Bay

This can be a tricky time of year to fish on Pittwater. The water is cold and very clear so a change of targets is required.
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