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Warm weather anglers emerge
Gary Brown | September 2015

The skies will start to clear and hopefully the fishing will start to hot up as well.

Spring makes many anglers get the feeling that they’d like to go for a fish again. However, it’s business as usual for those of us who have been fishing right through the year catching drummer and bream off the rocks, trevally and bream in the deep waters of Botany Bay, luderick in the Port Hacking and snapper on the close inshore reefs.
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Cool water action
Craig Mcgill | September 2015

Trevally are abundant around Sydney and a fun on light tackle.

Water temps have finally dropped down to their normal winter low of 16 degrees. This comes after an extended summer season where water temps held up around the 20 degrees mark well into June.
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Blue-spot lizards on the prowl
Gabe Quercigrosse | September 2015

Now is the time to chase blue-spot flathead on the close offshore grounds near Botany Bay.

This is the right time of year to chase blue-spot flathead on the close offshore grounds near Botany Bay. Regularly taken around the 33cm mark, they generally reach their peak around 50cm, but have been known to grow up to 68cm. Colour varies, ranging from a light sandy brown with white spots to a darker configuration with blue spots. Sand corridors and variable bottom contours are excellent locations to fish for them.
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Spring into action
Dan Selby | September 2015

Bass of this quality are high on many anglers’ agendas this month. Working the deeper pools with spinnerbaits and deep crankbaits can deliver some some great sessions in spring.

The wattles are blooming, insect activity is increasing, and the days are becoming noticeably getting longer. For Hawkesbury and Nepean River anglers this means one thing. Bass season is just around the corner.
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Sydney shines for spring
Darren Thomas | September 2015

Amy McAndrew with a 50kg yellowfin tuna.

As spring closes in and the weather begins to warm there’s plenty of fish on the chew and plenty of options for those keen to enjoy the excellent fishing that northern Sydney has to offer.
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Time to get prepared
Peter Le Blang | September 2015

Plate sized snapper are always welcome on a chilly early morning.

Hopefully the coldest weather is now behind us and better estuary fishing is on its way. Pittwater has really had some cold water recently, but the rewards are still there for those anglers who are able to prepare for a few different species. At the moment it’s about fishing, not catching, and with this in mind you have to hit the water with a few plans that you are willing to try.
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Hawkesbury bumper bars on the prowl
Darren Thomas | August 2015

Jack Allen and Luke Desylva with some Cowan bumper bars.

Dead cold winter nights are sufficient incentive for most people to stay at home in front of the heater and watch the idiot box, but up here on the northern beaches there’s a mad kind of fella that loads up the boat and heads off down the Cowan in search of the mysterious and prehistoric hairtail.
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Heath Robinson with a winter lure-caught mulloway. Just check out the conditions, just perfect!

We have been blessed with quite pleasant weather this winter, through plenty of big high pressure systems delivering stable, wind-free days. Calm weather makes for great lure casting and this is where I have been focussing my efforts most days. The ability to have a matching bait imitation in the form of a lure, whether hard or soft, is quite beneficial on an early bite that you would miss if you were sourcing bait at first light.
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Toothy tailor and others
Gabe Quercigrosse | August 2015

At 1.3kg, that’s a top luderick.

Botany Bay is a great attractor of baitfish, and this in turn lures large schools of tailor during the winter months right through to spring. They can be taken both day and night, with the smaller chopper variety more predominant during the day. Best catches are taken on small lures and ganged pillies.
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