Keep an eye out for those working birds, as there may be tailor beneath the bait schools.

February will see schools of tailor and Australian salmon getting stuck into baitfish in Botany Bay and Port Hacking. You will also find that a few will move up into the Cooks and Georges rivers with the cleaner water as the tide rises.
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A how-to on Harbour squid
Craig Mcgill | January 2015

A great summertime king from the lower Harbour area.

The kings should be full steam ahead this month. In fact, I would nominate February/March as my favourite months of the year. With the water at its warmest, anything can happen, including tropical ring-ins like cobia, samsons, amberjack, and even the occasional rainbow runner. The one thing that they all have in common is their obsession with eating squid, so here’s a quick refresher on nailing a few squirters.
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A variety on the menu: tailor, kingfish and snapper
Gabe Quercigrosse | January 2015

A nice haul of whiting and flathead from Windang.

Botany Bay is a great attractor of baitfish, and this in turn lures large schools of tailor inside throughout the year. These can be taken both day and night, with the smaller chopper variety more prevalent during the day. These are generally fish around the 400-700g size and best catches are taken on small lures.
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The Hawkesbury hits its straps
Dan Selby | January 2015

It’s been a great start to the year, with plenty of fish biting along the Hawkesbury, from the fresh to the salt.
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Bait: fresh is best
Darren Thomas | January 2015

Antonio Revere with a big Narrabeen Lake garfish.

This month I’m going to look at what’s hot and what’s not, to try and up the chances of every one of you landing more fish and bigger ones. We’ll also check out some bait collecting techniques, locations and methods that are working in and around the northern beaches, as well as the usual what’s biting and where. To finish off we’ll do a little on a big mover and shaker for 2015.
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The fishing's as hot as the weather
Peter Le Blang | January 2015

Finally the warm weather is upon us, and the mornings are mostly calm and perfect for fishing. If you are able to grab a rod and hit the water early, don’t pass up the chance because the sunrises have been simply stunning.
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It’s a kingfish summer
Alex Bellissimo | January 2015

Kingfish catches offshore and along the inshore reefs have been nothing short of spectacular, although it’s a different situation for the rock angler. Some large kings to 20kg have been caught and discussed on social media, while some haven’t.
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Book ’im Sarge!
Gary Brown | January 2015

As I sit down to put together my report for the month, I have just come back from an eventful morning’s fishing on Botany Bay. Three of us went out to chase a feed of silver trevally and bream using peeled prawns. We tried Trevally Alley, Yarra Bay Artificial Reef, Sutherland Point, Watts Reef, and then finally the drums in the middle of the bay.
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Keeping kings out of trouble
Craig Mcgill | January 2015

Every season the average size of Sydney kingfish seems to creep up a kilo or so, to the point where a 1m fish could now be described as common. I can remember not that long ago when you were lucky to see a fish this size once a season. Now you can expect one every week.
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