Bread and butter species galore
Gary Brown | June 2016

The weather has started to get a little chillier, the days will get shorter, and the fishing may start to slow down, but this shouldn’t stop you from going out for a fish or two. Not everyone can just get up and go for a fish at the drop of a hat. You will have to plan when you are going, what type of fish species you are going to target and where you will go. These plans will have to be arranged around work time, family commitments, house chores and anything else that may come up.
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Don’t put your rods away!
Peter Le Blang | June 2016

A kingfish and mulloway caught from the same bait ball down deep at Pittwater.

The coming month should see some great fishing along our coast and in the rivers. We have been lucky enough to have calm conditions, warm water, and blue skies but unfortunately the rivers have been pretty quiet. Thankfully it won’t stay like this for much longer. We should shortly start to see a changing of the guard.
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Harbour mulloway on the run
Craig Mcgill | June 2016

Now is the time of year to find mulloway as they follow the mullet run.

The harbour is currently experiencing some of the best fishing of the season with water temperatures holding up longer than usual. Kings are still around in good numbers, and we’ve had some good runs of salmon, mulloway and flathead.
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It’s whiting time in the Georges
Gabe Quercigrosse | June 2016

Peter with a couple of nice snapper off Bellambi.

The bay continues to fire on all cylinders, as we would expect at this time of year. However, there is one standout location that makes you stand up and take notice. I am referring to Bare Island. This landmark, located just inside Botany Heads, is a hotspot. It’s produced a wide variety of species including mulloway, kingfish, trevally, snapper, groper, luderick, leatherjacket and tailor. The odd salmon school also converges on the area when there are baitfish about.
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Some sensational flathead showed up in our catches over autumn. Brett Penprase was delighted to boat this 86cm flathead on a ZMan soft plastic.

The good run of fishing has continued with the action set to maintain right through winter. Forget about packing away the fishing gear and get out for some laidback hours of fishing between 8am-4pm and enjoy some sensational winter weather and great fishing.
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Sydney beaches fire up through the cold
Darren Thomas | June 2016

Dave Rothwell and Stuart Bedford look stoked with this cracker Pittwater amberjack.

Some terrific captures have been reported on the north side with some real standout efforts by local anglers. Sydney Harbour is the healthiest I’ve ever seen it and is supplying some outstanding catches including a northern bluefin tuna off the stones inside Manly.
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Southern seas make for swell fishing
Alex Bellissimo | May 2016

It just doesn't get better for a fisher who has never caught a mulloway before – two on the first outing! Just Bellissimo for Richard Wilson.

This month is great for fishing in general. With cool conditions with mild autumn days, I find that it is not too draining because of the heat and not too cold yet. The water temperature is still nice with that 20°C average making it attractive for virtually all species.
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May fishing in Sydney rocks!
Gary Brown | May 2016

Bare Island is a great land-based spot, but you will need to keep an eye on the conditions when fishing there.

There are drummer everywhere, with a few bream, luderick and trevally mixed in for those who have ventured out onto the rocks. Off the beaches, there are still plenty of whiting taking beach worms and pink nippers, while in the estuaries of Southern Sydney there are luderick in just about all the usual spots.
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Drifting sees success
Peter Le Blang | May 2016

Kai and Mark showing the variety on offer around Pittwater.

With the sporadic weather of late, it has been hard to find a day to get out on the water for most people. There are still fish to catch, you just have to try a few more things to get a reaction from your targets. Once you find what works, stay with it until the bite stops.
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