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25 hot spots in Sydney
Gary Brown | February 2016

The Alley at Cronulla Beach is worth a shot for bream and whiting using nippers, beach worms or blood worms on a falling tide.

I love going for a fish at any time of the year, but February is one of my favourite months of the year to fish. It’s a time when you can expect to tangle with whiting, bream, dart and flathead off the beach; bream, trevally, drummer, luderick, salmon and tailor off the rocks; and bream, whiting, trevally, dusky flathead, luderick, tailor, salmon, kingfish, and mulloway in the bays and rivers. It’s a great time to chuck a line in.
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Hot holiday fishing
Peter Le Blang | February 2016

Emma with her first ever fish – and what a first fish it was at 78cm!

Over the last couple of weeks the fishing along Pittwater has been a little tricky for those chasing kingfish, but great if you are prepared to cover ground drifting and trying for flathead.
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Nothing beats giant kingfish in the Harbour
Craig Mcgill | February 2016

Big kings are suckers for big live squid.

February is a great month to nail some big kings in the harbour. They are back from their spawning run and hungry for big squid. The classic spots like Old Mans Hat, the Watsons Hole, the Cakes and Shark Island should hold the big ones. Squid baits are a must and you should find plenty around the deeper kelp beds on the lower harbour.
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Be patient, the fish will find you
Gabe Quercigrosse | February 2016

Mick got these nice whiting in Port Hacking recently.

This month’s report will cover the entrance to the Georges River and surrounding areas which at this time of year fish particularly well for most estuarine species.
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Some good mulloway can be caught in the lower reaches this month using live baits and lures. Fish structure an hour either side of the tide change.

What a great season we’ve had so far on the Hawkesbury! Warm water pushed on shore in January, and with it came some spectacular fishing.
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Some excellent fish are on at the moment
Darren Thomas | February 2016

Matt Young released this mako shark after a couple of quick photos.

The late summer water temperatures have finally arrived and here’s hoping they will stay around a bit longer than in previous years. Some excellent fish are on at the moment, with this season proving to be another good one both inside our bays and offshore. This month we can expect all manner of species to be caught.
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Area Report
Alex Bellissimo | January 2016

Mitch Wood with his personal best beach bream that measured 38cm.

This month is set to be a scorcher, and temperatures have already soared. Hot days are possibly as much of a discouragement as the freezing winter alternatives. Anglers often make the mistake of attempting to find a utopian day to fish that’s not too cold, sunny, rainy or windy. However, it is much easier to simply fish the conditions faced and put in the work to find what works on those ‘less than perfect’ days.
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Join the beach party
Gary Brown | January 2016

The Royal National Park has a number of beaches and rock ledges that are worth a shot during January.

Along the east coast of southern Sydney you will find around 24 different beaches that you can quite comfortably cast a line for bream, whiting, dart, the odd dusky and sand flathead, mulloway, salmon and tailor.
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Feeding frenzy in Pittwater!
Peter Le Blang | January 2016

Jake pictured with one of the many sharks that have recently been caught on Pittwater.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had some great days for fishing. Species that have fired up include flathead, kingfish, mulloway, and sharks. There’s been a lot of baitfish along Broken Bay and Pittwater, and these schools have made the areas primary targets for a variety of species.
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