Berley for best results
Gary Brown | July 2015

The author with a couple of bream that were caught while casting hardbodies in the Cooks River.

Even though the water temperature has cooled down plenty, the fishing around Sydney remains quite good. Australian salmon, tailor, bream, silver trevally, snapper, drummer and luderick will be the targeted species off the rocks. Bream, silver trevally, John dory and luderick will be the targeted species in the bays and estuaries. Due to the clear conditions experienced this month, unless we get a lot of rain you will need to make sure that you have a steady stream of berley going.
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The salmon solution — eat them!
Craig Mcgill | July 2015

The kings are still firing in Middle Harbour.

Water temperatures have been slow to drop this winter and as of the first day of winter we still have 19° here. As a result, the winter species have held off and we are experiencing 1 of the best early winter bites I can remember.
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Brave the cold and be rewarded
Gabe Quercigrosse | July 2015

Mathew getting amongst the cuttlies down at Bellambi.

As predicted in last month’s column, the much-awaited whiting run has started, with excellent catches reported. As a matter of fact, the fishos from the Woronora RSL have been getting their bag limits, with specimens of 38-48cm the norm.
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Mulloway on the march
Dan Selby | July 2015

Quality flathead are still an option in winter. Slowing the retrieve down and adding some scent will enhance your chances.

Mulloway have been the hot topic lately, and for good reason too. Plenty of schoolies and larger metre-plus models have been active in the lower reaches up to Spencer. Soft plastics and vibes are producing the best results, but live baits of pike, tailor, yellowtail and squid have been pulling the better fish to 30kg on the major points and reef edges around Broken Bay.
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Harbour harbouring some good fish
Darren Thomas | July 2015

Oliver Evans with a harbour king on a jig.

With the cold water now upon us, some outstanding captures are still being reported, particularly of fish that should be well and truly outta here by now. Big inshore kingfish and Watsons leaping bonito should have evacuated the area, as too should the mahimahi, while the flatties are also usually in hibernation by this time of year. If this keeps up, the warmer water temps will be back before we know it, and when spring hits it’ll be game on again.
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Temps are cold, but the fishing is hot
Peter Le Blang | July 2015

This young kingfish master fished with skill well above his tender age of 8, to capture this wonderful Pittwater hoodlum.

Well what a month we have seen. The start of it saw cyclonic winds and a month of rainfall in 3 days, with an east coast low forming directly over the Broken Bay area. For the following 2 weeks there were trees and logs throughout the Hawkesbury, Pittwater and Broken Bay, making navigation difficult and fishing near impossible.
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Cool water fish make their move
Alex Bellissimo | June 2015

It’s a trevally fest off the ocean rocks, in the harbour and even some beaches at present! Like the Australian salmon, these hard fighting fish were 1 of the first species I became enthralled with as a teenager. Salmon are known for their strength, stamina and spectacular acrobatics. Trevally are also known for their strength and stamina, but they have the ability to damage line on structure like pylons, rock ledges, kelp and anything that is abrasive. They teach you to play fish out well in this sort of country.
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Rug up and get out there early
Gary Brown | June 2015

Locky Sampson managed to catch this 76cm dusky flathead in the Port Hacking River on a live bait.

Now that winter has really set in, many anglers will still be curled up in bed waiting for the sun to rise and get warm before they decide to go for a fish. Not me. I am up before the sun and at my selected rock fishing spot ready for the sun to appear. The berley trail of mashed up old pilchards and stale bread will have already started to drift out with the current, hopefully to attract bream, trevally, drummer, snapper, tailor and Australian salmon.
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School mulloway have been around in good numbers.

The transitional period of autumn into winter has always stood out for its great flathead, mulloway and big squid fishing. Massive squid move in over the deep kelp beds for spawning and can be taken on large jigs. They are great eating, with the double whammy of being great mulloway bait.
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