Get down to grass tacks
Gary Brown | May 2014

I still have that problem of whether to eat the squid or use it as bait. I usually eat the body and use the head for bait.

May is a changeover month for our region. It’s a time when the beach angler can catch summer whiting, flathead, mulloway and dart one day and then salmon, tailor, bream or trevally the next. And as for the estuary anglers, they could be getting amongst dusky flathead, yellowfin whiting, flounder and bream on surface lures and then a few days later be pulling in luderick, garfish, mullet and trevally.
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Kings still active
Peter Le Blang | May 2014

This lovely kingfish ate a 200g jig ripped through the school off Palm Beach.

I love fishing at this time of the year. We are starting to get to the changeover period when the summer species seem to fade off into a distant memory and the winter species start to show up.
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Frantic feeding
Craig Mcgill | May 2014

With warmer than average water temps, kings like this should still be around through May.

May is one of the most diverse months of the year. All the summer fish are feeding up frantically to put on some fat for winter, and some of the winter fish are starting to make an appearance. You will generally pick up the bigger specimens of most species at this time of year.
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Catching cracker crocs
Dan Selby | May 2014

Lure fishing for dusky flathead can produce good numbers and sizes as the water cools. Dean recently caught and released this 71cm on a 5” minnow and light spin tackle.

The month of May can turn on some fantastic fishing in the Hawkesbury. Big blue-nosed bream, XOS dusky flathead and monster mulloway are all viable targets. This is also the last month to target the bass and estuary perch (EPs) before the closed season takes effect on June 1.
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Revamp the ramp!
Darren Thomas | May 2014

Dylan Hannah with a brace of kingfish.

Autumn’s arrival is normally our first sign that winter is on its way, with the cruel cold moving in to freeze our butts off and shutdown the warm water bite.
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More legal kings at last
Alex Bellissimo | April 2014

James Peereboom with two kings, one caught on a live yellowtail and the other on a 9” Slap Stick.

Yellowtail kingfish should continue to prowl the Sydney rocks this month. If you speak to anyone who pursues kings regularly, they’ll tell you that undersized rats have been a real problem this season. However, in recent weeks there has been a steady increase in numbers over the 65cm legal length. Instead of walking away with no legal fish on at least 60% of outings, you can now reasonably expect to take home a feed.
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Awesome April
Gary Brown | April 2014

There is a rocky point just inside of Bare Island that’s worth a shot for bream, trevally and luderick. When you get there you’ll see a small reef about 20m from the shore.

Believe it or not kingfish are still being caught inside Botany Bay at places like the end of Monoliex wall, and on the eastern side of the oil wharf at Kurnell on the run-out tide. You could either try trolling live or dead yellowtail and squid about 1-1.5m off the bottom. If you are not into trolling you could try anchoring up at Bare Island and the oil tanker mooring drums. Then try sending down those live baits to about 1-1.5m off the bottom.
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Pittwater paradise produces
Peter Le Blang | April 2014

Ken and Dianne Noble proudly show off the Spanish mackerel caught on Pittwater.

While fishing along Pittwater over the last month, sometimes you could be excused for thinking you were in heaven. Calm clear warm water, blue skies and very little wind first thing in the morning – an angler’s dream!
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The great kingfish experiment
Craig Mcgill | April 2014

Autumn has always been my favourite fishing period, with mixed bags made up of the last of the summer fish feeding up for winter and the first of the winter fish moving in.
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