Berleying up a storm
Gary Brown | March 2014

Remember to stay outside the yellow markers off the end of the runways, just as these anglers are.

Over the past few years Botany Bay has undergone a number of changes. One of these was the extension of Port Botany, which has taken away many great fishing spots. In the northern section of the bay in this area you could get out of those northerly winds and drift for flathead while using baits or lures. It was a place that you could troll for tailor salmon and kingfish.
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It’s Kingfish Central
Peter Le Blang | March 2014

This samsonfish ate a downrigged live squid that was placed 1 metre from the bottom.

Over the last month we once again saw a lot of kingfish caught on Pittwater and along our coast. Unfortunately most have been small but there is still the odd good fish around to keep you on your toes.
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A season of PBs
Craig Mcgill | March 2014

Fish of this size are becoming more common in Sydney Harbour,

Sydney Harbour kingfish are getting bigger and bigger every year. Recently we cracked our two biggest fish in Fishabout’s 22 years of guiding: an 18kg fish followed the next day by a 22kg monster.
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Pelagics terrorising baitfish
Dan Selby | March 2014

Broken Bay and Pittwater have produced some good kingfish like this 85cm specimen caught by Sam and Lauren.

This time of year has to be my favourite on the Hawkesbury, with big bluenose bream usually making an appearance in the lower reaches as the days get shorter and the water temps start to cool off.
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Soft plastic bite kicks off
Darren Thomas | March 2014

A hefty bull mahi mahi caught by Dave Rothwell.

With the temperatures cooling off this month we will begin to see some interaction of warm and cool water species. Some trevally will move into our estuarine waters and the late run of bonito will continue. Local angler Jim Hudson has been catching some cracker sized bonnies lately.
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Touchy about temperature
Gary Brown | February 2014

Dennis with a couple of quality bream that were caught near the entrance to the Lane Cove River.

Many anglers fall into the trap of thinking that every time they go fishing they should catch a bag limit of fish to take home. When you think about it, if you were lucky or good enough to catch your NSW limit of 20 bream, 20 sand whiting or even 10 dusky flathead, that would be a lot of fish. Do you really need to keep that many? Fishing should be about more than just aiming to catch your limit, surely.
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Take the kids out fishing
Peter Le Blang | February 2014

Flathead like this one can be caught while fishing Broken Bay.

Over the last month the weather has been sporadic and so has the fishing.
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A fishing explosion
Craig Mcgill | February 2014

Unseasonal 22.5ºC water and wall-to-wall pencil slimies is a recipe for a fishing explosion here in Sydney. The huge nutrient load, courtesy of 2 very wet years, is finally paying off. I can safely say that I have never seen anything even close to the current slimy mackerel mass out there right now.
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The agony of choice
Dan Selby | February 2014

This bag of bream was secured while casting a ‘walk the dog’ style surface lure across the shallow sand flats in Berowra Creek. Add short pauses to elicit a strike from these cautious fish.

What a summer we have had on the Hawkesbury! Great weather and good catches of bream, whiting, flathead and mulloway in the estuary, quality bass feeding on the surface in the sweetwater and some cracking pelagics around the headlands and bays.
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