Exciting Christmas options
Gary Brown | December 2014

The upper reaches of Gunnamatta Bay in Port Hacking are a great land-based spot to target whiting, flathead and bream at high tide with surface lures.

First of all, I would like to wish all the readers of NSW Fishing Monthly a Merry Christmas and I hope that Santa fills your stocking with many fishing presents. December for me is one of those extremely busy months where I have my wife Leanne’s birthday, our wedding anniversary, Christmas nights out, the last of the fishing classes for the year, Christmas Day, and yes, plenty of time spent on the water fishing.
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Boom time for salmon and trevally
Craig Mcgill | December 2014

Middle Harbour has been producing quality kingfish action of late.

This season has been one of the best I can recall for salmon and silver trevally. The salmon have been thick right throughout the system, from the heads to the upper reaches. They are easier to catch than usual, have been taken on both lures and bait, and generally haven’t been fussy about size.
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Mulloway catches expectations
Gabe Quercigrosse | December 2014

John Galea with some nice snapper caught off Bellambi.

As mentioned in last month’s edition of NSWFM, mulloway will be one of the species we will be targeting over the next few months.
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The kings are back!
Peter Le Blang | December 2014

Finally the warm water has brought with it a decent amount of baitfish and attendant predators. The last month has seen some great fishing along Pittwater, and while the kingfish are still pretty fixated on live squid, the odd day has seen them also chewing on smaller yellowtail.
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Ready for anything
Alex Bellissimo | November 2014

Brendan Spinney recently had a session on silver drummer up to 4kg, all released after a couple of photos. They were amongst a catch of pigs to 3kg, luderick to 1kg and a token groper.

The run of silver drummer is still going but they will taper off with the rising temperatures, preferring the cooler water. They’re up to near 60cm or roughly 4kg, not huge fish but loads of fun on 5.5kg line.
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A November to remember
Gary Brown | November 2014

A selection of ball sinkers from 000 to number 4 that I use either off the shore or out of a boat.

One of my favourite types of fishing (I have many) is chasing bream, whiting, salmon and tailor off the beach. After finishing up at my TAFE job I have some extra time on my hands and have been getting amongst a number of fish species. The main two baits that I have been using for the bream and whiting have been beach worms and pink nippers. For the salmon and tailor it has been whole WA pilchards and whole sea garfish.
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Dust off the rods, it’s fishing time!
Peter Le Blang | November 2014

There are some big morwong around this year.

I can’t wait for the upcoming season. Everything seems to be in its place with warm water coming closer to our part of the world each day, bringing with it hordes of baitfish that should drag a plethora of predators with them.
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Tips on tackling salmon
Craig Mcgill | November 2014

Kings have showed early this year. This one was taken near North Head.

Normally early spring is my least favourite time of year for fishing in the harbour, but this year has been exceptional. Kingfish showed up in good numbers very early, the flatfish bite is the best I have ever seen and salmon have flooded in with fury.
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Drifting for rewards
Gabe Quercigrosse | November 2014

Tony Formosan with a cracking squid from Coalcliffe.

Botany Bay, unlike many other locations on the east coast, is not regarded as a prime flathead spot. However, It does turn on some good fish for those who go after them.
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