Kings checkmate on the reefs in August
Darren Thomas | August 2016

Luke Ashley with a nice offshore kingfish.

Some serious water temperature drops have invaded Sydney’s north side this month with most of our winter species arriving in good numbers and all on the lookout for a feed! Big schools of salmon, slimy mackerel, tailor and trevally are frequenting local reefs and shorelines with plenty of reports flowing in. Winter is one of the better times of year to catch fish. It’s all about changing target species and tactics, follow these tips to keep you in the zone to catch some good fish during the colder months.
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Mixed bags are a recipe for winter fun
Dan Selby | August 2016

Fresh weed, well cocked floats and big brawling blackfish on light modern spin gear is simple, easy and a load of fun for all the family.

Recently the weather went south with a decent-sized fresh dropping water temperatures and reducing the salinity and visibility throughout most of the river. Good news for anglers is that these fresh water inflows deliver necessary nutrients that provide plenty of food for the macro invertebrates, crustaceans and molluscs. These are the main food items of baitfish and predators and will make for a great spring on the mighty Hawkesbury.
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Elbow slapper out in force
Gabe Quercigrosse | August 2016

Daniel with a nice 43cm Port Hacking whiting caught recently.

Even though it has been bitterly cold, with plenty of rain to dampen enthusiasm and flush out systems. Diehard fishos that have braved the conditions have been rewarded with outstanding catches.
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Doors are open for dory
Craig Mcgill | August 2016

Dory are suckers for live baits, particularly small reef fish.

The warm water retreat has been slow this year, and as a result the winter species are only just starting to trickle in. The upside is that kings are still hanging round the harbour and due to some huge seas, fish like snapper and drummer have been going nuts in close.
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August fishing prime time for flathead
Gary Brown | August 2016

During August you should try flicking small plastics into the shallows for bream.

August can be a bit of a strange month to go fishing. It can be cold and windy one day, and then sunny and warm the next. I find that with this irregularity in the weather pattern, it can play havoc with the temperature of the water, which in turn plays havoc with the fish. This makes it very hard for any angler to decide when the best time would be to go for a fish.
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Blackfish rocking the winter fishing
Alex Bellissimo | August 2016

Skev Stefadauros caught this great mixed bag of seven rock blackfish, two bream and a salmon. Two rock blackfish were released. He sent the author some traditional Greek fish dishes recently. Absolutely Bellissimo!

There is an abundance of quality winter species available at the moment. It’s lovely to not have to deal with the heat of a summer day. You can get stuck into some great fish without being up two hours before dawn as well. Fish like trevally still require that low light or evening fishing and the tailor are more often caught in the dark though.
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Off the rocks is off it’s chops!
Alex Bellissimo | July 2016

Stewart Lever was impressed by the delicate bite of a sizeable groper. When you hook-up all hell breaks loose!

The seas are very cool this month, but don't be overly concerned. The winter species we catch off our diverse range of rock and beach platforms means you should keep those rods out! Let’s check out what’s biting and what you can expect this month!
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Grab a groper this July
Gary Brown | July 2016

A pair of groper caught while using red crabs off the rocks at Cronulla.

One thing that I can’t predict is the weather, and I have to rely on the local weather forecast or a number of websites. Do they always get it correct? No, but at most times it does help for me to organise my fishing trips. One of the main things that I look at is which direction the wind is coming from, and at what strength it will be.
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Find the bait balls
Peter Le Blang | July 2016

Trag jew have been in great numbers out wide.

Over the last month, anglers along our part of the coast has once again seen some pretty patchy fishing. The quiet days see the whole river system closed down and hard to get a bite, whilst the good days see fish almost jumping into the boat. I suppose it’s that time of the year when the water temperature is dropping and a new set of predators are starting to show up.
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