April - my favourite fishing month
Gary Brown | April 2015

What can you expect to find in the southern Sydney region during April? Well there’s bream, whiting, flathead, silver trevally, kingfish, tailor, salmon, bonito, luderick, drummer and leatherjackets. That’s why April would have to be my favourite month of the year. If you put the time and effort into your fishing, there are so many choices it’s sometimes hard to know what to target first.
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The Harbour is going nuts
Craig Mcgill | April 2015

Over the years, Easter has etched itself in my mind for 2 things; atrocious weather or superb fishing. Before I owned a boat, I spent many years on the rocks fishing for game fish and rock species. Easter either went 2 ways — a complete write-off as wild seas and rain swept the platforms, or phenomenal fishing sessions. These usually provided the year’s highlights, to the extent that the rest of the year would be spent fishing in anticipation of next Easter or reminiscing over the Past one.
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Tackling the offshore scene
Gabe Quercigrosse | April 2015

The author with a great pair of pinkie snapper taken offshore.

As mentioned in last month’s edition I list a number of reefs that are close enough for the small boat fishers and also appeal to the larger boats.
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The Hawkesbury’s days of plenty
Dan Selby | April 2015

April has been a good month to me over the years, and I’m sure quite a lot of other anglers would agree. The quality and variety of fish on offer in the estuary is usually at its peak, with falling water temperatures and fish beginning to school up.
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The memorable bite continues
Darren Thomas | April 2015

As the east coast current travels south, it normally holds well offshore, allowing only the bigger boats to access its rich bounty of pelagic species. Well times are a changing, and we now get the cobalt blue water coming very close to the coastline and sometimes even into the harbour.
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It’s all happening!
Peter Le Blang | April 2015

If you have some time to spare, there are a lot worse things to do than go fishing. The last month has seen some days where the fishing has been too easy and the very next day Pittwater resembles a wet desert, with no surface activity and fish that are hard to tempt.
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Going gar-gar over tailor and kings
Alex Bellissimo | March 2015

I have been documenting my fishing outings since the 1980s. Consistently since the early 1990s, I have noticed regular trends, and in some cases some not so regular! As an example, saying that the snapper or kings are going to be really on is something you cannot count on for that specific month. Within a 2-3 month period it will come to fruition though.
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Avoiding ramp rage
Gary Brown | March 2015

We have a number of boat ramps in the southern Sydney area, and at one time or another I have used each one of them. One of my pet peeves is boaters that either don’t know how to use ramps, or couldn’t give a stuff about anyone else who uses them.
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Warm water fishing hots up
Peter Le Blang | March 2015

Over the last few weeks, Pittwater has been a great place to be fishing. With the seasonal warm water, the predators have been active and giving anglers a chance to catch a decent feed.
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