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Get my drift?
Peter Le Blang | April 2016

This very fat healthy 86cm flathead was released after a few happy snaps.

With all of the warm water that has been travelling along the coast, the bottom fishing has been amazing. Along Pittwater there have been brief periods of surface activity, mostly in the early morning. If you are lucky enough to see some working seagulls, head over to the activity with 4-6” soft plastics and have a ball with some light gear.
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How to turn a gar into a king
Craig Mcgill | April 2016

Freya with a huge Sydney mud crab.

We have been getting some spectacular king fishing of late, and hopefully with the late start to the season we will get a late finish, taking the warm water and kings right through to May. This is the time of year for bigger than average kings so you need to expand your tactics. While I’m generally a strong proponent of fresh squid for bait, big kings do develop a hankering for garfish at this time of year. This is not surprising given that we get a good run of gar in the harbour about now.
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Mull over a mulloway trip
Dan Selby | April 2016

Releasing 1m long mulloway with a fisheries tag aims to help scientists, anglers and state fishery managers better understand the growth rates and habits of these highly sought after species for a sustainable future.

I hope you all had a great Easter break with plenty of opportunities to get out and wet a line with friends and family. The return to normal Eastern Standard Time from daylight savings is the start of the mulloway season on my boat and we have already had some great school mulloway action.
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Playing the gamefish
Darren Thomas | April 2016

Andy Young with a ripping mahimahi.

Terrific fishing has been had out off Sydney’s north, with more mahimahi and plenty of marlin landed from inshore and offshore locations. Some fish have been sighted very close to Sydney Harbour with a list of great reports coming in.
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Bread and butter bonanza
Alex Bellissimo | March 2016

Gary Hunt didn’t mind the rain conditions because he had a good day. Never forget your rain coat, even if the skies are blue.

I get to speak to a lot of fishers every week, who frequently ask questions like where are the fish biting? What rig do you use? Which lures? Bait? What tides? The list goes on. But one of the most frequently asked questions is ‘what month or months are the best?’
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Worm up for best bait results
Gary Brown | March 2016

Keep catching those carp Jeremy! Let’s get rid of them at Fitzroy Falls Dam.

Even though January and February may have been a bit slow at times in the southern areas of Sydney, there were some great bags to be had and throughout March you will surely see an improvement in the number of anglers getting out and finding good bags of fish.
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Surface activity saves the day
Peter Le Blang | March 2016

Salmon are always great fun to catch with lures and Broken Bay is a great place to find them.

This coming month should see some great fishing along our coast, especially in Pittwater. Normally in Pittwater we see the larger predators move in over the last part of February and first part of March. This year may be a little different though, as everything seems to be running late due to the water clarity.
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Sydney kings turn up the heat
Craig Mcgill | March 2016

Flathead are a welcome by-catch while squidding in Sydney.

This month is, in my opinion, the peak of the summer season. Water temperatures are at their peak, and this season has proven to be exceptionally warm with those temperatures up around 24°C in the harbour and even warmer offshore.
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A great story of rags to riches
Gabe Quercigrosse | March 2016

The author got these fish, plus a heap of bream, in the middle of the Georges River on a weedy/sandy bottom in 20ft of water between Towra and Dolls Point.

As forecast in last month’s issue, the entrance to the Georges River delivered the goods in the shape of outstanding catches. I also pointed out that this was the time to find new spots. Well, I found one in the shape of a reefy, shaly type of bottom right in the middle of the Georges River between Towra Point and Dolls Point. I tried this possie at least five times during February with surprising results. After losing fish after fish on light gear I decided to step up the tackle with heavier artillery, and this paid off. I got big flathead, bream, tailor, tarwhine, snapper, cobia and really good size kingfish. Yes, that’s right: kingfish in the Georges River. Unheard of!
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