Grab a groper this July
Gary Brown | July 2016

A pair of groper caught while using red crabs off the rocks at Cronulla.

One thing that I can’t predict is the weather, and I have to rely on the local weather forecast or a number of websites. Do they always get it correct? No, but at most times it does help for me to organise my fishing trips. One of the main things that I look at is which direction the wind is coming from, and at what strength it will be.
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Find the bait balls
Peter Le Blang | July 2016

Trag jew have been in great numbers out wide.

Over the last month, anglers along our part of the coast has once again seen some pretty patchy fishing. The quiet days see the whole river system closed down and hard to get a bite, whilst the good days see fish almost jumping into the boat. I suppose it’s that time of the year when the water temperature is dropping and a new set of predators are starting to show up.
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Go deep for a tasty feed
Craig Mcgill | July 2016

Now is the best time of year to target big flatties.

With the warm currents retreating north so slowly this year, it’s anyone’s guess what this month will bring. We are still catching kingfish, there has been a good run of sub-surface salmon, lots of big tailor, fantastic big flathead and plenty of leatherjackets. Blue swimmer crabs have been grabbing baits and while they are not in numbers, they are very big. This is also the time of year for huge squid.
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Luderick for the taking
Gabe Quercigrosse | July 2016

Bob recently got this mixed bag from Pulpit Point.

Winter has finally caught up with us. There’s a distinctive hill in the air, and the water temperature is hovering around 14-15°C. This has obviously reduced the number of anglers trying their luck, but there’s always a loyal band of passionate diehards who brave the cold weather and reap the rewards.
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Mulloway falling for live bait
Dan Selby | July 2016

The river and its tributaries have turned on some fantastic fishing over the last month or so. Mulloway have been the stand out, with plenty of bream and flathead to keep punters amused in between bites.
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Who knows what lurks in the depths
Darren Thomas | July 2016

Wayne Thorncraft with the huge blue eye trevalla he caught fishing the icy depths.

As the cold sets in the last thing you should be doing is putting away your fishing gear. Fish have to eat all year round and although some species go off the chew in the colder temperatures, it really is just as simple as chasing different species.
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Rocking good fun in winter
Alex Bellissimo | June 2016

Nim Redmayne and Kate Henry with the run of whiting you can expect in June. Conditions are cool this month but the action is hot!

While beach worming for a client trip recently, I noticed a lady also catching the odd worm. I introduced myself to her – Alissa – who had just taken up the art of beach worming. Her elderly father had recently lost the majority of his sight, and longed to get back into beach fishing for whiting. Alissa told me she had decided to learn how to catch worms and take him fishing.
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Bread and butter species galore
Gary Brown | June 2016

The weather has started to get a little chillier, the days will get shorter, and the fishing may start to slow down, but this shouldn’t stop you from going out for a fish or two. Not everyone can just get up and go for a fish at the drop of a hat. You will have to plan when you are going, what type of fish species you are going to target and where you will go. These plans will have to be arranged around work time, family commitments, house chores and anything else that may come up.
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Don’t put your rods away!
Peter Le Blang | June 2016

A kingfish and mulloway caught from the same bait ball down deep at Pittwater.

The coming month should see some great fishing along our coast and in the rivers. We have been lucky enough to have calm conditions, warm water, and blue skies but unfortunately the rivers have been pretty quiet. Thankfully it won’t stay like this for much longer. We should shortly start to see a changing of the guard.
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