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Sussing out shore-based spots
Gary Brown | November 2015

The western side of Dolls Point is a great land-based spot at low tide because you can pump your nippers and fish for bream and whiting into the deep water.

Even if you don’t have a boat, you shouldn’t be deterred from going for a fish in Southern Sydney. There are so many land-based spots that it would take a lifetime to fish them all. Sure – some are better than others, but if you take the time to suss out each one you will start to work out the best times to fish them.
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Tips for Pitts
Peter Le Blang | November 2015

Yvonne with a kingfish that couldn’t resist a small live squid.

Spring is upon us once again, and it’s time to start catching fish! Last month saw the water temperature slowly climb and even after the opening of Warragamba Dam into Pittwater it still remains a toasty 18°C.
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King chaos for Sydney-siders
Craig Mcgill | November 2015

Dust off the heavy gear, the big kings are on their way.

November is renowned for being a fickle month with water temps alternating between hot and cold. The east Australian current should be pushing through by now with predominately warm water, but back eddies can creep in between with cold water.
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Georges River hot spots
Gabe Quercigrosse | November 2015

A couple of the author’s bream and whiting caught recently from Port Hacking.

The bay hasn’t reached its full potential, but the notice is on the wall. When the water temperature climbs a few degrees, this should set the scene for vastly improved catches.
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Getting your timing right
Dan Selby | November 2015

Kingfish have moved in and are biting well on the headlands and into Pittwater and Broken Bay.

This month will be a hive of activity on the Hawkesbury with the Hawkesbury Classic, Canoe Classic and multiple ski and boat races. When all this is mixed in with the usual recreational anglers and boaties, the river suddenly seems a like it’s Pitt Street!
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Kings parade into Sydney
Darren Thomas | November 2015

Emerson Spina with an inshore king from Long reef.

Our summer season is well and truly on its way! As the winds swing round to the northeast and the water temperatures rise plenty of species are looking to come on the chew and if the early signs are any indicator this may be a cracker month to get right into ‘em.
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Worth putting in the effort
Alex Bellissimo | October 2015

Just a school-sized fish, but a beach mulloway is a good catch regardless!

October is the start of great things to come! The beach fishing is really on the improve, with a variety of cross species like the Australian salmon in numbers, and normally they’re of good quality this month.
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The latest current affairs
Gary Brown | October 2015

The author with a couple of silver trevally caught while berleying wide off Towra Point.

I have been fishing Botany Bay on and off since I was at primary school, and over the years you get to know the area like the back of your hand. So over the years has the fishing improved or gotten harder? I would say that in the years up until the trawlers were banned from working the bay, it got slightly harder. Then, once the trawlers were banned, the fishing got better as the sea grass beds came back and the condition of the water improved.
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Large lurking lizards
Craig Mcgill | October 2015

Big flatties show up in the deeper holes in spring

Flathead fishing seems to be getting better every year in term of both numbers and size.
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