May fishing in Sydney rocks!
Gary Brown | May 2016

Bare Island is a great land-based spot, but you will need to keep an eye on the conditions when fishing there.

There are drummer everywhere, with a few bream, luderick and trevally mixed in for those who have ventured out onto the rocks. Off the beaches, there are still plenty of whiting taking beach worms and pink nippers, while in the estuaries of Southern Sydney there are luderick in just about all the usual spots.
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Drifting sees success
Peter Le Blang | May 2016

Kai and Mark showing the variety on offer around Pittwater.

With the sporadic weather of late, it has been hard to find a day to get out on the water for most people. There are still fish to catch, you just have to try a few more things to get a reaction from your targets. Once you find what works, stay with it until the bite stops.
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Kingies still crunching baits
Craig Mcgill | May 2016

Huge kings are suckers for gar, and there’s plenty of gar about.

Small chopper tailor used to be very common on the surface in Sydney Harbour. Since the comeback of the kingies and salmon, they have become much less common and I’m guessing that they may have been outcompeted. All three compete for pretty much the same food supply, and a school of 35cm choppers would have little chance against 65cm kings and salmon.
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Bay of plenty
Gabe Quercigrosse | May 2016

Ryan was happy with this 71cm salmon, which was the biggest of five caught that day.

First of all, apologies for omitting last month’s column; I was in hospital for three weeks with pneumonia. I’m back on track now though, and I can report that the bay has been firing on all cylinders.
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Mega mulloway month
Dan Selby | May 2016

Monster Hawkesbury mulloway are on everyone’s wish list. Adrian got his wish with this 140cm fish on his birthday in March. There will be some big fish to be had this month around Broken Bay for those putting in time to gather big live baits and fishing t

What a year it’s been fishing professionally and socially. There have been plenty of fish and great sizes to boot with ample bream, kingfish, mulloway, flathead, estuary perch and bass to keep the avid angler busy on the rare day off.
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Sydney offshore off tap
Darren Thomas | May 2016

Zane Levett and Jackson Coffey with a Sydney hoodlum.

As the seasons change in Sydney, some ripper fish are on the chew. Mulloway, kings and snapper are holding on the local reefs just offshore in reasonable numbers, but it’s the blue marlin bite that has everybody talking on the north side.
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Dusting off the luderick outfit
Gary Brown | April 2016

You don’t need a lot of gear to target luderick.

By now the luderick will have started to increase in numbers, both in the estuaries and off the rocks. That means it’s time to start dusting off that luderick outfit, checking the guides on your favourite floats, and restocking your tackle box with sinkers, swivels, hooks, beads and so on. And most of all, you should be on the look-out for some of that quality green weed and cabbage.
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Get my drift?
Peter Le Blang | April 2016

This very fat healthy 86cm flathead was released after a few happy snaps.

With all of the warm water that has been travelling along the coast, the bottom fishing has been amazing. Along Pittwater there have been brief periods of surface activity, mostly in the early morning. If you are lucky enough to see some working seagulls, head over to the activity with 4-6” soft plastics and have a ball with some light gear.
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How to turn a gar into a king
Craig Mcgill | April 2016

Freya with a huge Sydney mud crab.

We have been getting some spectacular king fishing of late, and hopefully with the late start to the season we will get a late finish, taking the warm water and kings right through to May. This is the time of year for bigger than average kings so you need to expand your tactics. While I’m generally a strong proponent of fresh squid for bait, big kings do develop a hankering for garfish at this time of year. This is not surprising given that we get a good run of gar in the harbour about now.
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