Offshore species are in the frame if the weather is good

Hopefully October will be throwing up some sensational weather and flat seas so anglers can get out amongst the snapper, gummy sharks and other offshore species.

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The big reds are coming to the Lee Breakwater

With spring upon us, the Lee Breakwater has seen a run of good-sized snapper ranging from 2-9kg which is early for this time of year but may indicate a good start to the season.

Sea change brings rewards

It's amazing how quickly the ocean fishing can change. Snapper, gummy sharks, King George whiting, flathead, squid and a variety of pelagic sharks are all back on the agenda.

Big fishing agenda as spring and trout arrive

What is on the fishing agenda for September will be governed by what the weather conditions throw at us.

Make way for spring fishing

As we move into spring many anglers are looking forward to the oncoming warmer weather and all the good fishing that comes with the new season.

Longer days, warmer weather, better fishing

I love it when I can start on a positive note and that's easy when September rolls around each year.

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