Weather God’s fury unleashed
Mark Gercovich | August 2014

I didn’t want to take the kids tuna fishing till they were older, but when the tuna are a kilometre from the ramp, how could I resist?

After a mild start to winter and a continuation of the awesome bluefin bite, in late June the weather gods finally threw up the conditions one would expect from the Shipwreck Coast in winter.
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Bluefin stayed and played
Daniel Kent | August 2014

Casting metal lures to schools of bulefin tuna has been the highlight of Apollo Bay’s winter. The fish are due to move out of this area soon so make the most of it while they are still around.

A recent run of rough weather has made getting out on the ocean for any sort of a fish a real struggle.
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Roll out the barrels
Nigel Fisher | July 2014

A cracking barrel! This tuna was caught by Jason and his mate mark and it put up an impressive fight that took the boys nearly 8 hours to land.

What a big tuna season we are having here in Portland? Fish from 10kg up to 135kg keep everyone coming back for more. If you’re after big numbers of tuna and albacore, then most guys are still heading to the shelf.
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End at nigh but on a high
Mark Gercovich | July 2014

One of those finicky inshore tuna from 45m off Point Fairy.

Come July we should be nearing the end of what has been a pretty impressive tuna season. There have been plenty of fish at the shelf, with barrels at various locations, and good numbers of albacore and mahi mahi. Good weather windows have kept local fishers, and many who make the journey down to the southwest, fairly content.
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Apollo fishing hits a high
Daniel Kent | July 2014

Large bluefin tuna like this 124kg fish have been caught with many more being lost south of Cape Otway.

Bang! Just like that the fishing scene off Apollo Bay goes full crazy. The return of 100kg+ tuna off Cape Otway has the fishing world in a spin. Large numbers of school tuna in the 15-25kg range are being sighted everywhere from 30m of water off Blanket Bay to right out on the big reef some 40km offshore.
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Fortune favours the brave
Daniel Peart | July 2014

Daniel Pittaway with an average sized bluefin tuna.

As the harsh reality of winter sets in over the next month, it’s the brave that will be rewarded with quality table fish from the surf. When weather permits and everything lines up, excellent catches can still be had right through out the winter.
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Portland in tuna frenzy
Nigel Fisher | June 2014

Portland is on fire at the moment with huge catches of bluefin tuna and albacore. We have had some reasonable weather and the boat ramp is filled with guys chasing these great fish.
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Bluefin, browns, and bream
Mark Gercovich | June 2014

Kevin Mcloughlin with an SBT tagged ready for release.

Even though it’s now winter, there are plenty of bluefin, browns and bream around to keep anglers motivated.
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Bang on for bait
Daniel Kent | June 2014

Schools of southern bluefin tuna are holding off Cape Otway with fish ranging in size from 15-25kg.

Tuna fever has hit Apollo Bay with consistent captures of fish coming from south of Cape Otway. Large schools of baitfish are attracting the tuna to this area and once you find the bait the tuna are never far away.
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