Kings out, tuna in!
Mark Gercovich | March 2015

Nick Murrell with some jig caught kingfish.

March is the last month to reliably be targeting the local yellowtail kingfish population. There have been some good captures of kingfish locally in January but weather conditions haven’t been too kind in allowing many windows of opportunity to get amongst them.
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The Aire and Barham river estuaries have been reliable fishing locations for black bream.

What a bumper season we are experiencing along this part of the Victorian coast.
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Portland pips the post
Nigel Fisher | January 2015

Tim Maling with a beautiful snapper caught off the lee breakwater. Just one of the many exciting fish that can be caught land-based.

I would like to wish everyone a happy New Year and hope the fishing trips this year are huge.
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Mini mulloway delighting anglers
Mark Gercovich | January 2015

Mulloway have been a highlight in the Hopkins River recently, and many ‘just legal’ specimens have been taken on both lure and bait.

Mulloway fishing in the Hopkins River continues to be as productive as it has been for many years.
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Starting the year with variety
Nigel Kent | January 2015

School sharks have been frequent captures off Apollo Bay in recent weeks.

The fishing has been excellent and looks like it should continue right throughout the summer.
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Portland firing into summer
Nigel Fisher | December 2014

A very nice snapper caught by Jason off the Breakwater.

The fishing is well and truly into action here in Portland and good reports have been flooding in.
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River jewels and returning kings
Mark Gercovich | December 2014

Corey McLaren with a lovely 5.5kg mulloway taken from the Hopkins River.

Late November and into December is probably my favourite time to fish the Hopkins River, the mouth is usually open, allowing for a little tidal influence, water quality is generally good and the crowds of summer haven’t hit yet.
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Sink your teeth into toothy options
Daniel Kent | December 2014

Sharks have been frequenting the reef edges in 40m of water off Cape Otway.

There are only a few weeks to go and another year slips by, so you better get out fishing before it’s too late!
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Portland fishing starting to fire
Nigel Fisher | November 2014

The snapper at Portland breakwater is heating up with fish of 3-5kg on offer.

It's that time of year again when the weather is improving and the water starts to warm up again, which brings some great fishing into Portland.
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