Silver lining to the cold conditions
Mark Gercovich | August 2016

Daiwa TD Minnows have been doing the job on the local trout.

Persistence is the key during the month of August. The cold months can produce excellent fishing but can be tough work. Although important, it’s not just a matter of getting the right weather conditions to make your efforts bearable. Sometimes you can catch quality winter species and other times it can feel as if everything piscatorial is in a state of hibernation.
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EPs are hot to trot in chilly August
Daniel Kent | August 2016

Nat Barry has been catching estuary perch on small soft plastic lures around dusk.

I’ve been finding it hard to drag myself out for a fish lately. Cold, wet and windy weather has dominated this month but that’s not to say the fishing hasn’t been good. On the few occasions I have wet a line the fishing was excellent.
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Table of plenty in Portland
Nigel Fisher | July 2016

Plenty of delicious tuna to go around – if the weather gods help us out!

The fishing in Portland over the last six weeks has been up and down; this has mainly been due to the weather, which has made it extremely difficult to get offshore. Winds reaching 40 knots and swells up to 7m have scared off even the most adventurous anglers.
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Take the window and head offshore!
Mark Gercovich | July 2016

Luke Gercovich with a quality local brown. Some more rain will help the local trout fishery improve even more come July.

June is generally a great month to get out on the water with plenty of calm flat days. A chance to take advantage of not only the magnificent run of bluefin tuna, but with some quality bottom fishing for gummy sharks and the like. Unfortunately, this definitely didn’t happen this year, with strong winds and big seas a constant for most of the month.
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Barrel rolling off the Cape
Daniel Kent | July 2016

Schools of bluefin tuna are abundant off Cape Otway at this time of year.

Bluefin tuna continue to be the main focus of trailer boat fishers off Apollo Bay. There have been some bigger models around, with an 82kg and a couple over 100kg landed recently. This is in addition to plenty of stories of drawn out battles and lost fish.
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Shelf offers great size albacore
Nigel Fisher | June 2016

A nice bag of albacore for this happy young angler, which were all caught aboard Matthew Hunt Fishing Charters.

I can’t believe we’re nearly halfway through the year already! We are right into our tuna season now, and we’ve seen some great results coming in.
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Terrific tuna action continues
Mark Gercovich | June 2016

Nick Murrell with a solid inshore tuna definitely over the 20kg mark.

It’s June and once again the winter is upon us, however, the fishing can still be hot if you can make the most of any breaks in the weather.
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Some gummy shark goodness
Daniel Kent | June 2016

Gummy sharks are biting off Cape Otway in 35-40m of water.

The tuna have arrived with plenty of reports of fish being caught and sighted south of Apollo Bay. There are large baitfish schools stretched right along this coastline from just offshore to 40km south of Cape Otway, which are keeping the tuna in this area.
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Just one of the very nice makos caught around the Cape Nelson lighthouse area. This fish went just under 100kg.

The time of year when we turn our attention to tuna and albacore around Portland southwest has arrived. The albacore have been in good numbers in the last month ranging from footy size up to nearly 20kg. Most fish have come from the Horseshoe area.
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