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Mako-ing it rain down south
Mark Gercovich | February 2016

Antony Lubjic with a whopping 104kg mako shark taken recently off Warrnambool.

February is the peak time for many summer species, in particular the larger game fish like mako sharks and yellowtail kingfish. The fact that some good specimens have already shown up in early summer is hopefully a sign of some excellent angling once the warm calm February days arrive.
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Shark fishing causes hurly-berley in the bay!
Daniel Kent | February 2016

The reef edges around Cape Otway have been worth a look in the search for gummy and school sharks.

Recent weeks give a good indication of a great month of fishing in Apollo Bay. Anglers fishing the back of the golf course, Marengo and the Waterfall reefs have caught good numbers of whiting up to 48cm on pipis. Use berley made from bread, pellets and tuna oil to get the whiting fired up and this mix will keep them around your boat for a longer period of time.
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Sharks – the new Portland tuna
Nigel Fisher | December 2015

The Lee breakwater will get busier as the summer goes on, as anglers try to catch the big snapper!

Things are certainly heating up in Portland and there’s no better season to come and spend some time in our hometown. As most people are aware, we’ve just had one of the biggest tuna seasons with tuna exceeding the 100kg mark. These fabulous fish have really put Portland and other areas around the southwest on the international map as the word spread like wild fire.
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Barrel bedlam rages on into summer
Mark Gercovich | December 2015

Anthony Ljubic and the 127.7kg tuna he caught with Lucas Wilson off Warrnambool recently.

All the attention recently has been on the amazing run of big barrel-sized southern bluefin taken recently right along the western coast of Victoria.
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Calamari Christmas joy!
Daniel Kent | December 2015

Squid fishing in the harbour at Apollo Bay hits its peak during the summer months.

As the year’s end approaches and summer officially kicks into action it’s time to charge up the boat batteries and get back out on the water.
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Mulloway miracle to continue this year
Mark Gercovich | November 2015

Hopefully November will be the start of a good mulloway season.

With the recent unprecedented late run of massive bluefin tuna on the South West coast this season, who knows what else lies around the corner for this November.
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Table of plenty at Portland
Nigel Fisher | November 2015

Joe from Game on Fishing Charters looks on as Tom hugs his 100 kg tuna that he and the crew landed.

Portland and surrounding areas have seen an amazing large tuna run in the last couple of months said to rival even the great run of 2006, with the consensus among fishers as the biggest run ever. Generally the tuna season is well and truly over, but there is so much more to catch out there!
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Apollo Bay is going cray crazy
Daniel Kent | November 2015

November is always a reliable month for good King George whiting captures around Apollo Bay.

Apollo Bay is shining in November with lots of offerings for all types of anglers.
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The great Portland tuna run
Nigel Fisher | October 2015

A large tuna, one of over 80 large barrels caught over one day. This one weighed142 kg.

What an amazing season we’ve had here in Portland! Just when we thought the weather had us, with everyone ready to close the tuna season, a sudden turnaround and good weather has provided an amazing amount of barrel tuna. These fish have showed up out of the blue and at the end of the season in the mid water area around Lawrence's Rock to Cape Nelson Lighthouse.
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