Snapper, sharks and squid in season.
Mark Gercovich | October 2014

Gummy sharks are a popular target during October and this one was taken offshore.

Although it can take until well after October to shake off the winter doldrums some seasons, and summer can still seem an eternity away, that isn’t always the case.
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Whitebait run kick-starts trout
Daniel Kent | October 2014

The estuary systems of rivers such as the Aire and Barham rivers are producing regular catches of brown trout.

Trout season got off to a good start in September and continues to keep the freshwater anglers happy with brown trout being taken from the smaller streams such as Skenes, Smythes and Grey rivers.
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Plenty after the tuna
Nigel Fisher | September 2014

Jack Hose doing what he loved every chance he got.

September has certainly come around fast and after such a great tuna season in Portland we can now concentrate on what other fish are in our area. The weather should start to turn again and we will see some warmer conditions. This will be a nice change after a pretty cold winter and some big storms that created 50 knot winds and 10m swells.
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Bluefin, bream and big whales
Mark Gercovich | September 2014

Just a few of the many quality bream being taken from Hopkins River recently.

After a long spell of poor offshore conditions, things calmed down again late July and, guess what, there were still tuna everywhere. Around 50m of water off Point Fairy/Warrnambool was the hotspot with school sized fish eagerly taking both trolled and cast lures.
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Blow the trumpets for trout
Daniel Kent | September 2014

Trout season opens early in September and all the rivers are in great condition after excellent winter rains.

I know I say it every September but this is my favourite month as it marks the start of the Victorian trout season.
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Fishing great In Portland
Nigel Fisher | August 2014

Just one of the big line ups from this year’s tuna season. This day saw about 250 boat trailers waiting for their time on the ramp.

Well what a tuna season we have had with some great weather over the last 8 weeks to back it up.
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Weather God’s fury unleashed
Mark Gercovich | August 2014

I didn’t want to take the kids tuna fishing till they were older, but when the tuna are a kilometre from the ramp, how could I resist?

After a mild start to winter and a continuation of the awesome bluefin bite, in late June the weather gods finally threw up the conditions one would expect from the Shipwreck Coast in winter.
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Bluefin stayed and played
Daniel Kent | August 2014

Casting metal lures to schools of bulefin tuna has been the highlight of Apollo Bay’s winter. The fish are due to move out of this area soon so make the most of it while they are still around.

A recent run of rough weather has made getting out on the ocean for any sort of a fish a real struggle.
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Roll out the barrels
Nigel Fisher | July 2014

A cracking barrel! This tuna was caught by Jason and his mate mark and it put up an impressive fight that took the boys nearly 8 hours to land.

What a big tuna season we are having here in Portland? Fish from 10kg up to 135kg keep everyone coming back for more. If you’re after big numbers of tuna and albacore, then most guys are still heading to the shelf.
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