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Quality bream in dry conditions
Daniel Kent | August 2015

Bream fishing in the local river estuaries is a good option at this time of year.

It’s cold and windy outside but that’s no excuse to not go fishing. In fact, it has been a rather dry winter so far and that means all the local estuaries are fishing well for black bream.
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School tuna still out
Nigel Fisher | July 2015

The tuna are thinning out, but a few stragglers are still out there to be caught.

The year is certainly travelling along with the tuna fishing starting to draw to a close for another year.
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From trout to tuna
Mark Gercovich | July 2015

Freshwater EP are a great option when the wind blows.

July may be the depths of winter but there is plenty of both good weather and poor weather options here in the South West to keep anglers enthused.
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Tuna are having a ball
Daniel Kent | July 2015

The Aire River has been the place to be when chasing black bream in recent weeks.

What a mixed up month of fishing it has been around Apollo Bay!
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Tuna is the word
Nigel Fisher | June 2015

Joshua with his first southern bluefin tuna. That smile says everything that needs to be said.

We have seen it all in the last month from monster tuna around the South West of Portland towards Port Macquarie, school tuna and albacore out around the shelf, to tuna in 20m of water off Cape Nelson.
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West coast wonders
Mark Gercovich | June 2015

Another fine southern bluefin tuna season continues along the South West Coast of Victoria and just across the border into South Australia.
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Bluefin tuna are still the rage
Daniel Kent | June 2015

Trout season closes mid this month so make sure you make the most of it as the coastal rivers have been firing.

Bluefin tuna are still all the rage off Apollo Bay with constant captures making it well worth the fuel bill for a day’s fishing.
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Tribes of tuna
Nigel Fisher | May 2015

A decent catch of southern bluefin tuna from Red Hot fishing Charters.

The tuna fishing has started to heat up in Portland and everyone is pretty excited to get into these great sports fish. We have a few local charters out of Portland but there generally ends up with quite a few more from elsewhere as anglers come to town in big numbers.
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Pelagic pandemonium in close
Mark Gercovich | May 2015

May is usually time for some inshore tuna action.

May is usually a time that I look forward to as the schools of bluefin come closer to the coast.
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