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The great Portland tuna run
Nigel Fisher | October 2015

A large tuna, one of over 80 large barrels caught over one day. This one weighed142 kg.

What an amazing season we’ve had here in Portland! Just when we thought the weather had us, with everyone ready to close the tuna season, a sudden turnaround and good weather has provided an amazing amount of barrel tuna. These fish have showed up out of the blue and at the end of the season in the mid water area around Lawrence's Rock to Cape Nelson Lighthouse.
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Starting the spring perch search
Mark Gercovich | October 2015

Mick White with a 53cm EP in the upper part of the Hopkins.

With wintery conditions restricting offshore options many of the local rivers have been fishing well during the past few weeks.
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SBT still sizzling drags
Daniel Kent | October 2015

There has been a late run of big bluefin tuna biting off Cape Otway.

A late run of big bluefin tuna off Cape Otway has been a bonus this season and they now seem like a year round prospect.
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A new season begins
Nigel Fisher | September 2015

We will start to see some good mixed bags of table fish as the weather improves.

What a couple of up and down months of fishing we have had in Portland. The icy cold weather with winds and large swells had certainly hit us hard and made the fishing trips a real challenge.
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Waiting for the rain
Mark Gercovich | September 2015

Tuna continue to respond well to stick baits like this one taken on a Daiwa Overthere Skipping.

September signals the start of trout season. Even though local anglers have been able to target certain designated sea run areas all winter, there is a degree of excitement amongst trout fishers once they can spread their focus to any part of the local river systems.
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Perfect month to trick some trout
Daniel Kent | September 2015

The rivers open to trout fishing again this month and the quality and quantity of fish is always good in September.

It’s all about the trout this month! The first weekend in September sees the rivers open to trout fishing again and after the winter rains the rivers always fish well in September.
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Good times for jetty rats
Mark Gercovich | August 2015

Good fun can be had around some of the local jetties in the cooler months.

Despite winter’s clutches having been around for ages there haven’t been any massive dumps of rain to get the rivers really flowing hard and brown. Although this might seem a bad thing for many angling prospects, there are some interesting angling options available when this occurs. Many keen trout anglers wait for these heavy flows of dirty water to get the trout up and into feeding on the shallow runs. It takes persistence and dedication to blindly and relentlessly flog a lure or large wet fly in the dirty water, but when a big brown smashes a lure unexpectedly at your feet it keeps you motivated to persist until the next time.
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Quality bream in dry conditions
Daniel Kent | August 2015

Bream fishing in the local river estuaries is a good option at this time of year.

It’s cold and windy outside but that’s no excuse to not go fishing. In fact, it has been a rather dry winter so far and that means all the local estuaries are fishing well for black bream.
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School tuna still out
Nigel Fisher | July 2015

The tuna are thinning out, but a few stragglers are still out there to be caught.

The year is certainly travelling along with the tuna fishing starting to draw to a close for another year.
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