Beating the mean bream blues
Brett Geddes | July 2017

A hard plastic vibe was working a treat during this session and resulted in some thumping yellowfin bream for the author. Two other anglers used the same lure but failed to score all day. I wish there was an answer.

Sick of your mate hooking all of the bream on lures? It has happened to all of us. You spend a day on the water with a good mate and they releases a whole swag of bream. Meanwhile, you have a terrible day and land a few little ones, or maybe nothing at all! Even worse, you use the same lures, identical rods and even the same length and size of leader.
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Spinning the surf for salmon
Jarrod Day | July 2017

When casting into the surf, always find the gutter and concentrate your efforts there. That’s where the fish will be holding.

Catching Australian salmon might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially when they are predominantly caught in winter along the surf beaches of Victoria. Each year before the onset of winter, huge schools of salmon make their way into our bays and inlets before heading out to infiltrate the surf zones.
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Going soft on big snapper
Kaspar Lenigas | July 2017

Glass-calm conditions with light currents make it easy to fish the depths for these trophy fish.

There’s something very special and exciting about catching big snapper on lures. Not only are they a highly-prized catch, but they fight hard and when they grow old, some develop incredibly striking facial and body features that show us how prehistoric and tough these fish are. Being that they are a long-lived fish, they are seen as wary and smart, but it can be quite simple to outsmart and trick these big fish into eating a lure with consistency if you know how to go about it.
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River Heads
Phil James | July 2017

In many of my recent reports I have mentioned River Heads and its prospects for the coming months. This month I have some advice for visiting anglers and what they might expect.
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Swimbaits – tools of the trade
Simon Goldsmith | July 2017

With an RRP of $149.95 the 13 Fishing Defy swimbait is outstanding value for money.

The emergence of the swimbait trends in Australia in the last 12-18 months has been an angling revolution in many ways. This bait and technique genre has bubbled away quietly under the sportfishing industry surface for many years, but its popularity has now exploded. The increased availability of overseas swimbaits, the proliferation of information via social media channels and the exponential uptake of the technique by anglers has seen it emerge as one of the most exciting developments in lure fishing for quite some time.
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Yes, Murray cod are in the Yarra and are a lot more common than some may think!

‘Melbourne’s hidden fishing gem’?
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Laugh as you land lovely luderick
Jamie Robley | June 2017

The author has spent decades chasing these fish from the rocks. Once the basics are sorted out, they’re a very addictive species to target!

As we move towards the coldest months, one of the best ways to warm up is to get out on our coastal rock ledges. Rock fishing is much more energetic than sitting in a boat, kayak or on a chair by the riverbank. At this time of year the fishing is great.
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Get ready for south Queensland bass
Wayne Kampe | June 2017

The author smiling fondly at a stonker Somerset bass in one hand and a regular sized redclaw in the other.

Cooling weather and shorter days means that bass are following their age-old breeding patterns and getting together in big numbers to do what comes naturally. Being totally freshwater though, these fish won’t actually be able to breed. This means that right until spring, we can expect to find big schools of bass in our stocked impoundments.
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Do nature a favour, catch a cichlid
Wayne Kampe | June 2017

Tilapia are handy for introducing youngsters to fishing. Gabby looks very happy with her fish.

Cichlid is a strange word. Let’s try tilapia. Now we’re talking about a pest fish that seems to be in every South East Queensland waterway and many others north and south as well.
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