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2015 Flathead Classic
Tag | September 2015

This 93cm flathead was caught on the ever popular pink micro mullet.

Move over Gold Coast Marathon and the Super V8s the biggest annual event happens in spring on the Gold Coast – The Flathead Classic.
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Post-capture shrinkage of fish
Ross Winstanley | August 2015

The occurrence of — and how to deal with — shrinkage of fish that were legal sized when caught, but then measured as undersize some time later, has been known to fisheries agencies for some time. Possession of undersized fish is one of the most common offences seen in the fisheries compliance field, resulting in large numbers of Penalty Infringement Notices for minor offences and court appearances, convictions, boat/vehicle seizures and major penalties for more serious offences.
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What bait, mate?
Gary Earl | August 2015

Fresh bait all collected and ready to fish. Almost any estuary and reef fish will take these baits. The time spent collecting them was long, but well worth it.

I have found that the over the 30 years of writing fishing articles, we have really focused on what is in fashion at any given time.
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Golden age of technology
Chris Frith | August 2015

Australians are increasingly embracing technology in our day-to-day lives, and the same can be applied to fishing. It is those anglers who embrace the technology who will reap greater rewards. If you’re a novice when it comes to using sounders and electric motors, or fishing for goldens, this article is for you. As a predominantly golden perch and bass angler, I will focus on how you can use sounders and electric motors to improve your catch rates.
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Targeting dusky flathead on soft plastics
David Johnstone | August 2015

You have to dedicate yourself to a single species of fish if you really want to understand them fully — what depths they feed in and why, peak times of the year, water movement and tides, and bottom structure to name a few.
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Tough time breaming
Jamie Robley | July 2015

Even though lure casting for bream can be a bit tough from mid to later winter, the quality is often high. This 40cm fork length fish is a prime example.

Any species of fish may be easy to catch 1 day and frustratingly difficult the next. Sometimes it’s just about impossible to figure out why this is so, although there are usually specific reasons — some obvious, some not so obvious.
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Oh what a Sunday!
Wayne Dubois | June 2015

As you can see from this pic, any more drag pressure and the fish would have surely broken the leader. Always err on the side of too light a drag setting when big fish are a possibility.

As enjoyable as it is, fishing can be a funny thing at times. You can plan a trip for months, right down to the finest of details, do all the research and testing you can, and then struggle to catch a fish when the trip finally comes along. Or the complete opposite can happen, and at the spur of the moment you decide to go for a flick just see what happens and land a fish of a lifetime.
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Squid Fishing Obsession
Peter Jung | June 2015

Squid love clean water and clear days.

I must admit I was introduced to squid fishing much later in life than I care to admit. I dabbled with it in my early twenties when I realised that it was squid that were attacking my pilchards, fished under a float, while I was targeting tailor off the rocks on the NSW South Coast. Having twigged as to why the float was slowly disappearing under the water, it wasn’t long before an inexpensive jig was sent out and we had some calamari to go with our fish for dinner. As silly as it sounds now, we never went and just targeted the squid. I must get back there one day and have a crack at them.
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Fishing vibration blades around the walls of Jerseyville Bridge can be deadly.

The majestic and sometimes wild Macleay River is formed by the confluence of the Gara River, Bakers Creek and Salisbury Waters, with the river rising below Blue Knobby Mountain, which is east of Uralla on the Great Dividing Range. In length, the river runs 298km and flows through the city of Kempsey on its way to the mouth of the South Pacific Ocean at the picturesque small town of South West Rocks. For the specifics of this article, we will talk about fishing options from Belgrave Falls, which is the start of the tidal section, down to the mouth.
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