Stuarts Point – a friendly hideaway
Ryan Limpus | May 2016

Stuarts Point Holiday Park is one of the best-kept holiday parks the author has stayed in.

I’m a sucker for small riverside/beachside fishing villages. They remind me of years gone by, family holidays in the early 80’s when there was plenty to explore and options to try and catch a few fish. I have some great memories of staying at a similar sleepy fishing village with my parents. My days revolved around meeting up with other kids on holidays and going swimming and fishing all day and only heading back to the tent or van when it was time for dinner. Sadly, days like these are now rare. The holiday park at Stuarts Point however, provides an experience much like the one I have described. Here you can indulge in a carefree holiday in a relaxing environment with plenty of options for fishers and their families.
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Finding pre-winter predators
Jamie Robley | May 2016

If catching a solid inshore kingfish is your goal then May is the month to put in the effort. Live calamari squid or live garfish are right at the top of the list for kingy baits.

During the summer months and into early autumn larger oceanic predators like marlin, Spanish mackerel and sharks move down the east coast, often close to shore. Plenty of smaller pelagic fish including bonito, kingfish and mac tuna also invade inshore waters during this period.
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Cracking the ‘Coota code
Jason Scerri | May 2016

The author’s daughter Bella with her first ever solo lure caught fish where she cast the lure and retrieved the fish unassisted. A very proud daddy indeed.

For many anglers, bream anglers in particular, a fishing trip to a place such as Mallacoota is as good as it gets. Unfortunately for many of us, it is a very long trip to get there so it’s just not practical to fish it as often as I would like. I am hoping that by reading this article, you can get a little insight to help prepare for your own trip to Mallacoota and hopefully, I can provide some useful info and tips that allow you to make the most of your time there and hit the ground running. It really is one of those places where a month of fishing it would still leave most of it untapped.
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Lure a luderick – tips and tricks
Gary Brown | April 2016

Targeting luderick will bring a smile to your face after a successful outing.

Some anglers I’ve known over the years argue against catching luderick. They say, ‘it’s boring to watch a float for hours on end,’ or, ‘they taste terrible,’ and worst of all – ‘you only go luderick fishing when you get old!’ How wrong they are!
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Part III: Brain spiking – Ike Jime
Blake Hudson | April 2016

So far in this series, we have looked at a couple of easy ways to look after fish for the table or for release. One way is to use a simple piece of saturated sponge as a landing surface, to support and calm the fish. To further eliminate the uncontrolled flipping of fish, equipment such as a cotton glove worn on your bait hand will give you more effective control of your catch.
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Build a great bream tacklebox!
Jamie Robley | April 2016

With such an enormous variety of small lures on the market these days it’s not always easy to make the best choice. The simple tips outlined in this article should set a few things straight though.

Lure casting for bream sits right at the top of the Aussie-angling list. This branch of the sport has grown from humble and experimental beginnings four decades ago into a multimillion-dollar growing industry.
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Marlin for beginners
Glen Booth | March 2016

Away from the Cairns heavy tackle fishery, blues are the largest marlin east coast anglers are likely to regularly encounter.

That first marlin: it’s a significant angling milestone, certainly on every fisho’s bucket list, and there’s no better time to do it than right now. Billions of words have been written on how fantastic they are to catch, but let’s look at some basics to get you successfully hooked up for the first time.
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A thin bed of sponge foam is all you need to make fish handling safer for both you and the fish.

With an emphasis on some of the basic ‘do not’s’ of fish handling, part one of this series also highlighted the importance of correct fish handling as a way to guarantee the most superior quality of catch consumed at our dinner tables. Overall though, correct fish handling technique was recognised by experts as a major contributor to responsibly sustaining the longevity of fishing as a whole – especially by returning under or oversize catch carefully to the water.
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Autumn is tailor time along most of the NSW coastline. These fish were caught at Norah Head casting a small chrome metal lure early in the morning.

Many keen anglers agree that autumn really hits the spot. Sure, there’s something good on offer during every month of the year, but for sheer variety of species, consistency of catch, and stability of weather, the next few months are hard to beat.
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