Here’s one way to up a PB – 122cm of mulloway.

How many Fishing Monthly readers would love to go fishing everyday on their home waters and get paid to do it? Sure it would have its perks, but might not always be as simple as it sounds. In fact when you think about it, it could be quite frustrating at times - Bad weather conditions, sea sick clients and the worst possible outcome - the fish wont bite!
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What trailer setup is best for my boat?
Christian Bold | March 2015

One of the most common requests we get at our workshop is, “Can you make my boat easier to launch and retrieve from the trailer?” The short answer and the one everyone loves to hear is yes. There are a number of options to make launch and retrieval a piece of cake, compared to earlier days where no matter what type of boat you had, there was only 1 option. In this article we are going to explore the different types of trailer systems available to make life easier for you.
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Windang to Stanwell Park
Gary Brown | March 2015

Working our way up from Warilla Beach to the north end of Stanwell Park Beach, there are literally hundreds of places that you can successfully chuck a line in for a fish. So with this beginner’s guide to fishing this stretch of coastline, the 15 spots I have put together are really only going to scratch the surface and you will need to do a lot of exploring yourself.
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What’s all that Chirp about?
Nabeel Issa | March 2015

This diagram is an example of how Chirp sound waves work compared to traditional sonar.

So if you have been looking at or reading about sounders in the past year or so, there is no doubt you may have come across the word Chirp.
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The black bream goal
Jason Scerri | March 2015

Is there anything better than setting yourself a challenge, working hard on planning and preparation, and then watching it come together? All anglers who are serious about their sportfishing will know what I mean. Over the years, I have set myself many fishing challenges and continue to do so, and happily tick them off the list along the way.
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The weekend is here, the weather is fantastic, and for miracle number 3 the lawn hasn’t grown a millimetre since you mowed it last Saturday. You’ve finally got some free time and what better way to spend it than by heading off for a fish. You start packing the gear and then that inevitable question sounds out from behind you: “Where are you going, daddy?”
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I don’t really get a lot of questions regarding the articles I write. Every now and then someone will hit me up on social media for more information related to tackle advice or directions to a certain spot, but overall, until recently, it has been all quiet on the Western Front.
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Bassing the Riverweed of the Macleay
Mark Saxon | January 2015

Two full days of rain and washed-out fishing trips has me sitting back and thinking about my bass season to date. It was only 2 days ago that we had a 40cm-plus bass chomped in half by an angry bull shark, and then 20 minutes later the misfortune to pull the hooks on a 50cm fish right next to the boat. Disappointment aside, this trip was eventful!
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