Organisers of the of the well-known Rosehill Trailer Boat Show have found a new home in the modern facility at Sydney Showground at Sydney Olympic Park.
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30° South: the best of both worlds
Stephen Worley | March 2014

Excellent bream call the Coffs Marina home. This one was caught on a prawn by Nezzie Gaden.

Coffs Harbour, lying on the fabled 30° South Latitude line, has been labelled by the CSIRO as having the best climate in Australia. It has also been internationally awarded as the most liveable city in the world. Not too hot, but not too cold. Not too crowded, but plenty of services and amenities.
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Coffs offshore snapshot
Glen Booth | March 2014

Colourful striped marlin can turn up at any time, but generally prefer the cooler water of autumn, winter and spring.

Coffs Harbour’s offshore fishing is rarely dull. With an amazing year-round blend of tropical and cooler water species, coupled with periodic visitors streaming down from the north in summer, you never know what will jump on your line next.
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Full tide bream fishing
Andrew Badullovich | February 2014

Casting right up into the grass on king tides can produce surprising results!

There are many ways to attack a day’s fishing in an estuary, especially if your chosen location is tidal. There are some tried and true theories that stipulate when the fishing is at its best, and these theories are typically governed around a tide change. For example, fishing the main channel of a particular system on the last hour of the run-out tide should see you score results.
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Keeping your cool
Stephen Booth | February 2014

Dry ice usually comes wrapped in butcher’s paper making it very safe to handle. Mind you though, it still gets cold if you hold onto it for an extended period!

Whether you’re on your annual pilgrimage or just heading out for the day, keeping things like drinks, food and your catch cold are important considerations. I have traditionally grabbed a bag of party ice and dumped it over my drinks in the cool box, then used the same box to keep the catch, but is this good enough?
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Shallow flathead trolling
Stephen Booth | January 2014

I’ve been getting right into trolling for flathead in shallow water lately and it’s something that is really appealing. Punting along nice and quiet just waiting for the rod to buckle over and a cranky flathead to start stripping line from the reel. It’s pretty addictive.
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Troll a lipless crankbait
Wayne Dubois | January 2014

To reduce the number of snags, try removing the down-facing hook off the front treble, but be sure to cut the right one. The hang-ups reduce but the hook-up rate stays much the same.

Every so often a new lure or lure concept comes up and every keen fisho just has to get their hands on some. Not so long ago that lure was the lipless crankbait.
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Kayak, canoe, which one for you
Roderick Walmsley | January 2014

Working in a specialist kayak and canoe store really fires up your interest in more remote fisheries. It’s very rewarding to fish somewhere that powered boats can’t get to.
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Beautiful Brogo Dam
Andrew Badullovich | December 2013

Paul Seward admires a healthy Brogo Bass.

Drive 27km northwest of the South Coast town of Bega and you’ll find beautiful Brogo Dam nestled in the Warrigal Range, the southernmost NSW impoundment that harbours stocked Australian bass.
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