I don’t really get a lot of questions regarding the articles I write. Every now and then someone will hit me up on social media for more information related to tackle advice or directions to a certain spot, but overall, until recently, it has been all quiet on the Western Front.
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Bassing the Riverweed of the Macleay
Mark Saxon | January 2015

Two full days of rain and washed-out fishing trips has me sitting back and thinking about my bass season to date. It was only 2 days ago that we had a 40cm-plus bass chomped in half by an angry bull shark, and then 20 minutes later the misfortune to pull the hooks on a 50cm fish right next to the boat. Disappointment aside, this trip was eventful!
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With John Dunphy at the helm, Shimano Australia won countless awards over the years.

It is with great sadness we advise the passing in January of Shimano Australia’s founder, John Dunphy.
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The towns on the fringes of the broad St Georges Basin waterway make an ideal base for anyone who enjoys boating and fishing. They also offer easy access to the sheltered waters and beaches of Jervis Bay, which includes Hyams Beach, Green Patch and Murrays Beach, and the ocean beaches to the south.
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Choosing the right sounder
Nabeel Issa | January 2015

Having a 4-way split screen is a great benefit of a larger screen. Image courtesy of Lee Parkhouse (Simrad NSS12).

So how do you pick the right sounder for your boat? There are heaps of different options available on the market now. Advances in sonar technology the last few years have been incredible and now many of the ‘top end’ features are available in budget priced units.
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B is for bonito
Jamie Robley | January 2015

Of the three known bonito species to inhabit our waters, two are of interest to anglers along coastal New South Wales: the Australian bonito and Watson’s leaping bonito. Both species should be out and about over the coming months and are fantastic sportfish as well as top-notch bait and table species.
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Is it time to replace your trailer lights?
Christian Bold | December 2014

I doubt these lights would pass a road worthy examination!

All trailers need to have working lights fitted to them to be legal on the road, but a we all know that one day your lights will be working and the next they’re not. Trying the line, “They were working when I left home, Officer” is usually responded to with, “Sure they were” as you are handed a fine.
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The Seven Mile beach stretches from Greenwell Point to Gerroa in the north and at times it can be exposed to the elements. This hasn’t stopped it from being a great beach to fish from.

You could spend a whole life-time fishing the Shoalhaven River and Jervis Bay and still not fish all the great spots it has on offer to both the novice and experienced angler. If you really enjoy fishing, you'll find every type of fishing on offer from freshwater dams, rivers, lakes, the rocks, beaches to open ocean game fishing.
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Yakkin’ about Lake Lyell
Alex Hickson | December 2014

Looking over the main basin of Lake Lyell towards the western bank and camping area.

I get a few raised eyebrows and doubtful looks from anglers when I start to talk about the bass fishing opportunities at Lake Lyell, as it’s better known for its trout fishing. The truth is that the summer bass fishing at Lake Lyell can be as good as it gets for this now well established species.
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