Squid Fishing Obsession
Peter Jung | June 2015

Squid love clean water and clear days.

I must admit I was introduced to squid fishing much later in life than I care to admit. I dabbled with it in my early twenties when I realised that it was squid that were attacking my pilchards, fished under a float, while I was targeting tailor off the rocks on the NSW South Coast. Having twigged as to why the float was slowly disappearing under the water, it wasn’t long before an inexpensive jig was sent out and we had some calamari to go with our fish for dinner. As silly as it sounds now, we never went and just targeted the squid. I must get back there one day and have a crack at them.
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Fishing vibration blades around the walls of Jerseyville Bridge can be deadly.

The majestic and sometimes wild Macleay River is formed by the confluence of the Gara River, Bakers Creek and Salisbury Waters, with the river rising below Blue Knobby Mountain, which is east of Uralla on the Great Dividing Range. In length, the river runs 298km and flows through the city of Kempsey on its way to the mouth of the South Pacific Ocean at the picturesque small town of South West Rocks. For the specifics of this article, we will talk about fishing options from Belgrave Falls, which is the start of the tidal section, down to the mouth.
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Rock’s first steps
Jamie Robley | May 2015

The author fishing a safe rock ledge during calm seas. This same spot could become dangerous if the swell picked up to over 1.5m.

Late autumn through to mid-winter is a great time of year hit our wave-lashed rocks and pin a feed of fish. Bream, luderick, drummer, tailor and salmon are all on the move and generally eager to eat baits or slam lures. Each of these species and others that frequent this coastal zone aren’t too hard to catch either.
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Rock fishing the Macleay
Brett Kirk | May 2015

Sean Watson a prized Spanish mackerel taken from Hat Head Point.

Thousands of land based anglers head to the Macleay Valley each year to fish the rock ledges for a huge variety of species that seasonally visit our shores. There are many reasons rock fishing is so productive along this area of the mid north coast, however, the close proximity to the continental shelf and the fact that this region is visited by both southern and northern species of fish in huge numbers are 2 leading factors.
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Beach fishing the Macleay
Brett Kirk | May 2015

The author with a nice Smoky Beach mulloway.

Beach fishing is arguably the most popular way of participating in our sport on the NSW mid north coast. The very young to the very old and everyone in between can get in on the action, whether it be soaking a bait, spinning lures or flicking soft plastics from the sandy shores. A 4WD vehicle may be required to access some of the more remote areas, however, plenty of quality fish are located on the doorstep of the villages and populated areas of the Macleay Valley.
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Bass fishing the Macleay
Brett Kirk | May 2015

A healthy bass taken from a shallow gravel area around Kempsey on a spinnerbait.

The Macleay River system originates well inside the Armidale Shire, and flows uninterrupted for nearly 300km to the sea at South West Rocks. A healthy population of Australian bass inhabit a large percentage of this waterway, from the tiny creeks in the upper Macleay to the tidal zones of Kinchela Creek.
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The revisit
Toby Grundy | May 2015

Big golden perch will take smaller baits once the tiddlers are all fired up.

There comes a point where our native freshwater fish shut down. This can be at the onset of winter, at the beginning of autumn, and in some cases at the start of a particularly hot summer. We all have to accept (begrudgingly) that fish need some down time.
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Offshore fishing the Macleay
Greg Clarke | May 2015

Cobia move in during late January and, being quite a mysterious creature, they can pop up just about any where at any time.

The offshore fishing from Crescent Head in the south to Stuarts Point in the north can't be described in just 1 word, as a single superlative doesn't do it justice.
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There are plenty of trailer manufactures and retailers across Australia. Some have been around for a very long time and some are very recent to the market. But how do you know which ones are selling Australian made trailers and which ones are importing trailers and selling them as Australian made?
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