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Wake boats of this size do untold damage to the banks of our confined waterways.

It’s come to our attention that one of our great rivers is currently under threat by preventable erosion of its banks.
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The Bluefin boat and Mercury outboard packages are always a huge drawcard for the event. Bonza Graphics put the wrap on the senior prize.

The 22nd Flathead Classic once again proved that the Gold Coast waterways are a prolific flathead fishery. A total of 551 competitors in 217 teams – the largest ever field – made their way to their favourite locations trying to catch a humble flathead.
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Small stream bassing guide
Jamie Robley | November 2015

Small, relatively lightweight polyethylene kayaks, with minimal accessories are the best form of vessel for the skinny, upper reaches of bass creeks. In most cases, more weight and clutter only adds up to extra hassle and is of no great benefit.

As is the case with other popular angling species, there are several different forms of bass fishing. Flick through magazines or browse the Internet and you’ll soon see photos of bass caught from large inland impoundments, big tidal rivers and tiny creeks, which aren’t much more than a trickle meandering through the bush.
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Kayak Sounder Success
Justin Willmer | November 2015

Whatever the application, from locating bait, structure, thermoclines and schooled fish, to selecting an appropriate lure for the depth you’re fishing, working a drop off or navigating safely to and from your fishing spot, there’s no doubt that sounders have made fishing more productive and water travel safer.
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Stalking the close reefs
Gary Earl | October 2015

Large snapper will readily take big baits after dark. This one grabbed a fillet of yellowtail on a paternoster rig and put up a great fight.

We are a lucky bunch of anglers in this country. We have reefs and wrecks and undersea outcrops of rocks ranging from lone pinnacles to vast rocky stretches of bottom. Most of these features are so close to our shoreline that we can all get out to them in a reliable trailer boat, and we have a vast array of fishing technology to maximise our catch rates.
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Bassing for beginners
Simon Goldsmith | October 2015

Highly addictive and a great way to catch bass in low light conditions, surface lures are a must-have in a bassers tackle box.

When it comes to freshwater sportfish it’s hard to go past the Australian bass. An iconic species that was instrumental in the evolution of sportfishing and catch and release tournament angling in Australia, few species can match the Aussie bass for angling diversity and fighting ability.
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Always make sure that the CO2 cannister for your inflatable PFDs hasn’t fallen out. Also, you need to ensure that these jackets are serviced in line with your state requirements.

At this time of the year, when the boat is coming out of hibernation after the footy season, it’s well worth doing a little bit of a stocktake on your safety gear. After all, when you need it, you’ll be glad that you did.
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Spinnerbaits in focus
Steve Morgan | October 2015

Yellowbelly love a spinnerbait slow-rolled past their nose.

Around fifteen years ago, spinnerbaits weren’t very popular at all. Of course, there were a few clued-up anglers throwing lures that looked like mini-coat hangers around – and catching great fish on them – but it wasn’t until the inception of the cast-and-retrieve bass fishing tournaments that spinnerbait use became more mainstream.
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Top 10 tips for luring
Jamie Robley | September 2015

Using a nice, lightweight and balanced outfit translates to more enjoyable fishing, so the angler will probably keep up concentration and confidence levels.

At this time of year, with warmer weather and more daylight hours many anglers turn their attention to casting lures rather than good old natural bait. Common species such as bream, flathead and bass become more active now and will continue to do so as we move through spring, towards summer.
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