Thommos winter session
Alex Hickson | August 2014

On arrival at the car park, make sure you read the signage before fishing at Thompsons Creek Dam.

Fast becoming an icon for its trout fishing on the central tablelands, Thompsons Creek Dam has been open to fishing for about 15 years. Over this period it has endured the highs and lows of droughts and floods along with high water temperatures and algal blooms, but one thing has remained constant: the trout fishing opportunities.
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Into the depths of Malaysia
Gordo | August 2014

Colourful commercial line fishing boats at Miri Harbour.

Fishing can lead you to some amazing places to target a variety of extraordinary fish species. A recent invitation to visit Malaysia had my head spinning with thoughts of fishing in a new and exciting location. Few anglers are aware of the terrific fishing potential which Malaysia offers. Experiencing the culture, amazing food and locations were just a bonus, as I was about to find out.
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Father’s Day gift ideas
Tag | August 2014

S.A.S Braid
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Getting that perfect angle

All anglers love bragging about what they’ve caught. It’s built into our genes. Catching a great fish and then telling your mates about it is awesome.
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Anyone who attended Garry ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald’s Australian Lure and Fly Expos at Fernvale in 2012 and 2013 would happily tell you about the great experiences had by exhibitors and visitors alike. In fact, it’s fairly rare nowadays to have a show that doesn’t generate its fair section of negativity, so there’s very few attendees that aren’t proud of their involvement with this uniquely Aussie show.
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A leisurely paddle or peddle around the edges of Lake Cathie can produce great flathead on small minnow lures.

Lake Cathie (pronounced ‘cat-eye’), a small town with a population of 2000 people, is located approximately 15 minutes south of Port Macquarie on the mid north coast of NSW. Lake Cathie is often thought of as being a relaxing, laid-back holiday destination, and that’s true. However, the other thing Cathie has is one of the best whiting fisheries I have ever fished.
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City slicker’s guide to cod
Adam Mears | May 2014

For many anglers, catching Australia’s legendary Murray cod is passion second to none. They live, breathe and dream about cod. Some of us west of the Great Dividing Range are lucky enough to encounter these iconic fish on a regular basis, but it’s those in the big cities or those new to the country who have the dream to catch these awe-inspiring natives, and why wouldn’t they?
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Outrigger trolling basics
Kim Bain | April 2014

This is a good layout of the lanyard and clip and rod tip in relation to each other.

Recently in QFM we took a photographic tour of many of the accessories fitted to watercraft in order to turn them into game fishing boats. Amongst these accoutrements were photos of outriggers, and after the article was published a reader requested that we explain the basics of outriggers in more detail. In response I wrote this article to introduce the basics for both first-time downrigger users and those anglers who haven’t set one up on their own boat before.
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Canberra is Cod Country
Toby Grundy | April 2014

Stud redfin also chase the smaller schools around the local lakes.

In my early 20s my friends and I would pack my old Corolla to the brim and spend the day driving to various ‘big cod’ spots like Burrinjuck Dam in search of a 100cm trophy. While I cherish these memories, I never did get the big fish I was hoping for.
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