Trout fishing basics

There are a growing number of anglers enjoying trout fishing and like any new type of fishing, there are always questions to be asked.

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Hitting estuary heavyweights

It’s been a few years now since I chose to give away game fishing and get right into estuary lure fishing but I quickly found that I wanted to get into bigger fish.

In pursuit of pelagics

Surface feeding pelagics bring an unequalled level of excitement to anglers all across our country.

Finding Spring bass

We had covered a fair bit of ground with only one small bass to show for our efforts. It was the start of the open season for wild bass and we were keen to catch a few to get the season rolling.

Lighten up on the beach

If your ideal beach fishing session entails hurling a heavily weighted pilchard or slab bait at the horizon with a 10kg-15kg rod around 4m long, and then dropping it in the PVC pipe within arm’s reach of the stubby holder on your deckchair – it might be better if you skipped a couple of pages.

The Hawkesbury: Treasure on the doorstep

Many Sydneysiders thinking of a family fishing holiday often daydream of faraway destinations to the north, south or west. Unfortunately they overlook what’s right on their doorstep, a hidden treasure – the mighty Hawkesbury River.

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