Outrigger trolling basics
Kim Bain | April 2014

This is a good layout of the lanyard and clip and rod tip in relation to each other.

Recently in QFM we took a photographic tour of many of the accessories fitted to watercraft in order to turn them into game fishing boats. Amongst these accoutrements were photos of outriggers, and after the article was published a reader requested that we explain the basics of outriggers in more detail. In response I wrote this article to introduce the basics for both first-time downrigger users and those anglers who haven’t set one up on their own boat before.
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Canberra is Cod Country
Toby Grundy | April 2014

Stud redfin also chase the smaller schools around the local lakes.

In my early 20s my friends and I would pack my old Corolla to the brim and spend the day driving to various ‘big cod’ spots like Burrinjuck Dam in search of a 100cm trophy. While I cherish these memories, I never did get the big fish I was hoping for.
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Hot times on winter fish
Toby Grundy | April 2014

Releasing a winter golden perch. Prepare well and make your sessions short and you can succeed.

The wind blasted the exposed pontoon, upending tackle boxes and sending casts every which way. Our baits sat on the edge of a weed bed and though the wind had caused a bow in both lines, we could see it pull straight from time to time as fish tested the baits.
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Treat your trailer right
Steve Morgan | April 2014

There are several bearing lube systems on the market to ensure you keep bearings greased or oiled at optimum levels.

Keeping your trailer in good shape isn’t that hard, and it’s a very worthwhile exercise. You don’t want to find yourself in that nightmare scenario of being stuck on the side of the road, smoke coming from your trailer wheel, and telling yourself life just isn’t fair. Take it from me – life is a whole lot more fair if you do take a few easy steps to avoid nasty surprises!
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Lake Mac mulloway
Billy Gillon | April 2014

Jase Aguiar with a bigger than average Lake Mac mulloway.

Before the ban on commercial fishing in Lake Macquarie, a mulloway catch in the lake was quite rare. Some people even doubted they were in the lake at all.
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Bag a beach mulloway
Paul Lennon | April 2014

Double trouble. Ben doolan hidden behind a couple of monster beach mulloway.

When it comes to catching fish from surf beaches, big mulloway are the ultimate prize. Fish over the 20kg mark are what surf anglers dream of. They are rarely caught by luck and almost always by those who have spent many hours targeting them for no result. These anglers would have doggedly ground their way through many fishless nights, constantly changing their approach, trying to figure out what works. While many of these guys end up quitting or in some sort of asylum, the ones who stick with it eventually get that monster mulloway. This first catch gives them the knowledge to repeat their success.
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Let the bluefin games begin
Lee Rayner | March 2014

There has already been southern bluefin tuna caught on the west coast as early as late January. In fact some anglers found and caught fish not long after Christmas. Incredible, my mate and well-known west coast angler Scott Gray saw and hooked tuna as far back as November!
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Organisers of the of the well-known Rosehill Trailer Boat Show have found a new home in the modern facility at Sydney Showground at Sydney Olympic Park.
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30° South: the best of both worlds
Stephen Worley | March 2014

Excellent bream call the Coffs Marina home. This one was caught on a prawn by Nezzie Gaden.

Coffs Harbour, lying on the fabled 30° South Latitude line, has been labelled by the CSIRO as having the best climate in Australia. It has also been internationally awarded as the most liveable city in the world. Not too hot, but not too cold. Not too crowded, but plenty of services and amenities.
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