Canny anglers visit Cania Dam
Wayne Kampe | November 2017

I’d heard about Cania Dam for around 20 years, first from my mentor Ted Clayton from my earliest photo journalism days, and when others mentioned Cania it was always the same theme – terrific toga, brawling bass, sensational silver perch and the scenery of Cania Gorge. While it sounded so enticing, this was an impoundment I hadn’t fished.
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You’ll love this Pajero, Sport.
Wayne Kampe | July 2017

Ample clearance between wheels and arches allows the Pajero Sport a lot of leeway off road.

Mitsubishi first introduced the Pajero Sport in late 2015 when it replaced the long established Challenger, a five seater wagon built on the Triton’s chassis and running gear, but with upgraded suspension and interior to appeal to family buyers rather than tradies. A combination of sharp pricing, features, roominess, decent ride and hefty towing capability soon saw lots of Pajero Sport wagons in front of caravans, camper trailers and of course, boats.
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Bushmaster 4000 real value for money
Wayne Kampe | July 2017

Sturdy, compact and ready to go anywhere – that’s the HKC 4000 Bushmaster camper.

Korr has an enviable reputation for gear that’s spot on in its application, and reliable as tomorrow’s sunrise. Interestingly, the company started with lighting and electronics, but as a result of their love for outdoor life, it was a pretty natural progression when they also branched into top end camper trailers.
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Great Wall 4x4 Steed well worth a look
Wayne Kampe | June 2017

Looking every bit the part of a serious work vehicle there are no design faults about this ute.

Great Wall cars are proudly made in China and now being sold by numerous distributors in Australia to promote the brand and provide vital backup of parts and spares, provide roadside assist, handle warranty claims and all other issues like other major car makers.
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The 2017 Isuzu D-Max has more power
Wayne Kampe | May 2017

Neatly proportioned lines are still a D-Max trait. Work on the bonnet and grille has simply made a good looking ute just that bit better.

Few would ever think that last year’s D-Max ute with it’s 3L common rail turbo diesel engine was in any way underpowered, but Isuzu have seen the need to upgrade the previous four-cylinder power plant to an entirely new one – remaining at 3L, but with significant differences and designed for Australian conditions. It has more torque, which equates to easier towing and easier work in the rough going.
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Towing a camper trailer is just one of the easy tasks for the MU-X and it’s strong diesel engine.

Isuzu’s MU-X is a favourite amongst the boating/fishing/towing set for good reason. Why has this dedicated 4WD been so well received? Let’s start with the fact that it’s value for money, move to the excellent levels of comfort and sheer user-friendliness, and then finish off with the vehicle’s off road credentials and more-than-adequate performance from it’s strong 3L diesel engine mated to a five-speed auto gear box.
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Boat towing is never an effort with this all-wheel drive and its 2.5t braked trailer capability.

Mahindra have a pretty tough proving ground for their line of heavy duty 4x4 utes and SUV people movers – India, where the vehicles are manufactured. Before we have an in-depth look at Mahindra’s seven-seater XUV500 all-wheel drive, here’s some interesting background.
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Get to Borumba this autumn
Wayne Kampe | March 2017

Weed and lily edges beckon the angler in many sections of Borumba Dam.

Borumba Dam is a unique impoundment and, unsurprisingly, is a great favourite with many anglers.
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Hot hatch: Suzuki Vitara Turbo
Wayne Kampe | February 2017

Looking every part the SUV, the Vitara is a handy vehicle for the young and young at heart.

Suzuki has made an art form of releasing new models at just the right intervals to make a good impression on potential buyers. First came the neat Vitara SUV with a four-cylinder 1.6L petrol engine in both manual and auto guise, outputting 86kW of power and 156Nm of torque. Then the punchy 1.6L common rail direct injection turbo diesel (another four-cylinder engine) came onto and stole the scene, thanks to it’s well-tuned output of 88kW of power and 320Nm of torque – double the torque of the 1.6L petrol model.
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