Joe Bonnici | December 2011

Some essential flowcoat and gelcoat products for your boat repair.

I really can’t believe another year has flown by and for me personally it was a crazy year. It was also my first year writing for QFM and hopefully the first of many.
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The Sticky End of the Business
Joe Bonnici | December 2011

There are many different resin products available to those undertaking a fibreglassing job.

Hi again and thank you so much for all the great feedback on the three part series on tools. Thanks also for bearing with me; I really wanted to cover as much as possible in that area. There will be other tools and bits and pieces that I will explain along the way as I cover specific projects.
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Inside Your Tool Treasure Chest Part 3
Joe Bonnici | November 2011

The humble drill in action. It’s great for tight work.

Welcome all to the third and final issue of inside you tool treasure chest. The last of the power tools I am going to tell you about in this issue is the power/cordless drill and the mighty 9” grinder/polisher. Let’s get started!
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Inside Your Tool Treasure Chest Part 2
Joe Bonnici | October 2011

The barrel sander comes in various sizes and it has a special spot in my tool box

Well hopefully the credit cards are getting a hiding at the hardware stores as you get all the essentials to get your boat ready before summer hits, or at least dig out tools you didn’t know you had and wipe the dust off them.
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Joe Bonnici | September 2011

The grinder is a must have tool for grinding back edges or cleaning off dags.

Firstly a big thank you to all QFM readers for letting me be a part of this great mag and for letting be a part of your quiet time. The feedback from the first issue has been amazing. The team at QFM said they have fantastic comments on this new section and it’s only going to get better so let’s keep moving forward.
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