Three dams to get into for barra
Keith Day | November 2017

The heat is on and fish have responded well with good catches being reported all around, from the reef to the freshwater dams and streams. From late September through October, barra went nuts over live baits and lures with plenty of fish up to 1.2m being caught in the creeks from Rocky Dam to the south, right through to the Proserpine River. A good sign for the future is the good numbers of smaller fish around 45-55cm. Many of these fish will be legal size when the season reopens in February.
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Freshwater continues to impress
Jason Ehrlich | November 2017

It may be closed barra season this month in the salt, but that doesn’t stop us chasing the big girls in the freshwater impoundments. Barra activity should peak this month across most of the dams and with powerful fish over 120cm long on offer, you’d be mad to miss it.
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Snapper hit a fantastic frenzy
Ed Falconer | November 2017

We’re rapidly approaching the end of the year. Hopefully the weather remains on its best behaviour, just like it has been lately. Offshore, we’ve had a fantastic run of snapper. It was the new moon period that sent the snapper into a frenzy with some excellent sized fish.
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Shallows activity full to the bream
Grayson Fong | November 2017

Mick Thompson enjoying a bit of summer breaming.

If you haven’t been fishing this month, you better have a really good excuse. With the warm weather and increased water temperatures, the northern bay is aging like a good red wine.
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Have fun trolling, if you catch my drift
John Gooding | November 2017

November is a transitional month east of the South Passage Bar, with water temperatures on the rise, and anglers are starting to target the pelagic species. Mahimahi and a few small black marlin have been caught and their numbers will increase in the coming months along with Spanish mackerel and wahoo.
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Plenty of options for November
David Green | November 2017

Spring has seen unseasonably high water temperatures on the grounds off the Gold Coast. There have already been quite a lot of blue marlin and large yellowfin caught on the wide grounds. November should see a further increase in water temperatures to around 24°C. Overall, November is a good month to fish both the Gold Coast estuaries and offshore grounds and there are plenty of options this month.
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Seeing red before Christmas
Luke Griffiths | November 2017

Craig with a nice red emperor that managed to avoid the sharks!

We are quickly approaching the final stages of another year once again, and some diehards are already setting up their Christmas decorations. With spring in full swing, we wind down the previous month with some great catches and look forward to the final month of spring as things look to heat up.
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Summer on the horizon
Josh Gurney | November 2017

Summer is just around the corner. How fast has this year gone? Already the fishing is heating up and so are the water temperatures. It’s still cool enough to chase a good mulloway and big flathead. I’ll be focusing most of my efforts on jacks and if you’re up for a challenge, so should you. Be warned, it’s slightly addictive.
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Go all in for marlin
Lynton Heffer | November 2017


There’s a general feel around the traps that we might be in for a more traditional build up to the wet season this time around. Some indicators are already in place. The days are definitely warm and muggy, we’ve already seen a bit of good rainfall around the place and water temperatures are high.
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