Doing things by halves
David Solano | May 2014

It was a great fish (Condong Sugar Mill in the background).

May is the month you just start to notice a few subtle changes on the river. The sun doesn’t rise so early, there is a slight nip in the air, and if you’re an early starter you’ll often find you have the river all to yourself.
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LBG season kicks off
Ben Pilch | April 2014

A early season 20kg long tail tuna made the trip down from the goldy worth while for Tom Melville

April is the month when I start to get excited about my rock fishing again! Lots of options start opening up as we get closer to the colder months.
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Now for the fun stuff
David Solano | April 2014

A healthy whiting caught on the flats.

Last month I talked about luring for bream on the Tweed and I mentioned how good the bycatch it can be. But what happens if you specifically target these other species with plastics or hardbodied lures, such as flathead, whiting or tailor? April is a good time to target these fish so I’m going to share with you some hot spots, what lures to use and when to use them.
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Hunting trophy fish
Ben Pilch | March 2014

A big Spanish mackerel that came from Black Rock.

March is a great time of year to be fishing in the mighty Clarence Valley. The summer species are still fishing well on the beaches; dart, whiting and tarwhine are doing well on baits like pipis and worms.
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Bream and bycatch
David Solano | March 2014

Dave with his PB bream, a solid fish measuring 33cm.

It’s funny, more and more on the Tweed I see folks lure fishing. Even the local tackle shop stopped selling bait.
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Calm after the chaos
Ben Pilch | February 2014

There are still some nice snapper out and about.

January is usually pretty busy in Iluka, as it’s smack bang in the middle of the holidays. With the increase in recreational boat traffic through the day, early starts have been essential to get some peace and quiet at your favourite shallow water spot. But February should see things calm down somewhat.
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Smack the red devil jack
David Solano | February 2014

February fishing on the Tweed is all about the jacks.

February fishing on the Tweed is all about the jacks, and boy it’s been a good season so far; well, maybe not for me, but my mates having been smashing them! The weather is really warming up so it’s only going to get better.
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Jumping Jan is flash
David Solano | January 2014

The Tweed River is at its best in January with great catches like this flathead.

Just thinking about fishing the Tweed River in January gives me goosebumps! It is one of the best months of the year to fish the river, particularly this year as we haven’t had massive amounts of rain. Although we did get some cracker storms through November and December and that really livened things up.
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Early rise catches the fish
Ben Pilch | January 2014

There have been plenty of school mulloway caught off the rocks on plastics.

Summer is in full swing now and hopefully it won't be as wet as the last couple. The crowds will be out in force and the traffic everywhere on the beach, river and outside. If you want to get a bit of quiet time, early starts are essential.
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