Breaming with the pros
David Solano | August 2014

Warren and Guy Struthers with their pre-fish catches.

I first met Guy and Warren Struthers about six years ago, I think it was at the first ever KFT (kayak fishing tournament). Back then Guy was a pimply young kid watched over by dad Warren, who had purchased Guy one of those tiny $150 yaks, but hey – it got him on the water. Guy went on to get a Viking pro angler then a Hobie Outback, but once he turned 18 everything changed.
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Lure-munching mulloway
Ben Pilch | July 2014

Steve Patti of Croaker Lures with a solid Clarence valley mulloway taken on a Jewie Jewel. 

Half the year has passed already and it looks like the great fishing we had in autumn has carried through into winter. The beanies are getting some good use as the late afternoon air cools and the keener anglers start hunting around.
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Plastics vs bait smackdown
David Solano | July 2014

Dave with his first legal snapper (squire)

This month’s story is a little different because it’s about fishing some of the famous marks out at sea off the Tweed.
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Magnificent mulloway
Josh Anderson | June 2014

The author with a 15kg mulloway caught off the Yamba break wall on an Ando Lure in the mullet colour.

Outside the snapper have just started to come on. A few good snapper are being taken bottom bashing with baits, 5-7” plastics and jigs as well. Good spots to try include up towards Black Rock off Evans Head and off Shelly Headland and Brooms Head.
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Frosty weather flathead
David Solano | June 2014

Richard Creighton with a flathead that was released.

June, and it’s getting cold. Heck, it is cold. The time is 4.30am and I’ve just finished getting dressed. Last weekend I was able to wear my normal fishing clothes (normally one layer) but this morning I’ve got three sets of thermals on, my normal fishing gear and two heavy jackets over that and I’m feeling nice and toasty. My mate Richard Creighton is on his way down with his Bull Shark (boat) and today our plan is to hit all our flathead spots with the aim of a few legals for lunch.
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Focussing on snapper
Ben Pilch | May 2014

The quality of snapper around in the shallows at this time of year can be very good. 

As we start to see the weather cooling off the inshore boat fishing should start to fire up, with a chance at anything from snapper to tuna being possible. However, this is generally when we start to focus on snapper on the Clarence coast.
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Doing things by halves
David Solano | May 2014

It was a great fish (Condong Sugar Mill in the background).

May is the month you just start to notice a few subtle changes on the river. The sun doesn’t rise so early, there is a slight nip in the air, and if you’re an early starter you’ll often find you have the river all to yourself.
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LBG season kicks off
Ben Pilch | April 2014

A early season 20kg long tail tuna made the trip down from the goldy worth while for Tom Melville

April is the month when I start to get excited about my rock fishing again! Lots of options start opening up as we get closer to the colder months.
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Now for the fun stuff
David Solano | April 2014

A healthy whiting caught on the flats.

Last month I talked about luring for bream on the Tweed and I mentioned how good the bycatch it can be. But what happens if you specifically target these other species with plastics or hardbodied lures, such as flathead, whiting or tailor? April is a good time to target these fish so I’m going to share with you some hot spots, what lures to use and when to use them.
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