Snapper season looms
Ben Pilch | June 2015

Steve Patti with a nice Clarence Valley mulloway on a Jewie Jewel.

The cold weather of winter is definitely upon us, so it’s time to pull those beanies out of hiding. Cold weather means 1 thing for me — snapper. Nothing beats an early start, up and in the water while it is still dark, and back before 9.00am with a tasty feed of reds.
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Tweed transmission returns to normal
David Solano | June 2015

A mate with a nice bream caught where I launch my ’yak.

The Tweed River has turned a corner after all the rain we’ve had, and it has finally been restored to a fishing Mecca once again.
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Post flood, the fishing picks up
David Solano | May 2015

Craig Costigan with a good flathead caught in some ordinary weather.

There has been a bit of a turn around on the Tweed at the time of writing. The water has finally cleared and the weather’s been great. I’ve been fishing all over the river in the past month, hitting Cobaki Lakes for flathead with shallow divers, successfully I might add, but couldn’t get a legal one that day.
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LBG getting all the attention
Ben Pilch | May 2015

Steve Patti, maker of Croaker Lures, out doing some product testing with a nice 20kg mulloway on one of his own creations.

It’s May already and nearly half the year is gone! Fishing wise, May is a lot like April in that there aren’t any drastic changes happening.
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Doggone weather!
David Solano | April 2015

Fish on the Tweed the past month? Well it’s been pretty bad for me, as we’ve had so much rain the river has turned to mud with all that runoff coming from Terranora Broadwater, Bilambil Heights and Cobaki Broadwater. The outgoing tides have been awful; I’ve been continuously dodging floating logs, bits of land, and if it wasn’t so bad I would have laughed at seeing a floating island go on by.
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Hit the rocks for some LBG action
Ben Pilch | April 2015

April is the start of our land based game season. Hopefully the rains that we had at the end of summer won’t mess with the season too much. The Spanish mackerel don't mind a little colour, but the longtail tuna are a bit more finicky.
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Sweating on the pelagics arriving
Ben Pilch | March 2015

A solid mulloway on a Croaker Lures Jewie Jewel.

Well it’s March and everyone is getting keen about our land based game season — keeping an eye on sea surface temperatures, wind direction, and rainfall in the catchment. These are all factors that can play a big part in how the LBG action plays out, and how hard you may have to work for a fish.
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David, the flathead jinx
David Solano | March 2015

Just recently, I did something I’ve never done before; I bought a filleting knife. As I don’t keep any of the fish I catch, I’ve never needed one. After spending a good 5 hours on the water the other day, I went down to the local fish shop. I really felt like a classic Aussie feed of flathead and chips. Well I looked at the price, and it was a whopping $39.95 a kilo!
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John with a nice bass that took a liking to a Megabass Siglett on a rainy day. 

February still sees a lot of people chasing mackerel in the usual places like Shark Bay, Black Rock and Angourie.
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