Summer yakin’ on the Tweed
David Solano | December 2014

Some quality whiting have been taking surface lures lately and the action should get better with the warming weather.

It’s December on the Tweed, holidays are coming up, the water is hot and the place is pretty packed with shore-based fishos.
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Ripper sessions in the river
Ben Pilch | November 2014

Upriver plenty of bass are being caught on small divers and blades.

November usually sees the warm currents pushing down the coast in the Clarence valley, and that means we should start seeing our pelagics start to run. Every man and his dog will be out chasing spotty mackerel in the usual places like Shark Bay, Angourie and Sandon.
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The best laid plans
David Solano | November 2014

Craig Costigan with his big plastic-crunching jack.

You start to notice it gradually. It’s getting lighter earlier, it’s slowly getting warmer and that lovely sound of the birds chirping at daybreak just seems to be that much louder. Bugs start appearing on the surface of the river, the bat colonies seem to be on the move… everything is coming to life after the winter hiatus.
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Getting serious on the surface
Ben Pilch | October 2014

Kaleum Gannon with a nice river mulloway on a Croaker lure.

As far as I’m concerned, October signals the start of getting serious on surface luring. There is nothing better than watching a fish trying to eat your surface lure… the anticipation is addictive! And in the month of October we are lucky to have so many species of fish to target on surface in the mighty Clarence Valley.
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Staying safe around the rocks in October
David Solano | October 2014

Shane Parker regularly fishes off the rocks and wears shoes that are well-suited to the sometimes slippery rocks of Devils Island.

I’ve been struggling to catch anything worth a mention in the upper reaches of the Tweed, so after discussing this dilemma with my mate Pete, he suggested a rock wall expedition around Fingal Light House targeting tailor at a place known to the locals as Devils Island!
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Fooling bigger fish
Ben Pilch | September 2014

Kaleum Gannon with a Croaker Lures munching mulloway spun up from the boat.

The weather has been a lot fairer of late. The run of mulloway on the walls and headlands is still continuing but the quantity of large fish has been dropping a bit. Still, there are a few bigger fish around and they’re still liking the large locally-made hardbody lures from Get Bent Lures and Croaker Lures.
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Better than last month
David Solano | September 2014

Dave with a healthy mulloway.

Usually I start the column off with how good the state of the river is, and here I go again! It’s fishing even better than last month, the water quality is fantastic and so is the quality of the bait. I love checking out the baitfish to see what size and colour they are so I can attempt to match them with a soft plastic or hard bodied lure.
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Cold times give up big rewards
Ben Pilch | August 2014

If you can brave the cold, big mulloway are on offer!

If you can stand the cold winds and water, the walls and headlands have been producing good mulloway up to 28kg with large hardbody lures like the local offerings from Get Bent lures and Croaker lures, which have been working a treat on the local mulloway population. Just slow roll them through the washes of the headlands or on the insides of the walls if you want to get in on the action.
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Breaming with the pros
David Solano | August 2014

Warren and Guy Struthers with their pre-fish catches.

I first met Guy and Warren Struthers about six years ago, I think it was at the first ever KFT (kayak fishing tournament). Back then Guy was a pimply young kid watched over by dad Warren, who had purchased Guy one of those tiny $150 yaks, but hey – it got him on the water. Guy went on to get a Viking pro angler then a Hobie Outback, but once he turned 18 everything changed.
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