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Fishing fires as tourists leave
David Solano | February 2016

A nice trevally taken on the Tweed River at night.

February is a strange time to fish on the Tweed. The pressure is off the river and hopefully all those visitors that passed through have fattened up the fish, as I saw a lot of undersized fish caught and released over the Christmas period.
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Famous Clarence bass
Ben Pilch | January 2016

Steve Patti testing out some prototype lures on some big Clarence Valley bass.

Looks like we are in for a steamer of a summer! Outside the mackerel are getting around in numbers and trolling has been the best way to get into a few.
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Rolling down the river
David Solano | January 2016

A great bass caught by the author on the Tweed.

You’ve got to love January on the Tweed! Even though there are lots of tourists around and the waterways are pretty crowded during the day, the fish are beautifully conditioned and the whiting, bream, and flathead are fat and fired up. The healthy state of the river, with baitfish of all kinds is to blame for these gorgeous fish. With all this holiday traffic, if you’re planning a picnic or fish beside the river get there very early as all the good spots fill up quickly.
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Not the usual suspect!
David Solano | December 2015

Dave with Graham and his custom made rods with a decent sized flatty.

If you are a local, December should be a lot of fun as the river in January will be chockers with holiday makers. The weather’s slowly heating up, but the good news is the river is full of baitfish and prawns of all sizes making the waterway a veritable smorgasbord to the fish.
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Get clever on the Clarence
Ben Pilch | November 2015

Sophie with a nice muddy.

Woody Head, Black Rock, Angourie, Shellys, and further down around Wooli and Minnie waters are where you’ll find the squire and snapper absolutely firing.
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The Tweed at its best
David Solano | November 2015

Another good flathead about to be released.

The Tweed River and the local beaches have been firing lately. I’ll start with Terranora Creek and Broadwater where I’ve spent a fair bit of time chasing flathead in the shallows next to the weed banks with a lot of success.
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Looking forward to warmer water
John Van Eyk | October 2015

There are still reports of a few trevally being caught.

Lately there have been reports of some reasonably large tailor taken down around Kingscliff area and Salt Beach. As well as the usual baits and metals, we’re seeing more anglers throwing Zman 5” JerkshadZ plastics, which can withstand damage from the tailor’s teeth.
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Tweed River on fire
David Solano | September 2015

Bream are in abundance, with rock walls at the mouth of the river holding plenty of fish.

We finally got our first serious cold spell for winter on the Tweed a week or so back, with the temperature the coldest it’s been in ages, and the river is in the best shape that I have seen for quite some time.
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A bit of mixed bag activity
David Solano | August 2015

Dave with a bream feed for tea.

Fishing on the Tweed has been great over the last couple of months, and has seen the place restore its reputation as a fun and rewarding recreational fisho’s paradise!
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