Stop dreaming, get streaming!
Angus James | November 2017

Mangrove jacks are really starting to fire up here in the tropical north, especially in the sweetwater streams. I had an absolute blinder of a session a few days ago – just about every snag had a platoon of angry red dogs ready to chase down and assault my soft plastic offerings. The fish in the freshwater systems are smaller models compared to the average size in the estuaries and offshore.
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The tougher fishing hits home
Jason Ehrlich | July 2017

Barra on the lakes and freshwater rivers will be harder to fool. Look for patches of warmer water after a constant weather pattern. They hate cold and sudden weather changes at this time of year.

The middle of winter in the freshwater makes things a bit more difficult. A lot of species slow down and this makes catching them much harder. Still, it’s not impossible. By changing our fishing approach to suit the fish, we can get into some hot action. Golden perch and barra will be lethargic due to the cold, but presentations that remain in their face can tempt a bite. Bass will be a little slower, but still easy to locate in schools.
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Finding the winning ways in winter
Jason Ehrlich | June 2017

Aaron Kemp nailed some nice bass fishing the flooded edges at Borumba Dam last month. This quality model fell for a Cultiva Zip'n Ziggy fished across the surface early in the morning.

Like it or not, winter is here and with it, changes will occur on the freshwater scene. Water temperatures will already be cool, but expect even colder frosty mornings to drop the temperatures more. It’s not all doom and gloom. Bait fishers will be able to keep catching fish and lure tossers will still be able to get into some action.
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Exploring is the way to find some magical waters after the floods. Flooding relocates fish to some of the most beautiful stretches of water that people drive past every day. Matt Watson won the battle in tight structure with this smaller barra while a few

We can expect quite a few changes this month. Big rainfall last month flooded rivers and creeks sending plenty of dams over their spillways. There were still some which saw little change in water level at all. Mix this influx of water with the shorter days and cooler conditions and we have the perfect recipe to see change. This month I’ll focus on where to fish after the rain event, discuss where it will be tough and offer some alternatives.
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Trolling for bass will be one of the easiest ways to catch them on most of the lakes this month. It’s also a good way to sound over and explore new areas for casting sessions.

I am being faced with a boat dilemma. I just sold my bass boat, which was my pride and joy for the last four years. When I went for a fish in lakes and big rivers, this would be the boat I would take. Bass boats are perfect for this style of fishing; they carry heaps of gear, are comfortable and go very fast.
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Bring on the bass and barra beasts
Jason Ehrlich | March 2017

Barra can still be caught casting lures in the lakes around Mackay. Try fishing surface presentations in the bays at Teemburra for some exciting action.

Already we can see and feel the days getting shorter. As a fisher I enjoy this time of year as you can start to have a bit of a sleep in and still manage to get on the water at first light.
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Fishing in peace this month
Jason Ehrlich | February 2017

Adam Krautz has been whacking the Coolmunda cod by fishing big spinnerbaits to the timbered areas.

Christmas holidays seem to draw people out by the thousands to our most popular lakes and rivers. I can’t say I blame them. Our waterways provide excellent outdoor fun and great camping opportunities. I braved the crowds on Leslie Dam just after Christmas and it was pretty hectic out there. Up the back of the dam, where it is less than 100m wide, the water skiers were doing slalom (zigzag) runs through the lure trollers. It was almost just as busy in the main basin and the banks were littered with cars, people and a tent city.
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Topwater time in the fresh
Jason Ehrlich | December 2016

Awoonga barra like this fine specimen can be caught on suspending lures in the main basin. This fish ate the popular Jackall Hank Tune Squirrel.

In the hot lead up to Christmas, anglers found more success in the mornings and afternoons. It’s not a bad idea to dodge the midday heat as the fish feel it too, especially in clear or shallower water. With the hot conditions often come storms and care needs to be taken to avoid getting caught out in these. The wind can whip up the dams and have waves rolling through when things turn nasty.
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Silly season in the great tropical North
Angus James | December 2016

A great sooty grunter catch.

Wow December already! I guess time really does fly when your having fun. This year has been full of action and excitement as far as the fishing goes, and there is still plenty more fun to be had for the remainder of 2016.
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