The rains are here!
  |  First Published: February 2016

A good rain can magically bring life back into the environment! The tropical north has finally got some green back into it after a few good showers. The creeks and rivers have all had a satisfying flush out and are flowing very well. A few weeks back I would have had more chance catching a goanna sitting in the dried out creek bed! Now they will be full of fish again – just how we fishos like it!

I love to fish the fast moving water, especially to target jungle perch. These silver gems are opportunistic feeders and will position themselves in the perfect ambush area where the water brings the nutrient rich goodies into their strike zone before attacking. If you can, always try to fish heading upstream for JP. They are super switched on and anything that’s not natural will shut them down almost instantly. Trekking upstream will also mask most noises you make, which allows for that extra close-quarters casting. Cast your presentation past the key area, and then naturally flow it down stream for a sure-fire way to get you hooked up to a few junglies!

I like to use 8lb fluorocarbon while fishing these waters. It seems to hold up very well all day and will take the beating over rocks and boulders if the odd JP decides to swim downstream with the white water!

The sweet water jacks are firing hard and will continue to do so for a while yet. The hot humid and steamy climate this time of year is the perfect combination to keep the aggressive behaviour to the extreme! Remember; just because they are smaller models in the sweet water, doesn’t mean they won’t give your drag a real test. Throw small surface lures in the afternoon to get the adrenalin pumping – often you can rack up big numbers at this time of year! There are so many creeks and rivers to explore up here in FNQ. With so many different species to target, it really is a magical place to fish. The jungle is by far my favourite place to explore.

There is an old saying: ‘an angler will never remember every fish they catch, but they will always remember the places fishing took them!’ This is very true. Remember, the adventure is out there, get out and enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer.

Fish on!

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