Open mouths opening options
Rod Shepherd | July 2017

A solid bream taken near the river mouth of the Curdies River on greyback minnow.

The Hopkins River last month was experiencing a run of winter mulloway, and it appears that plenty of fish are being caught using a wide variety of methods and tactics.
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Trout and redfin numbers improve
Neil Slater | July 2017

Michael says to work the weed edges in July for big redfin.

The last month has seen an increase of trout and larger redfin activity out west while the salmon appear to be moving into the white water down the Surf Coast with a little more frequency.
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Squid city central
Adam Ring | July 2017

Andrew Ketelaar and 7.5kg of winter snapper.

We are well into winter and, boy, the calamari have decided that this is their time to shine. The amount of squid reports over the last month has been nothing short of insane! They really provide a legitimate target when everything else winds down for the cooler months.
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Find the schooling fish, find the bites
Steven Pryke | July 2017

Local bream have started their usual winter patterns.

The winter blues have begun to settle in with frequent days of horrid weather. Fishing has still been reasonably productive with large schools of silver trevally haunting the tidal channel in search of white bait and other food sources. The jetties and deep channels are holding schooling bream, but locating them has been hard. Use a quality depth sounder to help locate the schools.
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Fishing sessions are short and sweet
Lee Rayner | July 2017

Now is a great time to get into some calamari.

With cold water and cold, short days the bay is still offering some great fishing options for July. Over the coming weeks it really becomes a matter of getting onto the fish when the weather allows you to get on the water. While the timeframes may be a bit more limiting, on the upside the short sessions in the good weather windows tend to produce great fishing.
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Fish are feeding and easy to spot
James Perry | July 2017

Jarrod Potter with a quality Glenelg bass.

The lakes are cold and the big reds are on the chew. Trout are smelting, thus giving away their location and making your lure or fly selection that bit easier. Stealth is the key to winter fishing these great lakes, so leave the radio at home, keep the outboard off and go electric. Take the time to drift into your desired spot.
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Mixed bags as mercury drops
Daniel Piazza | July 2017

Mick Caulfield with a 1.2m cod caught on a big surface lure.

The trout population has taken a fair hit in recent years with all the Murray cod stockings, but this year’s trout breeding cycle has started off very brilliantly, with some great days fishing being had by persistent and avid anglers.
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Finally feeling the season change
Roger Miles | July 2017

This Murray cod was caught casting on a Custom Crafted Mega Minnow.

The waterways around the Bendigo region have experienced a significant change in conditions over the last couple of months. Bendigo received record rainfall for April. This resulted in some significant inflows into local river systems and the water clarity deteriorated in these systems.
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Offshore crazy kingfish captures
Jim Mcclymont | July 2017

Pauline Connelly with her 9kg+ monster kingy.

Our estuary system rebounded and is fishing well again. Plenty of bream are being taken along the Snowy River all the way up to the highway bridge at Orbost, making the fishing platforms that have been erected prime fishing spots along both sides of the river all the way down to the Marlo Road causeway turn-off.
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