The Tambo is all the go

You know the fishing is out of control when the banks of the lower Tambo River are lined with anglers and boats parked everywhere.

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Spring in full bloom as fish get on the chew

With the winter behind us, and the springs here showing its arrival with all the trees and shrubs in full blossom, reminding us that nature is renewing the region for another season.

A welcome ray of sunshine after a long winter

Spring took a long time coming but when it did arrive there was no halfway measure. Land-based anglers and boaters were in no doubt and the big chill seems to have left us.

Prepare for sharks but don’t ignore the estuaries

It has come to the time of year again where its time to start preparing the bigger gear for shark season.

Fishing fever takes over from footy fever

Footy Fever is over for another year so now ‘Fishing Fever’ takes over; it’s time to concentrate on heading to Bemm River to enjoy the warm spring weather, pristine beaches, tranquil relaxing atmosphere and excellent fishing.

Now is the time for gummies and the start of consistent snapper

It’s been tough fishing lately in south Gippsland due to the weather, but with spring finally here, we are ready to tackle those warm water species.

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