Game on for gutter fish
Alan Mc Fayden | July 2016

Amanda Kelliar with a red mullet or the ‘chicken of the sea,’ as they are known.

Outside the entrance, when conditions have allowed there have been some great bags of fish caught. Naturally this puts a smile on the face of boaters everywhere. Although there have not been any reports of the larger toothies, good-sized gummies have been caught, along with quality flathead and salmon that have taken a variety of lures and natural baits.
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Feel like a king for a day
Alan Mc Fayden | July 2016

Ian Harvey and his magnificent 90cm yellowtail kingfish caught in 3m of deep dirty water while chasing whiting, using small calamari bait.

Information from the Boat Storage is that the weather and fishing conditions have been described as fairly good, and that the fish have responded in kind. There have been good numbers of gummies caught inside and outside the entrance that have been to the 19kg mark. The fish have taken a variety of baits such as pilchards, fish fillets and squid. Snapper have been about in pleasing numbers and caught on both sides of the tides.
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Trophy bream waiting to be won
Leigh McVeigh | July 2016

The ever-fascinating leatherjacket – catch a bag of these beauties in Lake Tyers.

Winter has hit us hard, with cold days and colder nights dropping the water temperatures. Good news is that the fishing has not gone cold. There are still plenty of opportunities to be had, if a little bit of thought goes into the time you spend on the water.
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Tailor a trip to Bemm for a chance to win!
Robyn Sturgess | July 2016

A beautiful tailor bought a smile to this angler’s face.

Winter is certainly upon us now, and recently the entrance was closed and the water level was extremely high. Lots of fresh water in the system causes the fish to source salty areas, so finding the fish is a little tricky!
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Wayne Morley with a 72cm Gippsland Lake mulloway caught on lure. A once in a lifetime capture.

Surprises make our great sport engaging and addictive. The mystery, the extraordinary captures and the joys of discovery are all part of why we fish. I have a mulloway story to share with you that has amazed bait anglers and totally shocked everyone who throws lures in the Gippsland Lakes. Even more bizarre is the news of two gummy sharks caught in the system as well. This report will delight you with what anglers have discovered recently and highlights some of the secret treasures we are so blissfully unaware of.
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Marlo mellows out
Jim Mcclymont | June 2016

The Marlo system is renowned for quality bream like this 46cm model.

I mentioned in last edition that the baitfish have arrived and the predators won’t be far behind them. Now, it’s all happened, and the kingfish have shown up, although not in huge numbers, with only several reported to over a metre in length.
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Warm weather pushes into winter
Alan Mc Fayden | June 2016

Last month there were many positive reports of great fishing. No doubt this is due to the late run of continued warm weather and lack of wind, which makes for good returns.
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Indian summer brings the goods
Alan Mc Fayden | June 2016

Wonthaggi angler Danny Luna with a very nice 41cm whiting caught on a Bass yabby.

With the Indian summer last month, the good fishing and reports continue.
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Bruiser bream in tip top form
Leigh McVeigh | June 2016

The days are getting shorter the nights are getting colder, but the fishing has remained hot and fast over the past month and we are looking forward to the winter bite that’s just around the corner.
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