Nothing silly about that!
Peter Jung | December 2014

Lakes Entrance Offshore Charters has been taking advantage of the

They call December the silly season, but I would suggest it is the not so silly season to head out wide at Lakes Entrance.
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Chasing a feed at Inverloch
Alan Mc Fayden | December 2014

Stephen Poole proves that he is a very capable snapper angler with this very nice 7kg snapper.

The good fishing continues at Inverloch, which is great news and can be expected at this time of year as we move into the warmer months.
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Stonking squid and rampaging reds
Alan Mc Fayden | December 2014

Dave from Cohuna looks very happy with this very nice 5kg snapper caught at Port Welshpool on a squid presentation.

The long cold winter is now behind us and the first thing that anglers noticed was the huge numbers of large squid making an appearance.
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Healthy rivers full of life
Jim Mcclymont | December 2014

Charlotte Jung releasing a small flathead caught casting small hardbodied lures across the shallow sand flats.

The weather is great and the fishing is even better, fishing in the rivers and estuary is excellent with plenty of bream, luderick, mullet, estuary perch, trevally, salmon and tailor on the chew.
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Fourth entrance opening this year!
Robyn Sturgess | December 2014

The beaches have started to produce some nice salmon and these little speedsters go well on the table for a feed.

We have seen another extraordinary year in Bemm River with an abundance of rainfall that has seen the entrance opening 4 times.
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Weed making conditions tough
Will Thompson | December 2014

Clint Jones managed to pick the one in a million night where there was no weed on the beach. He managed to land these 2 nice gummy sharks in perfect conditions.

What can I say… it has been the worst start to the surf season in many years and not because a lack of fish, but because of the pesky Ninety-Mile weed making fishing almost impossible.
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Sensational snapper and gummy fishing
Will Thompson | December 2014

Josh Jones caught this massive gummy whilst drifting offshore.

This year has been one of the best starts to the snapper season I can remember. It was amazing to see how many snapper were caught before November and I can’t wait to see how the snapper season shapes up over the next few months.
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Bream biting in a big way
Brett Geddes | November 2014

You can always find sheltered water in the Gippy Lakes and a perfect launching place for easy kayak fishing.

I can't believe the huge turnaround from the last few months when hooking a bream was almost impossible, to the astonishing tallies of now, which are beyond belief.
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Whopping whiting reward local knowledge
Alan Mc Fayden | November 2014

John Cutriss and Steve Waldron at Mahers Landing after good day out on the salmon and whiting.

With the winter activates done and dusted there has been a very noticeable numbers of angler, both in a boat and land-based getting out for a fish. This is great to see and the efforts have in most cases made the effort well worthwhile.
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