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Marlo fires for July
Jim Mcclymont | July 2015

Frenches Narrow is a popular land based fishing area. There are plenty of bream, flathead and other bream and butter species on offer.

Winter at Marlo see the weather and conditions change with the season, the warm weather has gone and won’t appear again until the warm weather arrives again. None the less Marlo offers a lot for anglers during the cooler months.
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Times to hit the beaches
Frank Milito | July 2015

Right on cue for May and June there has been some great Australian salmon fishing on the beaches in and around Lakes Entrance.
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Frosty mornings, great fishing
Robyn Sturgess | July 2015

There’s plenty of bream on offer in July for anglers who brave the winter chill.

For the first time in a long time the Bemm River is fishing a little on the slow side. And while some of the autumn days have beautiful and sunny the angling has been extremely quiet.
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Time to spin the surf
Will Thompson | July 2015

Winter is that time of year we all wait for those big salmon to head down our way along the Ninety-Mile Beach, and it’s finally here! There’s no better time to break out that spin rod and cast a few lures off the surf.
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Salmon are in!
Will Thompson | July 2015

Some good salmon to 1.5kg are around in decent numbers and there are some whoppers to 3kg about. Hopefully, I will have a photo of one of these next issue. This one I got on 1 4” pumpkinseed plastic.

Winter is here and you know what that means, big McLoughlins salmon.
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Few and far between
Alan Mc Fayden | July 2015

Wonthaggi angler Amanda Kellar with a very nice 50cm pike.

There have been plenty of land-based anglers and boaters trying their luck inside the entrance at Anderson Inlet but there’s been a lot of water between the fish making for trying days on the water.
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Winter wonders
Alan Mc Fayden | July 2015

Wonthaggi anglers Greg and Jan Beaumont look happy with their bream caught in local estuaries.

Many boaters and land-based anglers are wondering what happened to summer, as we seem destined for a long and very cold winter.
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Busy with bream and flathead
Brett Geddes | June 2015

A fat 42cm bream ready for release, caught on a Selzer K-plunk lure.

With the bream fishing so busy anglers have come out of the woodwork to chase them. I’ve met so many anglers on the water that I haven’t seen in years! With recent rainfall the rivers are flowing just nicely, which should also rev up the early winter fishing.
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Great fishing after a good flush
Jim Mcclymont | June 2015

The boat ramp and jetty at Marlo is not only a safe place to launch a boat, but a popular land-based fishing location.

The cold weather has moved in and lots of rain from the east coast low that has devastated some parts of NSW costal regions was falling consistently last month, and with the rainfall the rivers will begin to rise and move huge volumes of water throughout the whole of the Snowy River and Brodribb River estuary system.
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