Whopping whiting reward local knowledge
Alan Mc Fayden | November 2014

John Cutriss and Steve Waldron at Mahers Landing after good day out on the salmon and whiting.

With the winter activates done and dusted there has been a very noticeable numbers of angler, both in a boat and land-based getting out for a fish. This is great to see and the efforts have in most cases made the effort well worthwhile.
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New hotel brings visitors
Alan Mc Fayden | November 2014

The only news that comes from this part of the world at this time of year is good news as far as fishing is concerned.
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Big post spawn bream are hungry
Jim Mcclymont | November 2014

People are taking full advantage of the run of bream in the system at the moment.

The fishing in our area is great, the estuaries are producing some of the best fishing imaginable.
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Bruisers from the beach
Lucas Smith | November 2014

Big flatties love a well-presented Clouser and this chunky lizard snaffled one on a shallow flat.

It’s that time of year that you need to dust off the surf gear and get down to the beach as the fishing is red hot!
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It’s gummy time!
Will Thompson | November 2014

Spring is here and anglers are flocking to the Ninety-Mile Beach for the annual run of gummy sharks.
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Calamari are everywhere
Will Thompson | November 2014

There are some excellent squid being caught at the moment in South Gippsland by boaties and land-based anglers alike. This is a cracker for our area caught by Wayne Brown.

We don’t talk about Calamari all that much in this reports as it does focus on McLoughlins Beach, but I think we need to talk about Port Albert a bit as the squid fishing has been nothing short of amazing.
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Persistence pays off for dedicated anglers
Brett Geddes | October 2014

The perch and the pup! Small river EP have taken surface lures like the Switch 66 Bent Minnow. My dog was there to see the action!

Yeah I know, I say it every year but get ready for middle and late spring because it's notorious for cranky bream, dirty water and windy days.
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Spring’s spawning run
Jim Mcclymont | October 2014

Spring has arrived and the wattles have burst into flower, signalling the arrival of bream and mullet into the system on their spawning run.
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All set for east coast snapper
Alan Mc Fayden | October 2014

Not knowing what to expect weather wise at this time of year as we struggle out of a long, cold, wet winter can mean many things, but one thing is always on cue being that snapper will be around in big numbers as well as a rich mixture of other fish.
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