Bigger, better, brighter
Jim Mcclymont | January 2015

There are plenty of structure both artificial and natural for the fish in the Snowy River system.

With the summer months arriving, it’s time to look forward to even better times to come!
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Mixed bags keeping angler happy
Alan Mc Fayden | January 2015

These nice pan size pinkies were caught by Amanda Kellar and partner Terry on fresh squid baits. They make their own rigs and share their catch with family and friends.

What a great part of the world we live in, especially at this time of year when fishing is in full swing and amazing varieties of fish can be caught.
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Weather presents mixed blessings
Alan Mc Fayden | January 2015

Tahlia Sharples with a very nice bream caught near Wonthaggi.

It would be fair to say that this season has been a mixed blessing. The culprit has been the stop-start weather conditions where we have a couple of days near perfect and then we are suddenly hit with a cold windy snap that seems to put us right back to where we were.
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Flatties on fire
Lucas Smith | January 2015

Catching a feed of smaller 40-50cm flatties have been easy, but it’s the big breeder females that have made things interesting.

Lake Tyers has been fishing its best in as long as I can remember with big numbers of quality fish. The highlight has been the incredible run of big dusky flathead, which have been caught on almost every small sand patch in the lower system.
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Summer sizzlers at Bemm
Robyn Sturgess | January 2015

Sandworms are the winning bait for bream this month.

Happy New Year to all our readers, it is amazing to think another year has flown by.
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Clean water and plenty on offer
Will Thompson | January 2015

The author with an average sized gummy caught at Golden Beach once the weed disappeared.

It’s been a long start to the season due to the presence of that slimy weed the 90 Mile Beach is famous for, but the good news is it has disappeared and December produced some great fishing as expected. With any luck, the weed holds off throughout January as well.
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Snapper, sharks and sunshine
Will Thompson | January 2015

Stu Tennant holds up this nice offshore gummy that was 1 of 3 he caught in a single session.

It has been a little bit of a slow start to the season but now that the water has warmed, our most sought-after summer species have all arrived and are around in great numbers.
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Hungry bream and truck flathead
Brett Geddes | December 2014

The warmer weather we’ve had has seen some bigger bream come out and play, like this one caught by the author.

Oh the joy! At last some big bream are starting to work the shallows and it's nearly time to break out the surface poppers and bent minnows.
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Nothing silly about that!
Peter Jung | December 2014

Lakes Entrance Offshore Charters has been taking advantage of the

They call December the silly season, but I would suggest it is the not so silly season to head out wide at Lakes Entrance.
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