Premium estuarine options now available
Jim Mcclymont | April 2016

The beach beyond Frenches Narrows produces great catches of salmon, bream and whiting at this time of the year.

The positive reports are still coming in from Port Welshpool and with any sort of luck will continue in the coming months.
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No shortage of shallow water action
Alan Mc Fayden | April 2016

The good fishing continues in this part of the world and experienced anglers feel that the good results will continue.
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Get out for a bit of gummy goodness
Alan Mc Fayden | April 2016

Amanda Kellar and Terry Hendrikx look happy with these gummy sharks.

The positive reports are still coming in from Port Welshpool and with any sort of luck will continue in the coming months.
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Unpredictable weather and fishing
Leigh McVeigh | April 2016

Cunninghame Quay is a popular land-based option to wet a line in Lakes Entrance.

It hasn’t been easy to pick a pattern or even a committable day to fish in East Gippsland, but it hasn’t stopped some great captures locally and here is how it has played out.
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Bemm boost bream event
Robyn Sturgess | April 2016

Tan Huynh with a typical Bemm bream.

High water level is great for accessing those areas where the fish may be tucked away. The fish activity in the lake and channel has been amazing; along with the warm calm autumn weather. Sundown in the channel has been fruitful for catching any amount of flathead and bream.
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Sharks hit the beaches at night
Will Thompson | April 2016

Greg Miller landed this quality bronze whaler casting off the surf. He and some mates had a great session landing over six big sharks including bronze whalers and big gummies overnight.

We’ve had another great month of surf fishing and with the weather staying hot and dry and high water temperatures, the Ninety-Mile should continue to fish well for a while to come.
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Gummies raging along the beaches
Will Thompson | April 2016

Shane Wedrowicz caught this massive kingfish that measured 117cm offshore fishing around Wilsons Prom. The fish took a 110mm stickbait.

March brought on some great fishing, and April is set to do the same with excellent water temperatures and good conditions, especially if offshore fishing is your thing.
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Whiting are the talk of the town
Brett Geddes | March 2016

Metung is producing a variety of fish at the moment. A nice mixed bag of fish for the pan and all caught on the new Sting 37mm blade.

The peak of summer and early autumn is when Metung delivers the goods and right on cue we have seen an influx of species – with a few additional surprises. Although the bream are yet to turn up, just about every other species has set up in Metung at the moment, including a few large elusive kingfish. The flathead have been very slow to fire this summer, and for whatever reason it may not be a stellar dusky season. The real prime time for flatties is still a few months away so they may surprise us yet.
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Follow the prawns
Jim Mcclymont | March 2016

Karl Jung enjoying targeting a few flathead at Frenches Narrow.

Huge schools of salmon and tailor have patrolled our coastline, and surf fishing has become a very rewarding pastime. Reports have come in from all our surf beaches of anglers catching big salmon, with some well over 3kg and tailor nearly as big. Baitfishers with surf rods or anglers using light tackle and spinning with metal lures have taken the best catches.
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