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Gummies cruise the coastline
Jim Mcclymont | February 2016

Offshore, it’s gummy shark galore! For the last few weeks gummy sharks have been found to swim in big numbers close to shore, and anglers have taken advantage of their good fortune.
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No yawns when it comes to prawns!
Leigh McVeigh | February 2016

The weather has been kind enough to get offshore over the New Years break at lake Tyres.

The weather has heated up in East Gippsland over the past few weeks and opened up a wide range of fishing opportunities for both the holiday anglers and locals alike. With so many options available you may find it harder to choose a spot than to catch a feed.
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Flathead is on the menu
Robyn Sturgess | February 2016

The bream are in excellent condition, catch one today!

The New Year has certainly kicked off with excellent fishing in Bemm River. There is an abundance of flathead in the region, which is the result of good weather and the opening of the entrance since June 2015. This has seen the health of the system greatly increase. The quality of bream has been outstanding with many a bag out on fish exceeding 40cm.
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Spotlight on shark captures
Will Thompson | February 2016

Matt Cameron landed this massive bronze whaler shark over which measured over 8ft long off the Ninety-Mile Beach on game gear. A whole bonito as bait did the trick.

Summer is the time for sharks and with some good summer weather this year, plenty of anglers have been out chasing the big bronzies. However, the humble flathead is almost stealing the spotlight.
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Every species going off!
Will Thompson | February 2016

John Maxwell got this nice gummy offshore McLoughlins.

With fresh new boat ramp and footbridge upgrades very close to completion, McLoughlins has had plenty of attention from anglers and the fishing has been nothing short of sensational.
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Get sorted for summer fishing
Alan Mc Fayden | February 2016

These quality bream were caught in the Tarwin River. They were the unlucky ones, as many others were returned to the water.

Outside the entrance at Anderson Inlet there have been quite a few positive reports of good size gummies. Visiting regular Tony Richardson managed a very impressive bag of snapper that were to the 4kg mark as well as two good size gummies. All were caught on squid and in around 7m of water – to cap off a good day they managed five very good size tiger flathead as well. There have been reports of kingfish caught, which is encouraging but there have not been many details.
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Royal welcome for King George whiting
Alan Mc Fayden | February 2016

These quality whiting are being caught at Port Albert.

There has recently been plenty of activity in this part of the world, with boaters and land-based anglers coming from near and far with great tales of success.
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Watch out for weed!
Daniel Bongiovanni | January 2016

Spinnerbaits are doing the damage this cod season – and it is always great to see some size in these fish.

Cod season is in full swing, and the fishing is shaping up. The cod season opened on 1 Dec and there were immediate reports of plentiful cod captures, which is great to hear!
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River runs clean and full of bream
Brett Geddes | December 2015

The upper Mitchell River has produced a lot of bream between 30-36cm during the spawning run. The new Hurricane lure called a Kaplunk doing the damage again.

The El Nino weather pattern is starting to really bite into summer. The last few months have historically been some of our wettest, but this year the rain has not arrived.
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