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Warmer waters with hotter fishing

Mick Morris | First Published: November 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Jumpinpin /

The temperature of the water is finally starting to warm up, which will fire up the ‘Pin and make for some hot fishing right through November

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Expect a reel hot summer

Clayton Nicholls | First Published: November 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Central QLD / Yeppoon /

The start to this summer has put blistering heat into the area, however this makes for some awesome freshwater afternoon fishing sessions. Plenty of people have still been getting mackerel and similar species out around the Kepple Island groups. Coorooman, Corio and the narrows have been fishing well, but during the majority of October, the Fitzroy was in flood, leaving the river a chocolate brown colour and full of weed.

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Cape York in November is a hot proposition

Tim O’reilly | First Published: November 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Tropical North / Cape York /

The weather is hot and the fishing even hotter. This is late spring and waterways, wetlands and coastal areas will all be alive with activity. Birds, bait and blue current lines full of fish will be the norm. Small coastal estuaries will be firing and the shallow inshore areas on the west coast will have all manner of hungry critters tearing their way through baitfish. Mornings will see most of the action near shore as conditions are typically settled and a consistent pattern of afternoon onshore breezes will stir things up a little.

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Turn up the heat

Damian Parker | First Published: November 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Caloundra /

This month, our local water temperatures increase and so do the fish numbers. We’re spoilt for choice as the pelagic fishing fires up towards December.

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Many fish on the move

Danny Sands | First Published: November 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Gold Coast /

The Great Northern Brewing Co. Flathead Classic run by the Gold Coast Sport Fishing Club is done and dusted, with 240 teams fishing and over 4000 fish caught in the three day competition. Conditions were not the best – 25 knots and northwesterlies made fishing very tough.

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Boasting boater buddies

The Sheik | First Published: November 2017   »  Regular Features / Sheik of the Creek /

There’s something I quite like about one of the other Dudds having to buy a boat. It means I can have all of the fun, and none of the responsibility – a bit like being my Uncle Fred, who could rock up to our place out west when I was a kid with a wheat bag full of lollies to share among seven kids, then disappear into a cloud of dust heading for the front gate fifteen minutes later.

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Fish early and late

Garry Smith | First Published: November 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Tropical North / Cairns /

Fishing has been patchy of late, with some awesome catches and other trips coming up short. The calm seas have been heavily used by those wanting to head east and this month should see a continuation of significant periods of flat water. Boating conditions and fishing will hopefully be ideal, though a tad on the warm side. Working your fishing excursions around dawn and dusk and avoiding the heat of day will both improve your catch rate and comfort level.

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Rivers and reefs on their spawning run

Ben Stack | First Published: November 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Tropical North / Cooktown /

In November, barramundi get a rest from fishers right through until 1 February due to the closed season for this species. The barramundi will be spawning at river mouths and headlands as the weather builds up in the Cape. As the storm cells brew and the weather becomes unbearably hot, a lot of other ocean and river species will be on their spawning run.

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Two futures for Moreton Bay fisheries

Judy Lynne | First Published: November 2017   »  Regular Features / Sunfish /

In the last month, I’ve seen firsthand two futures of what Moreton Bay recreational fishing could become. The first, hopefully a bright future for Moreton Bay and the surrounding communities, I saw at a kid’s fishing day run by Virginia Nundah Fishing Club on Bribie Island.

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Soft plastic fishing techniques: how, when and where?

Sean Thompson | First Published: November 2017   »  Feature Articles / Queensland /

Soft plastics have been around for a couple of decades now and have a place in most regular and casual anglers’ tackle boxes. Unfortunately, many anglers are still not achieving the success rates they could. This is because they’re not rigging correctly, using the wrong combination of plastic and jighead, using the wrong line, action, or simply fishing them in the wrong location or stage of the tide.

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Upcoming Bluefin Sports Tuition Tournament

Tag | First Published: November 2017   »  Regular Features / Tournaments /

There have been a few changes for this year’s Bluefin Lake Maroon Fishing Classic. The competition has been held at Maroon Dam for the past three years, however, this year, the competition is being re-branded, a new venue has been chosen, and the date has been pushed back one month.

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The pelagics are here in force!

Peter Wells | First Published: November 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Noosa /

It’s been a crazy start to the pelagics season. Mackerel, tuna and mahimahi are really firing as the warmer currents start to make their way down Australia’s Eastern seaboard. It’s fairly unusual to see big mackerel so early in the season, but there have been some outstanding fish boated over the last month.

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Hinchinbrook in the heat

Jeff Wilton | First Published: November 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Tropical North / Hinchinbrook /

When I sit down to type the November article for this magazine I always wonder, where the heck did the year go? With the day-to-day routines revolving around work, family and home duties, it’s increasingly harder to get a rod in your hand. For those lucky enough to be hitting the water, Lucinda has great things on offer. The water is hot, the weather is hot and best of all the fishing should be hot.

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Monduran barra feeding up

Kelly Howell | First Published: November 2017   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

The previous month at Monduran brought along some unseasonal wind directions. Normally at this time of year we expect good and constant winds from the north or southeast, but so far we have had to work around two or three different wind directions per day. These type of conditions make fishing difficult, and can send an angler into a spin when looking for a starting point to target impoundment barra.

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As the weather heats up, so does the fishing!

Ryan Smith | First Published: November 2017   »  Regular Features / Junior /

Summer is quickly approaching – warmer and longer days are in the near future. November is going to be an excellent month for a variety of species in the southern bay, which include a large number of flathead and bream cruising the flats!

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In Hinze-sight, it’s a good dam

Rob Gaden | First Published: November 2017   »  Regular Features / Kayaking /

Hinze Dam is by no means a secret location. It has a long and decorated history of being known as a fantastic fishery, full of Aussie natives that are, on most occasions, more than willing to do their part and put a bend in a keen angler’s rod.

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Getting around Gabo Island

Brett Illingworth | First Published: July 2017   »  Regular Features / Spearfishing /

Not a lot has been happening recently. The vagaries of the weather and swell, combined with the coming of winter, seemed to have the effect of nullifying any interest in getting wet. Recently I decided it was time for a red-eye run.

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Trout love winter in Ballarat

Shane Stevens | First Published: July 2017   »  Area Articles / Victoria & Tasmania / Freshwater / Ballarat /

The big chill has set in around the Central Highlands Region of Victoria, including Ballarat. Freezing cold, wet and windy days have set in. Snow is coming down to low levels – that’s all part of the deal living in and around Ballarat during the winter months.

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The prime time at the metro rivers

Andy Smith | First Published: July 2017   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

Cold weather is here and that’s no reason to pack away the gear. If you want to target a trophy-sized fish locally, the next few months are prime time!

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Looking good for trout and salmon

Rod Shepherd | First Published: July 2017   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

We are now in the grip of winter and the temperature is decidedly chilly. The salmonoid fishing is now in full swing. Just pick a day where the wind isn’t blowing a dog off its chain and the rain has held off. Believe it or not there have been plenty of benign days lately. It’s simply a matter of rugging up and getting out there on the water.

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Open mouths opening options

Rod Shepherd | First Published: July 2017   »  Area Articles / Victoria & Tasmania / Freshwater / Colac /

The Hopkins River last month was experiencing a run of winter mulloway, and it appears that plenty of fish are being caught using a wide variety of methods and tactics.

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Trout and redfin numbers improve

Neil Slater | First Published: July 2017   »  Area Articles / Victoria & Tasmania / Central / Geelong /

The last month has seen an increase of trout and larger redfin activity out west while the salmon appear to be moving into the white water down the Surf Coast with a little more frequency.

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Squid city central

Adam Ring | First Published: July 2017   »  Area Articles / Victoria & Tasmania / Central / Western Port /

We are well into winter and, boy, the calamari have decided that this is their time to shine. The amount of squid reports over the last month has been nothing short of insane! They really provide a legitimate target when everything else winds down for the cooler months.

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Find the schooling fish, find the bites

Steven Pryke | First Published: July 2017   »  Area Articles / Victoria & Tasmania / East Coast / Lakes Entrance /

The winter blues have begun to settle in with frequent days of horrid weather. Fishing has still been reasonably productive with large schools of silver trevally haunting the tidal channel in search of white bait and other food sources. The jetties and deep channels are holding schooling bream, but locating them has been hard. Use a quality depth sounder to help locate the schools.

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Fishing sessions are short and sweet

Lee Rayner | First Published: July 2017   »  Area Articles / Victoria & Tasmania / Central / Port Phillip Bay North /

With cold water and cold, short days the bay is still offering some great fishing options for July. Over the coming weeks it really becomes a matter of getting onto the fish when the weather allows you to get on the water. While the timeframes may be a bit more limiting, on the upside the short sessions in the good weather windows tend to produce great fishing.

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Fish are feeding and easy to spot

James Perry | First Published: July 2017   »  Area Articles / Victoria & Tasmania / Freshwater / Horsham /

The lakes are cold and the big reds are on the chew. Trout are smelting, thus giving away their location and making your lure or fly selection that bit easier. Stealth is the key to winter fishing these great lakes, so leave the radio at home, keep the outboard off and go electric. Take the time to drift into your desired spot.

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Mixed bags as mercury drops

Daniel Piazza | First Published: July 2017   »  Area Articles / Victoria & Tasmania / Freshwater / Eildon /

The trout population has taken a fair hit in recent years with all the Murray cod stockings, but this year’s trout breeding cycle has started off very brilliantly, with some great days fishing being had by persistent and avid anglers.

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More land-based opportunities

Luke McCredden | First Published: July 2017   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

The cold has set in and there has been an emergence of land-based anglers along the peninsula. The beauty of land-based fishing opportunities along the Mornington Peninsula, in the cold weather, is that we can still catch good numbers and, as soon as it gets too cold or wet, we can hop straight back in the car and go find a warm fireplace and hot coffee!

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Finally feeling the season change

Roger Miles | First Published: July 2017   »  Area Articles / Victoria & Tasmania / Freshwater / Bendigo /

The waterways around the Bendigo region have experienced a significant change in conditions over the last couple of months. Bendigo received record rainfall for April. This resulted in some significant inflows into local river systems and the water clarity deteriorated in these systems.

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Big trout on the move

Andy McCarthy | First Published: July 2017   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

I wasn’t wrong when I said last month that the trout season was going to be a cracker, with reports coming in thick and fast and punters taking advantage of the sheer numbers that are up and about and on the chew.

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