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Get some ling-bling!

Shane Lowery | First Published: July 2016   »  Regular Features / Spearfishing /

July may be a cold month and the weather can dampen the motivation of many spearfishers to get out and have a dive, but there is certainly plenty of reason to make the effort and brave the cold water.

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Wendouree top the list for Ballarat anglers

Shane Stevens | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Victoria & Tasmania / Freshwater / Ballarat /

I think it’s fair to say the Ballarat and district anglers are very lucky to have one of the state’s best fisheries right at their doorstep. I could theoretically jump in the car and have a line in the water in about 5 minutes. How good is that?

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Tailor a trip to Bemm for a chance to win!

Robyn Sturgess | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Victoria & Tasmania / East Coast / Bemm River /

Winter is certainly upon us now, and recently the entrance was closed and the water level was extremely high. Lots of fresh water in the system causes the fish to source salty areas, so finding the fish is a little tricky!

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A quiet month in the fresh

Will Thompson | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Victoria & Tasmania / Freshwater / Central Gippsland /

July is always sombre one for the freshwater anglers, as we can’t chase our trout in rivers anymore, but it was good see some last minute rain perfectly timed for the end of season.

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Team Colac Tackle Samurai Rods take out the win at the East Gippsland Bream Classic

Bill Hartshorne | First Published: July 2016   »  Regular Features / Tournaments /

The weekend of 30 April 2016 saw 54 teams head to Mallacoota for the Bayford Volkswagen East Gippsland Bream Classic. Round 3 of the 2016 Atomic Bream Classic Series meant that teams really needed to secure a good result if they were to stand a chance to challenge the Club Marine Team of the Year title.

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Windy woes around Western Port

John Dalla Rosa | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Victoria & Tasmania / Central / Phillip Island /

This past month has been wind, wind and more wind. I don’t mind fishing in the rain but windy conditions certainly makes it difficult, whether it’s in a boat or on the beach. Being chucked around in a boat or being sandblasted at the beach is not much fun. So my fishing trips have been curtailed until we get some better weather.

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Hollands Landing

Mitch Chapman | First Published: July 2016   »  Regular Features / Hot Spot /

Often overshadowed by the bigger surrounding waterways, Hollands Landing or ‘The Straits’ as it is known, is a Mecca for big bream and has been for many years. A short drive from Sale, and not far from the heart of east Gippsland, it truly is a magical place for all anglers to enjoy. 

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Options abound as winter sets in

Andy Smith | First Published: July 2016   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

Firstly let me congratulate Brenton Hodges on his sensational six years delivering this column to Victorian and Tasmanian fishing fans. Brenton’s regular contribution and depth of information will be sorely missed but I am sure we will see him gracing the Fishing Monthly pages again soon. Enjoy your trip exploring Australia, buddy!

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Winter whiting working wonders

Will Thompson | First Published: July 2016   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

It might be cold, but the fish don’t seem to mind and with plenty of fish still around, there’s no excuse to park the boat up over winter.

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Snagging an EP

Luke McCredden | First Published: July 2016   »  Regular Features / Technical Tricks /

Estuary perch weren’t something I took a lot of notice of, or even tried targeting until I was in my twenties. I guess I didn’t have a good understanding for the species and in the early part of my life, wasn’t doing a lot of estuary fishing.

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Surprise snapper spice up the season

Joe Allan | First Published: June 2016   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

The lower reaches of the Richmond River are fishing well for mulloway, and surprisingly, snapper which have also ventured in, pushed by the rougher seas. The mulloway seem to be more active on the larger tides at night. Check out the deeper holes around the town stretch of the river, the South Wall and the rock wall above the Burns Point Ferry.

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Chase your dream fish over winter

David Allen | First Published: June 2016   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

Shiver with cold and excitement as winter is here and it’s big fish time. If you ever want to live your big Murray cod dream, then now is the time to be at Copeton.

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Take better fishing photos

Steve Starling | First Published: June 2016   »  Regular Features / Back To Basics /

Everyone loves to capture a great photo of their catch, and in the era of social media, it’s fun to share those images with friends, family and fellow fishers. But how can you ensure that your fishing happy snaps are up to scratch? These days, just about every angler takes a camera with them whenever they hit the water, even if it’s only the one built into their mobile phone.

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Rocking good fun in winter

Alex Bellissimo | First Published: June 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Sydney / Sydney Rocks /

While beach worming for a client trip recently, I noticed a lady also catching the odd worm. I introduced myself to her – Alissa – who had just taken up the art of beach worming. Her elderly father had recently lost the majority of his sight, and longed to get back into beach fishing for whiting. Alissa told me she had decided to learn how to catch worms and take him fishing.

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Lake Mulwala - still worth a visit!

Tony Bennett | First Published: June 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Freshwater / Yarrawonga /

The Lake has resembled a ghost town over the past couple of months, and it’s sad to know many have missed out on some great fishing opportunities due to an ill-informed scare monger campaign over blue green algae. I hope our local and state governments spend as much on promoting our area as they have on keeping people away once the all clear is given. As the weather cools and the rains continue, it’s only a matter of time.

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Solitary Islands Game Tournament

Glen Booth | First Published: June 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Mid North Coast / Coffs Harbour /

There are so many variables that have to come together to make a successful game fishing tournament. There’s the weather, the fishing of course, but good facilities and an attractive prize pool helps to entice competitors.

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Bread and butter species galore

Gary Brown | First Published: June 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Sydney / Sydney South /

The weather has started to get a little chillier, the days will get shorter, and the fishing may start to slow down, but this shouldn’t stop you from going out for a fish or two. Not everyone can just get up and go for a fish at the drop of a hat. You will have to plan when you are going, what type of fish species you are going to target and where you will go. These plans will have to be arranged around work time, family commitments, house chores and anything else that may come up.

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On the plate or use as bait, that is the question

Gary Brown | First Published: June 2016   »  Feature Articles / New South Wales /

I know that I don’t catch squid every time I target them, and that keeps me coming back time after time. When I do catch them, my major problem is whether I use my catch for bait or to take them home for a delicious meal.

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Early season snapper awaits adventurers

Greg Clarke | First Published: June 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Illawarra / Illawarra /

The weather so far this year has been kind to anglers with no really massive storms and wind, and prolonged periods of calm seas and low swells. If this keeps up for another few weeks, it will set conditions up nicely to chase big winter bream in the shallow bays and headlands along the coast.

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Keep the rods out, the fishing’s just getting started

Rhys Creed | First Published: June 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Freshwater / Wagga Wagga /

It has well and truly cooled off now and it’s only going to get colder. This will be the time many anglers pack up the rods to collect dust for the next three months in wait for the warm spring. If you’re reading this report then you’re in for a few secrets that will put you ahead in the fishing game and maybe convince you to keep the rods out for a little longer.

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Iluka rustles up stunning snapper

Ross Deakin | First Published: June 2016   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

The Iluka region has experienced excellent weather over the last month and fantastic fishing – especially offshore, and on the beaches and headlands. A busy tourist influx, and very kind weather conditions led to many very happy anglers.

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Hit the rivers before it’s too late!

Wayne Dubois | First Published: June 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Freshwater / Batlow /

With only a couple of weeks left until the end of the trout season, my first recommendation for this month would be to go and get your trout fix before that option is taken away from you. Most anglers who have not already gone up will be heading to the Eucumbene River to get stuck into some XOS trout as they attempt their spawning run, but if you are not into shoulder-to-shoulder fishing, then there are still plenty of options for you.

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Elusive mulloway undone on mullet

Gary Earl | First Published: June 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Central Coast / Hunter Coast /

The fishing has picked up to the point where if you can’t hook a fish you should sell your fishing gear and take up another hobby! Hairtail continue to school in the basin and there have been some big mulloway taken from both Nobbys and Stockton breakwalls. The bream are moving along the beaches, and the flathead have been on the bite in the estuary, what more could you ask for?

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Hunter Valley hotspots

Peter Fogarty | First Published: June 2016   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

After a few frosty mornings a lot of fish are now sitting close to the rockwall or in the heavy timbered bays that retain heat from the day. Start in places like this to find some good Hunter Valley bass!

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Hi-ho silvers!

Kevin Gleed | First Published: June 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Far South Coast / Eden /

The great autumn weather has felt more like summer than winter, with a good day of rain to keep things flowing, but with winter knocking on the door it won’t be long before it cools right down. The town has been busy with plenty of visitors to the area and with the good weather, there have been plenty of fishing options.

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The secret is out!

Kevin Gleed | First Published: June 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Far South Coast / Mallacoota /

Mallacoota has been Victoria’s best-kept secret and judging by the amount of visitors in town and how busy it’s been over the past few months I’d say the secret is definitely out. The fishing is the reason most visitors find their way to Mallacoota, and with the beach, lake and offshore fishing all firing up, the visitors will be going home happy and no doubt already planning their next trip back to Mallacoota.

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If you’re not sure – bream it!

Stuart Hindson | First Published: June 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Far South Coast / Merimbula /

Winter is here again, but don’t let this deter you as some excellent fishing still exists for those anglers prepared to brave the cold mornings and put in the time.

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Ocean offers up some surprises

Stuart Hindson | First Published: June 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / South Coast / Narooma /

The local beaches around the Narooma region have been nothing short of exceptional, with some monster tailor making a welcome return. These greenbacks have nudged 6kg on some beaches, brutes for this area and great fun on the right tackle.

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How to select an estuary rig

Wayne Kampe | First Published: June 2016   »  Regular Features / Boating /

Estuary rigs cover a whole range of boats, from the standard dinghy right through to the pointed punt style of rig. The most popular sizes are from 3.2m right up to 5m, which means there’s a great variety of boats to choose from depending on the kind of fishing you want to do.

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Horizon 525 Scorpion cuddy

Wayne Kampe | First Published: June 2016   »  Regular Features / Boating /

The Horizon 525 Scorpion has a family-oriented layout, so with this in mind we tested it with three aboard. Scott James of Horizon Boats showed how easily the craft could be launched, while Fishing Monthly’s Steve Morgan and myself enjoyed the ride.

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